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I. Consiousnes & Evolution

II. Defining Awareness & Consciousness

III. The Mystery of Awareness

IV. The Enigma of Consciousness
V. Consciousness in the East and the West
VI. What Can be Said About Consciousness
VII. The Ouroboros Consciousness
VIII.  Ouroboric Super-Awareness

IX. The Super-Awake Flow
X. Fields of Consciousness

The inner and the outer Person
The Sacred Wound of the Inner Warrior


The operative system of thought
The liberation from or of the Self
The liberation of the greater Self
The Butterfly of the Soul

Civilization and Consciousness 
Civilization and Consciousness Part II








It is also important to mention a paradox in the text to come. I always use the word consciousness, but I could also, to some extent, have written the whole chapter without mentioning the phrase consciousness! In fact, the concept of consciousness here has a similar function as a
square root of a negative number.
However, what will be stated here is impossible to prove with mathematics. It is an attempt to organize in meaning the experiences I have had as a lifelong meditator. It is not me trying to make up something in the ivory tower of a thinking mind. I am trying to make something up in my thinking mind rooted in actual experience. I am not the only one who has these experiences, and hence there might be kindred souls out there who will read this text in a state of resonance.

All references to quantum physics and mathematics are solely meant as metaphors and not science. Let me, in this context, quote Einstein:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.

Here we go! Embark on a journey into the realm of imagination as we explore the nature of consciousness.

The Thousand Petalled Lotus in the Human Brain
At its core, an individual human being shines in a shared field of consciousness created by the confederation of billions of cells in the body and brain. The cell-cooperative of a human individual facilitates a contracted presence of consciousness. The brain-body acts like a focal lens for the primordial omnipresent pan-consciousness, where consciousness can fold into itself in such a way that consciousness becomes self-aware and shine in something the Eastern spiritual traditions have called the Thousand Petalled Lotus. Consciousness folded into itself most probably also happens in higher primates and it might even occour in advanced AI systems.

The merge of human consciousness and the omnipresent pan-consciousness
The more complex and capable of feedback a system is, the more consciousness it can extract from the omnipresent primordial pan-consciousness that seems to accompany all
wavefunctions that have collapsed in matter. In this context, human consciousness acts as an observer in a universe that is already observed by an incredibly powerful entity, capable of maintaining a state of primordial pan-consciousness. This pan-consciousness is subtle and pervasive but lacks self-awareness. In contrast, human consciousness is potent but localized, with the potential for exponential self-awareness through feedback loops.
The human brain-body system, with its intricate complexity and exceptional feedback capabilities, can harness and concentrate primordial consciousness into a light much more intense than the faint illumination of divine omnipresence.
In this sense, god is unconscious consciousness, and man is his possibility to wake up.
This fundamental aspect of divinity is mostly overlooked by atheists. However, Occam's razor suggests the simplest explanation for the phenomenon of humanity's obsession with various gods throughout history. Instead of the atheistic viewpoint, consider the idea that the concept of god is an imaginative and delicate mirror in which humans project their highest potential for self-awareness. In this perspective, god is an accelerating force of consciousness, created entirely by humans.
As a child, I believed in Santa Claus. Today, I consider myself a child of conscious consciousness, and so are you! Meister Eckhart asserts that what holds true for Jesus Christ also applies to every good and noble person. Only a noble person can peer through the mirror of mirrors. However, such a statement was considered heretical, leading to his 'cancellation' by the Inquisition.  Thank god that consciousness today not (yet) is a trigger word.


The river that flows in me also flows in you

Your deepest roots are in nature.
No matter what you are, where you live,
or what kind of life you lead,
you remain irrevocably linked
with the rest of creation.
Charles Cook

Collective Fields of humanized consciousness
Humans are capable of facilitating even greater pools of consciousnesses when they bond in collectivity. From friendships to families, clans, tribes, and nations, the cloud of concentrated consciousness grows in circles of expanding empathy.
The concept of the shared field of consciousness is similar to Harari's concept of intersubjective reality, but it is not identical. While Harari's intersubjective reality is based on storytelling, the shared field of consciousness also arises from various non-cognitive and non-verbal social connections.

