What is Consciousness






Instead of love, fame or wealth, Give me truth
Henri-David Thoreau

What is taken in by contemplation
must be given out in love
Meister Eckhart

Hello, out there! Let me state my position.
I am not a guru. I am not 'enlightened'. I am not interested in teaching Spirituality or Meditation. I have no commercial interest in this website.
My goal is, as far as I know myself, to inspire and be inspired.
I have been doing all kinds of spiritual practices continuously for 43 years now. I lived in India for more than six years in search of 'spiritual software'. Now at the tender age of 65, I feel better, stronger, and happier than ever before.
Why is this important to mention?
Should I not be more humble and less bragging?
Let me clarify, as far as I can see and know myself. I write this to inspire. If I can 'survive' my own life in this way, it might also be possible for you!
When you are young, you have a lot of energy, but no wisdom. When you become older, you might become wiser, but at the same time you tend to loose your energy.

Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano
Without wisdom and high levels of energy, there can be no true Meditation. The cultivation of super awareness can only happen in a sound mind in a sound body.

If you are able to maintain your energy, health, and liquid intelligence into older age you can be lucky to arrive at a sweet spot zone where you will be gifted with a kind of astronaut overview of life and yourself. Here in this liquid perspective, many exciting things can be observed.
The first I want to mention is that the age of gurus and religious institutions is fading.
In spite of hermits and Himalayan cave dwellers, the cultivation of consciousness has always been a collective project. Without a culture of meditative isolation, there would not have been any yogis living in caves for decades or Christian monks and nuns living in various degrees of renunciation.
The various religious and spiritual organizations have, however along with all their good intentions also been political power institutions. In the verticality of power the trade-off for social security and suitable infrastructure is depersonalization at the buttom of the pyramid.
For a modern individual, this is not longer functioning.
We cannot any longer take responsibility for our own divinity in a spiritual hierarchy. We have become too individual. This, in my eyes precious individuality has now to be taken to a higher level of collectivity.
Go all the way

First of all, we have to stand in our own pillar of life. It takes a lot of courage to reach that point.


Everything is changing faster than ever before. We live in a global world of big data and disruptive flux. Hence the old ways of new age spirituality have become more obsolete than ever before. They have served their time in the evolution of consciousness. Surfing the current tsunami of change is only possible in an independent, vigilant and liquid state of awareness. In that fearless state, I say goodbye lovingly to the spiritual teachers of the past. The best of them still inspire me deeply, but not as a follower.
To my pleasant surprise, I find that I am not the only free surfer. I don't want to end up like a  Bukowski. When I stop searching in the sky for spiritual leaders to tell me what to do but look horisontally around, I see kindred spirits. 
A shared field of consciousness
When we are free and independent, only then it is time to reach out and share in cloud-like relationships with kindred souls around us. We can inspire each other in spiritual information circuits where up and down, in and out, back and fourth changes all the time in a state of flux. Here we are all each other's gurus and devotees. We exchange spiritual information in a way similar to open source technology. In this open field, we enter a collective and ampified field of shared consciousness.
The collective cloud of super-consciousness is however, not for everybody - yet.
The unfoldment of the collective cloud consciousness can be compared to the evolution of the Athenian democracy. The Athenian democracy was not for everybody. It was only a privilege for the citizens of the city-sate. Tom, Harry, and Dick had to wait around 2000 years before they were included in the club.
My guess is that there are several newly formed democratic fields of spirituality all over the globe by now. Each of them has a distinct rainbow color and 'mission'.
Are you a Chosen One?
So how do you know if you are the chosen One, evolutionary ready and eligible to be a part of a new exclusive brother and sisterhood?
A genuine club of consciousness will never exclude you.
You will exclude yourself by your lack of interest.
Meister Eckhart says:

Whoso is unable to follow this discourse, let him never mind.
While he is not like this truth he shall not see my argument.

However, I am not only talking about my 'club'. My words might not inspire you, and yet you will be attracted to another cloud with a different signature.


The anatomy of a shared field of consciousness

What do I understand by a shared field of consciousness?
Basically, as an individual human being, you yourself are a shared field of consciousness made by the confederation of cells in your body. Primordial consciousness is everywhere, as far as I have experienced in deeper states of meditation. However, this omnipotent presence gets exponentially concentrated when body-brains connect as they do in concentric circles from friendship, to family, to clan, to tribe to nation and so forth. In this sense my understanding of the shared field of consciousness is close but not identical to Hararis term intersubjective reality. The third level of Hararis socially constructed reality has an invisible fourth level consisting of pure abstract and concentrated consciousness. Harari has like Sam Harris, in spite of their experiences with meditation, no clue when it comes to what is looking out of their own eyes. I guess the mirror of consciousness is hidden for them due to the way Jews historically got their brilliant intellects as concentrated survival responses. These otherwise super impressive intellects furthermore get concentrated in big super cities like new York and Tel Aviv to the point where they become arrogant, but that is altogether a different story.

A vision

Merchants go when the truth appears,
for the truth needs no merchanting.

Behold thy temple cleared of merchants.

Meister Eckhart

I respect the capitalistic system for what it has done for humankind the last 200 years. I recognize what it has done to bring civilization up to this level in time. It was not perfect, but it was, as Harari points out, the best civilisatoric agoritm, way better than communism and totalitarianism.
However, at the evolutionary stage we are in now, capitalism can be compared to a dying catarpillar, giving birth to a butterfly.
A shared field of butterflies of Soul cannot bloom in a metabolim ruled by money.
What does that imply for the new emerging fields of shared consciousness. It implies that these fields can be identified by the total abscence of comercialism. Everything is shared as gifts among the sisters and brothers of the field.
Free flow of information is nescesary for consciousness to evolve beyond the boundaries of individuals.




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The liquid life
I am deeply inspired by Miles Davies. He was reinventing himself and his music throughout his whole life. There is no endstation in true creativity, and the same is the case with spiritual evolution.