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Lahori Pandit Ji - The wrestler  Saint
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Meditation can be taught from body to body.  When I lived in Manavta Mandir in 95, I was treated with intimate love from most of
Faqir Babas old devotees. There was a great "hug-culture". Everybody was hugging everyone and thus acknowledging and fanning the divine spark in fellow beings. But this atmosphere of
personal impersonal love was somehow cooling off when I came in the range of old Lahori Pandit Ji. From his body language I could figure out that he somehow did not approve of this superficial western seeker.

One morning I watched him trying to put the white scarf you see him wear around his head on a washing line. But Pandit Ji is not that tall and even after several attempts he did not manage to place his scarf on the washing line.

I went to assist him. I took the wet scarf from him but just before placing it on the line I noticed a strong smell of cat piss. The scarf was wet because a cat had been pissing on it at night time! I tried
to communicate this to Pandit Ji who could not understand one word of English. He was looking at me with a displeased face as he would say: Why is this stupid westerner not putting my scarf
on the washing line?

I then put the scarf close to his nose saying: cat! cat! But due to his old age he could not smell anything. Then I started to say mew! mew! and at the same time put my nose close to the scarf with a displeased face. ... Now something happened! He now looked at me pretty much as you can se on these photos and then he gave me one of the best hugs I have ever got in my life.
(I am obliged to pass this hug on...)  He was a famous wrestler in his young days and his hug was definitely still a wresters love-declaration!  This old man was still strong like a bull.

From now onwards there was no problem with Lahori Pandit. He even started giving me full body aurvecdic massages in the morning. Lahori Pandit was the personal masseur of Faqir Baba. It was a great honor.

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