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Papaji, Poonjaji - No. One No-Body

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Don't listen to anyone!
Don't even listen to me!
Listen to your own Soul

A true Masters message can only be:
There is no teaching
There is no teacher
There is no student

There is nothing to understand!


Meditation cannot be taught in a school. It is a wild flower, never to be cultivated.
Hence Papaji's teaching was entirely beyond any concepts and formalized teachings.
The flame is lit in a one to one relationship.

Papaji's first question to me in '92 was: Are You happy now?

He was laughing like nothing I have ever seen before. In these moments he treated me like an intimate, long lost brother. I had to run away - it was too beautiful.
However next year I came back. And in 94/95 I was living in Luck Now for almost a year.
But at that time I did not "get" anything apart from being together with a lot of wonderful people coming from all directions of this planet. I have now come to realize that everything he gave was given in the very first meeting. This gift is still laughing in me. And Papaji is still laughing - In everybody who had the great luck to meet Him.
Papaji is the greatest being I ever 'meet'.

Wake up and Roar - A Divine fairy tale
The following story was often narrated by Papaji. Here I recall it after memory. If you want an exact version you can find in David Godman's excellent book about Papaji: Wake up and Roar. Vol.1 Davids books about Spiritual Masters around Ramana Maharshi are all wonderfully free from ego-fuss.

Once upon a time in ancient India a dhobi wallah, a person washing clothes, went down to the river with his donkeys loaded with clothes for washing. Just before a hunter had killed a lioness not far from the river. Close to the river bank, hidden in the the rush and out of sight of the hunters the lioness had hidden its little cub.

It so happened that the dhobi wallah found this cub. He took the little lion cub with him and raised it together with the donkeys. As the years went by the cub grew into a adult lion. But since it had been raised with donkeys it took itself to be a normal donkey doing its duty, carrying clothes down to the river with its donkey-friends and its master the dhobi wallah. The lion-donkey was quite happy with this life.

Then one fine day a wild Lion came down to the river to quench its thirst. At the river bank the Wild Lion watched something that made it look in a state of disbelief. The unbelievable sight of a big lion walking with donkeys, sheep and a human, carrying a huge load of clothes on its bag. The strange party had just unloaded the clothes at river bank when the wild lion with one jump landed just in between them. They all flew in terror, including the lion-donkey.

But the wild lion caught hold of the neck of the lion-donkey and kept it from fleeing. It was bleating in fear and cried out: oh big animal!.. please don't kill me!!... ! The wild lion laughingly replied: But we are from the same family. You are a lion like me!

- Oh, no Sir! You are mistaken. I am a poor and weak donkey doing my duty!

The wild lion had never heard such a joke before. It was laughing exactly as the man on the picture to the left: Come dear lion brother! I will show you something. And then the Wild Lion dragged the lion-donkey down to the river and showed it its face in the mirror of the water: Look! Can you see your face? It is just like mine do you believe me now?
Oh, yes Now I see! How a fool I was! How could I be such an idiot!! - replied the rediscovered Lion! Oh Yes my dear friend - We are equal!, said the Wild Lion!
Now you just have to conform that you are what you have always been! Make a roar!

I don't know how to roar.... Oh Yes you doo! .. Listen: Roarrrrrr
And after this demonstration the young Lion roared for the first time in its life.
After telling this story Papaji would ask if anybody would stand up and roar like a lion...
Great fun and roaring sounds of all kinds.

And then He would start explain the significance of this ancient tale:

• As a Spiritual student you don't have to become a spiritual Lion - since you already are a Lion!

No meditation techniques are needed. You just have to remove the wrong notion of donkey-ness.

• The wild Teacher-Lions only role is to remind you that you are his equal.

• A Spiritual Lion don't follow the path of others - it cuts its own path. And it is not afraid of roaring.

Who am eye?
I have to tell a story about eye. This event changed my life. In 1994 I went to stay with Poonjaji for one year. I had taken one year leave from my job and was eagerly looking forward to be with the most outstanding Being I had ever met. (First meeting in 92).

