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Capt. Lal Chand - The unaware aware Saint

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Meditation is alerted awareness - consciousness. Sometimes this awareness transcends the body and from this state you can say:
I am not this body
You may even forget that you somehow live in a body. When consciousness is absorbed in consciousness "you" might not be aware of anything in time and space and yet "your" body will perform its role on the stage called ordinary

This was in an extreme way the case for Captain Lal Chand. During the II. World War he was serving in the English army as a soldier.

Often he was fighting with great courage against
the Germans. He even got a medal for his bravery.

But now he tells me that he actually doesn't remember any of these events! Other people told him about this period of his life. He can only remember a state of ultimate bliss in deep states
of meditation. While his body was fighting on the battlefield his Soul soared high above time and
space. Later it seemed his Surat, the ultimate soul by itself ascended in the body and again made it
possible for him to be aware of events in time in space.

Captain Lal Chand was as many great souls mentioned on this site, a devotee of Baba Faqir.
He now has his own little Ashram somewhere in the desert of Rhajastan. I took these pictures in 95. What the pictures here do not show is the fact that he often sits in meditation, motionless like a peace of wood for several hours at a time.


Forgive me for the sometimes a little stupid questions I ask in this interview


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