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Pandit Dayal - a Secret Saint

Meditation is not a circus.
No show business! ... These were the words of Pandit Dayal. I call him the Secret Saint. He is a perfect illustration of the fact that many of
the greatest beings on this planet are living far away from publicity and cheering crowds.

They live a most ordinary life and have no interest in teaching others in a formal way. And yet ... the silence in their movements through life unconsciously affects the well being of the entire human race. As fractal mathematics shows how the movements of a butterfly can change the weather situation on the North Pole - so these human butterflies on the subtlest levels of life are fanning our hearts with a cool breeze of peace.


Unknown are the movements of fish in the water, as Neem Karoli Baba puts it.

The former Czech president and philosopher Václav Havel pointed out that political dictatorship starts with seemingly unimportant and small compromises in our actions in daily life. The opposite is also true: Being(s) in love changes the whole world simply by the way a cup of tea
is drunk. 

The invisible thread

Pandit Dayal once narrated a beautiful old Indian folk story. We were sitting in his little room in Matajis house in Juhu Scheeme in Bombay. Most of the time he was silent. So this was a rare occasion.
"Once upon a time in ancient India a King suddenly went against his Prime Minister and life-time imprisoned him in a high tower. The Minister had a faithful and intelligent wife. She went to the tower with a beetle. She tied a long, almost invisible thread to a leg of the beetle. At the end of this thread she tied a silk thread. Finally she tied a rope at the end of the silk thread.

Now she smeared honey on the beetles antennae and placed it on the outside wall of the tower. The beetle, encouraged by the smell of honey, started crawling up the tower. When it reached the top of the tower the imprisoned Minister caught hold of the beetle. He now held an almost invisible thread in his hand! With the help of this thread he got hold of the silk thread and then the rope. With the help of the rope he escaped his prison. The minister and his loving wife lived happily in freedom hereafter."
Right in this moment you like the Minister are holding an almost invisible thread in your hand.
It is the leading thread that connects you with your own inner galactic Paradise. This thread will take you back to your inner Space if you don't throw it away in search of great spiritual experiences!

We live in a kick-culture and tend to make the path to the inner galaxy as  exiting as a star war movie. We are also performers and tend to think that meditation is a kind of spiritual body building making us fit to enter the Kingdom within. I can feel Pandit Dayal is smiling at our efforts. He is just sitting on his bed... but the way he sits! ... just try to imagine his state!

Each time you "aware" a simple breath in gratitude you are pulled closer to Pandit Dayal.
And thus your thread will become thicker until it is a rope - strong enough to carry you out of your tower.

The tower is the tower of the Ego. Here  you as the Minster is lucked up by the King, the ruler of imprisoning negative thoughts and pride.

The wife in the story is a metaphor for Devine compassion - In Deus ex Machina
- full of compassion for the Being imprisoned in the tower. 
You cannot make this journey into the micro cosmos of being without the help from GOD. So love
this ordinary mystery of life as dearly as you love your wife or husband. And don't run too much around in search for enlightenment - it is easier for Her to grab you if you are standing still. 
We are also very much like the beetle - even if this comparison is not flattering for our ego. But even a little beetle like me and you can reach the top of the world-tower. We just has to take one small step at a time ... and we will reach!