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Asha Thakur - A flower & shaman from the Himalayas

Meditation  will connect us in strange ways...

Unknown are the movement of fish in the water...
Asha Thakur is a tribal woman from the Indian Himalayan mountains. She is the only one in this area who has got an education. She is quite familiar with computers and internet!

But she is first of all deeply rooted in the Himalayan nature. Sometimes she spontaneously goes into a state of Divine trance.
I have a few times been sitting with her in meditation when she was in this state. 

She then says:  

I am not Asha - I am Ma Maantalai!
Ma Mantalai is the Goddess of the Divine Himalayan Nature. And Asha is pure Divine Nature.
If you have pureness in your heart you will feel it.. Asha is my Himalayan Didi - sister.
Every Sunday she will sit for some time with closed eyes and connect with us. Or maybe she will not do... because Asha is a wild flower.



Asha sitting in worship with a flower in Rudranag

Asha with her mother

Asha coking chapatis with her aunt

Asha singing with her friends

Gunnar, Christoffer, Eva and Martin
in the lap of Ma Maantalai.

You can contact Asha
through Facebook