With me I had a present for Him, a painting of His Master, Ramana. I had asked a Danish artist to make this painting. When the artist had finished the job after 3 months he did not want any money for his work. He said that it had changed his life to make this painting. I was very happy and grateful - his work was brilliant and his attitude was easy to feel in the painting. He had used a special technique from the Renaissance: he had painted Ramanas Eyes in such a way that Ramana would look at you from what ever angle you were watching the painting. I placed the painting on the wall in my living room just to enjoy Ramana's Pan-optic blessings. Every visitor was in a state of awe on seeing the painting. It was really amazing how Ramanas compassionate eyes would follow you wherever you were placed in the room.

When I came to Luck Now in India, I went straight to Poonjaji's house to present the gift to him. This event is still as clear as this moment. He was sitting at his table watching Hindi-TV. A lot of visitors crowded his little humble living room, not half the size of my living room in Denmark. After hello and a big, big smile as only he could smile I placed the picture in front of him on the table.

He looked at it and said thanks with one more big smile. Eagerly I wanted to show him the special technique used for painting Ramana's eyes:

 Look Papaji! - I rotated the painting in front of him - From every angle Ramana is looking at you!

He did not reply... long time no reaction... I thought He might have overheard my comment.

The TV was damned Indian style loud. I repeated my statement in fierce competition with a crying Heroine and pistol shooting gundas ... Still no reaction... He now seemed to watch the screaming Heroine with full attention...I felt jealous. Then one of Poonjajis most wonderful devotees, Yamuna came to my assistance. She had followed the incident from a distance. She repeated my previous comment while I moved the painting into different positions in front of Him:

Look Papaji! -  Ramana is looking at you from all sides...


This moment of roaring silence is still today. First this NO!!! struck like lightening... power-cut ... it was like a thunder bolt at broad daylight... totally unexpected... NO!!! thoughts in this roar.... just clear sky... Then thoughts came back with the most overwhelming insight... In a split second I innerstood what Papaji was pointing at: The very same eyes that I felt were looking at ME were actually eyes that did not look at anyone. Of course the important "I" sees itself as the center of the Universe and thus thinks that Ramana only looks at "ME". But the very same look was - seen from the level of The Greatest Impersonality - not at all interested in the self important Ego. RAMANA DID NOT LOOK AT ANYONE ... he only looked at SELF.

Swami Ram Tirtha

Swami Ram Tirtha
It is not difficult to see Papajis
face in this face.

Published 1887

Papaji's maternal uncle was the famous Swami Ram Tirtha

By "incident" I was handed over this book by S. N. Bharadwaj
 It is a first edition of Max Müllers: On the science of thought
originally it belonged to Ram Tirth when he as Tirth Ram was working as a professor in mathematics in Lahore.

Click for large version

Swami Ram Tirtha’s song:
None can stone me, who would injure me?
The world stands aside to make room for me.
I come, O blazing Light! The shadows must flee.
Hail, O ye ocean, divide up and part!
Or parched up and scorched up, be dried up, depart!
None can tone me, who would injure me?
Beware, O ye mountains! Stand not in my way.
Your ribs will be shattered and tattered today!
Friends and couns’lors, pray waste not your breath,
Take up my orders, devour up ye death!
None can tone me, who would injure me?
I ride on the tempest, astride on the gale.
My gun is the lightning, my shots never fail.
I chase as a huntsman, I eat as I seize
The trees and the mountains, the land and the seas.
None can tone me, who would injure me?
I hitch to my chariot the fates and the gods;
In the voice of thunder, proclaim it abroad!
Howl, O ye winds! Blow, bugles, blow free!
Liberty! Liberty! Liberty! Om!
None can tone me, who would injure me?
None can tone me, who would injure me?



Some of Papaji's closest devotees are still living in India, Lucknow.
They are doing a difference in this world. Truth can take many forms.
Organic india.com

For more information about Papaji Videos and other related material, contact the
Avadhuta Foundation

This foundation is the center that Papaji set up
in order to serve people around the world.



My meeting with Papaji 23.7.93


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