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Meditation is honesty!

My friend Peter wrote a poem:

Strange flowers...no smell
no attraction

a dogshit...heavy smell
flies flock

It reminds me of Shabdanands stories about the
pure Spirit called Baba Faqir. Faqir means beggar, Listen to what the Beggar has to say about big Ashrams and great Avatars:

This is the hard fact: the plain truth does not help in establishing centers; it does not increase the number
of followers. But how is anyone to understand it?
Only after this realization: that I am a bubble of consciousness. A bubble of consciousness would not
claim itself to be a yogi, sadhu, or a gnani. 
Had I not realized this Truth, I might have made
claims of my greatness and got myself worshipped
by you and exploited you.

For me Baba Faqir Chand is a tremendous important Master.
I did not have the good luck to meet him - he left the body I 1981.
But I have heard his words and felt his great Spirit through several of his highly elevated devotees. They are all some way or another spiritually tattooed with his mark of humility, courage and honesty.
From what I could hear and sense from his devotees, Manav Dayal, Shabdanand, Shonyo, Capt Lal Chand and Sita  he was an uncompromising honest and straight forward person.
When he visited his own ashram in Hoshiarpur - the Manavta Mandir Temple - he paid rent according to the days he stayed. The money for the rent was from his meager pension.
The Master who got enlightenment through his Devotees
Following story is quoted from Shabdanand:
Baba Faqirs Master the great Data Dayal at some point said: Baba Faqir! You are going to be my
Upon hearing this Baba Faqir jumped in the air and started singing and dancing in joy.
But suddenly he stopped his dance, fell to the ground and started to cry.
Oh, Faqir! - Why were you dancing and why are you now crying - Data Dayal asked.
The Faqir replied: Oh Master! First I got overwhelmed by joy hearing that you have chosen me
for such elevated task. But then I was reminded that I have yet not understood the truth - I have yet not grasped your teaching! How am I supposed to teach anyone when I myself have not understood?

Don't worry my dear Faqir, said the wonderful teacher with visionary greatness:
What I as teacher not have been able to show to you, will be revealed to you through your own devotees. I am soon to leave my body. But you will realize the Truth after my passing away.
You will attain enlightenment by giving Satsang (spiritual teachings)

After the passing away of Data Dayal, Baba Faqir started giving Satsang and just as his teacher had predicted he attained the highest state of realization. After this Baba Faqir always addressed
his own devotees and students as his real Master(s). 
The power of many closed eyes - the master does not need to be enlightened!
This story, among many others around Baba Faqir, is indeed remarkable. For me it shows the great power of true humility. It is also an indicator of the enormous and intelligent power of a collective group of humans sitting in oneness with closed eyes or looking single pointed in the same love-direction.

Actually it is the group itself that generates the spiritual energy that uplifts each individual in the group.

The master does not need to be enlightened himself! All he actually needs is an absolutely non-corrupt and honest character - strong enough not to get inflated by the collective love and trust projected upon him from the group. But most so called masters easily get trapped into tasting the sweetness of power.

Truth revealed
Baba Faqir's devotees went to him as devotees always have done in India and elsewhere  with following message:
Dear Guru Ji! I was in a very dangerous situation. But then suddenly you materialized in front of me and saved me!
Up to now most Gurus would smile and nod and say that they indeed were there to save the devotee. A happy devotee would after this event donate a lot of money to the Gurus ashram.

Now people also started come to Baba Faqir with the same experiences. But His answer would be
a shock to the believer:
I was not there saving you. I have no knowledge of the scene you refer to. Actually it is your own strong faith and inner power that has materialized in my form to save you!
This message was honest - but not good for ashram-business. Faqir's Ashram went bankrupt
short after he revealed this truth.

Truth revealed - once again
This new message from the Faqir for me also points at the great inner power lying dormant inside each of us.

This power is activated through our thought reality and amplified in collective fields of meditation.

This power belongs to you and you alone! But we do not dare to take this gift - rather we look for
leaders to project this power into and then to follow blindly.
It is most probably the ice-age man inside us that compels us to do so.

When a duckling opens its eyes for the first time, any moving object will be programmed into its brain as its mother. If you move a toy figure in front of the duckling in the moment it comes out of the egg, the toy figure will automatically be its mother.
We humans are not that different from the duckling.

The first spiritual opening of a human being is often dramatic and essential like our first birth:

"Once born twice born" 
William James

And pretty much the same way as the duckling we will project our own Inner Power into the hands of the
guru, the teacher or the leader of the new age workshop or self development course we are attending.
In old times of mother India, ashram-economies were dependent of the delusion that the Gurus were full time workers, materializing themselves in front of  the devotees to help them.     
Today most of the New Age scene is making money on basically the same delusions. These delusions project Godhood into any Tom, Dick and Harry presenting themselves as teachers of
all kind of schools and new spiritual theories. And very often the Tom, Dick and Harry-Avatars begins to believe what the participants of the course believes about them. Well it is a very tempting and sweet thought to be powerfully better than others.

A thought reality is thus created and amplified in a collective field of meditation.

In this field  of reality you will always be doomed to be a devotee and not a Master of your own life.  As the great Poonjaji has put it: You are a lion dreaming that you are a sheep.
I can narrate following stories from my own meditation workshops around 25 years ago.

An very sweet and good hearted Indian man around 50 fell into a sort of trance at the end of the group-meditation session. When he came back from the trance that lasted for around 30 minutes he said:

Gunnar! What did you do to me? I am in total and absolute bliss! First you came into my head and from there you took me out in the vast Universe. After enjoying infinite bliss here you took me down
to earth and we were flying as levitated bodies to South India where we had the darshan of
Satya Sai Baba. It was wonderful. And now we are back here again! You are indeed a great Master!

Dear friend! I told him - I am very happy for you - But I don't know anything about your experience apart from I was holding your hand when you were in the trance. 
This incident was by far was the most powerful spiritual opening he ever had.
He is a devotee of Sataya Sai Baba. Often when he goes deep into meditation he get the vision of Sai Babas face. But since this incident now and then he will see my face in his meditations.

I had become his toy figure master. And there is tremendous money and power in being a toy figure master... believe me!
And at the same time he and you and me are all equally that Great Mysterious Power.
No need of middle men, mediators, teachers, priests!!
Just have the courage to feel and see what is your birth right and pray for a flock of fellow travelers to find you so that you together and in total democratic equality can amplify
each others individual universal TRUTH!

He who thinks himself different from the Guru is in duality.
Therefore, I lay stress time and time again on this fact that if
you remain attached to the physical existence of any Guru,
you shall not get liberation. Our mind is within and our
thoughts are also within. The questioner within is the disciple,
and he who answers within is the Guru.

When the questioner gets satisfactory answers to all his queries,
he becomes silent. When our mind does not have any more
questions or when your mind has no desire to know  anything, it becomes silent.
This state of silent is known as the union of Guru and disciple.

Faqir Dayal

David Lane on Faqir Chand, part one