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Bhagat Singh
left his body in the
autumn of 2003.






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Bhagat Singh - Undisturbed galactic Silence

Spiritual presence is contagious. It can spread like the common flu, where proximity is more critical for transmission than what we say or do.
Actually, I don't know much about Bhagat Singh. If you type his name into Google, another famous Bhagat Singh will pop up. By mere coincidence (if such a thing exists), I learned of his existence from Bharadwaj and decided to visit him in the mysterious town of Hoshiarpur, where I lived for one year in 1999/2000.

He was sitting on his bed, zapping with a remote, while disinterestedly watching the endlessness of Punjabi TV channels. He greeted me warmly, asking me to take a seat in a small plastic chair beside his big bed. Small moments of verbal interaction between us were interrupted by infinitely long passages of TV-gazing. I decided to close my eyes instead of watching advertisements and crying or singing Indian heroines.

A deep inner silence came alive and looked out from within the body that just a few minutes ago had called itself Gunnar. When 'I' opened my eyes again, I saw very clearly that Bhagat Singh was not actually watching anything at all!

He was rather the aware space inside me.

He then smiled and said, 'I love you very much!'

Shortly after, a devotee arrived with tea and cookies.

Bhagat Singh was supposed to initiate me with a secret mantra. However, it never happened, or did it somehow? I'm not really sure. The only thing I remember is the dark, warm space that opened up inside the body, transforming into a vast expanse where my body felt like a tiny droplet at the bottom of a soap bubble.


My friend Jesper with Bhagat Singh.