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Ramesh Giri - The Saint that lives without food and water


Meditation is to live by divine light.
For the most of us this is a poetic picture illustrating a life lived in love for the timeless Inner Essence. However for some people it is more than a metaphor.

They simply don't eat or drink!
I believed this to be pure nonsense ... until the
summer of 2005 when I met Ramesh Giri.

One fine morning we were sitting together with Bharadwaj  in bliss and tea. Bharadwaj announced that one of his friends soon would
drop by. This friend was an ardent practitioner of Kriya Yoga and had practiced some techniques that had enabled him to live from pranic or cosmic energy instead of food and water.
It is hot in Hoshiarpur in June...very hot! We were with Ramesh the whole day. He was not eating that day ... ok, no big deal...

But he was also not drinking and Hoshiarpur was dry and hot ... very dry and very hot!

Ramesh Giri is not bragging with this supernatural miracle. He is just a retired government official living a quiet life in some small town outside Hoshiarpur. He has been practicing meditation since early youth in all his spare time - never been a Guru for anyone.
This is what Bharadwaj is telling and Ramesh is just smiling.

Ramesh Giri is the only fully technique oriented Divine Inspirator on this site!
But the caution against meditation techniques  has only become a rule due the pleasure of breaking it. And it is a special pleasure in the case of Ramesh Giri!

I cannot prove that Ramesh Giri or Bharadwaj are telling the truth. However this is not the point.

This is not a site with a scientific mission! I am more than happy if you, like me, get more and more small cracks in your logic test tubes.
Die Welt ist tief, und tiefer als der Tag gedacht.  F. Nietzsche
When we like Socrates with full awareness can say that we know that we don't know the world becomes a mystery... aahhh...
In this context Ramesh Giri is representing one of the more obvious mysteries.
A far greater miracle for me is the fact that the assumption that 1 plus 1 equals 2 actually seems to work!

Let us continue with some back ground explanations for this obvious miracle. Ramesh tells me how he through a certain meditation and breathing technique has been able to open a spot in the back of the head where he now takes in cosmic energy.

This spot is the mouth of the brain, he declares.
But while doing this breathing technique you must sit with perfectly strait spine.

He is soft spoken. His skin is glowing with an aura of cool freshness - he does not look thirsty at all. And when the unavoidable Indian power cut stops the life giving cool winds from the Casablanca mill, Ramesh is the only one who looks like we all were on a picnic tour in springtime in Denmark.