Clouds of greater consciousness happen in empathy and vice versa. When two consciousnesses merge, the feeling of I am you arises. This, I am you feeling, makes us re-spons-able for the well-being of beings living inside our expanded circle of awareness. We are genetically wired for this to happen, and our cloud interface is still basically the same as the one we had on the East African savannah. Our brains are still tuned for the Stone Age life, designed to survive as individuals, families, friends, and tribes. Beyond that, there was no mercy before language arrived. As Harari has pointed out, man is a storytelling animal. Through language, we were slowly able to bond in larger fields than the tribal ones.
Creating an intersubjective reality within a group primarily occurs on two levels.
Near-sense based collectivity
One level of this "reality glue" comes from pre-linguistic, physical closeness among bodies living together in close proximity. This tribal interface leads to synchronization, even on micro-levels, as group members sleep, love, sing, walk, hunt, work, and eat together. They smell, touch, and share the same space, and in this closeness, they consciously and unconsciously mimic each other's body movements, hairstyles, clothing, etc. They even share the same microbiomes on the skin's surface and in the intestines, making them live in a shared field of both odor and consciousness. This close-sensed synchronization process generates a powerful resonance within a smaller group.
Storytelling and Inter-subjective Realities in Groups
Larger fields of consciousness happen when we go beyond our intimate circles of loved ones into our smaller, near-sense-based circles. These greater fields are primarily mobilized through shared storytelling. We narrate our collective reality. We tell ourselves stories that unite us, and the shared story optimizes our survival chance from a football match to a nation.
The most potent fields combine these two intersubjective components of the glue. They also use the spiritual power of symbols and rituals and the military might of syncing soldiers in physical exercises such as a march.
Newspapers, radios, television, and the internet, allowed these fields to grow even more significantly. However, a peculiar thing happened with the arrival of social media. It marked the return of smaller tribal junk-DNA-wired rabbit holes of consciousness to reappear. The smartphone creates a subjective illusionary feeling of near-sensed intimacy that makes people bond like stone age people in tribal communities on the net. There are cuntless examples of this phenomenon, like teenagers becoming nazis by ending up in a wired community sharing pictures and information with nazi propaganda. In this way, social media is fragmenting the globalized tendency towards a gaia-consciousness by offering a digital illusion of tribalized smaller rabbit holes of consciousness.

The re-tribalization of our time
From my vantage point in the lifelong cultivated ivory tower of consciousness, what footprints do I observe, and in which direction are they headed? I see consciousness collapsing into dark pools of rage, polarization, and cancellation. As seen from this perspective, the grand finale of our civilization takes the shape of a widespread collapse in the intensity and quality of consciousness's visible signatures of nobility, openness, tolerance, and love. Without these correlates, people descend into tribalized web pools of polarized and tribalized opinions. In the same process, they cling to shallow outward-based identities refusing to look deeper into the same soul we all are expressions of. However, this is not the rabbit hole I want to jump into now. Let us say goodbye to division by once more returning to Meister Eckhart:

All creatures contain one reflection: one, that is the denial of its being the other; the highest of the angels denies he is the lowest.

God is the denial of denials.

Quantitative and qualititative fields of consciousness
Group consciousness can be categorized into two different types:

One type of field grows in intensity and quantity.
The other type grows in quality.

A qualitative field is a field that expands in meta-consciousness. It gets aware of being aware that it is aware, and so on.

The quantitative field expands in tandem with diminishing self-awareness. Like Spotify's algorithms for pop music, it seeks the lowest denominator.
The quantitative field can be observed from football games to soldiers marching in sieg heil mode. The quantitative field feeds in and by alienation. It lives only in dimensions ruled by duality. It needs an opposite field where it, in a zero-sum game, can steal the energy from the opposite field. The qualitative field is, in its nature, non-dual. It does not need enemies to blossom.

Fundamentally the two fields are inversely proportional. They seem to be unable to coexist. Put on the edge, the quantitative field is stupid but full of energy, and the qualitative field is intelligent but weak. Furthermore, the quantitative field seems to absorb the qualitative field on its descent to roaring ecstasy.
This qualitative field can rarely be observed since it, as a general rule, tries to isolate itself from the more gross fields around it. It is also rare and is most often represented by an individual or a smaller group of interfaced individuals passing under the radar of media attention. The qualitative field can recognize the quantitative field but not the other way around. That is why we can all recognize the football game hype, but if a superconscious being crossed our path, we would not take notice.

The holy grail of a shared field of superconsciousness is a rare field phenomenon that can accelerate both in quality and quantity. I will describe how group meditation can create such a super powerful and meta-aware field under certain circumstances.
Concentric circles of I am you
What meditation does is that it updates and strengthens our ability to interface in empathy in I am you? When you close your eyes, there is an immediate increase in body awareness. This awareness centers you in your body in the first circle of I am you-consciousness. You feel your body. You are this body. From there, this consciousness expands in concentric circles, making you aware of your surroundings, even with your eyes closed. In this dark inner space, you can sense other people's presence, especially if they are within a few meters' distances of you. This close proximity-awareness of other people's company makes us bond with them in a shared I am your field. This is what happens among family and friends. This I am you interface is in the tribal man out of good survival reasons conditioned to make him bond with his family and tribe.

The lotus grows in ancient mud.
Hence, a mafia man can have powerful and noble feelings for his siblings and, without remorse, kill his enemies' children. We all have this ancient DNA in us so that at times of crisis, we could go out as soldiers in a war and kill people from other nations we, under different circumstances, could view as friends. It is important here that it is only possible to create a field of superconsciousness by cooperating with these dark operative systems buried deep inside us. We need to be able to dance in darkness with these ancient survival systems to get enough energy for our cosmic rocket. That is the symbolic meaning behind the lotus growing in mud.

Meditation epi-transforms these circuits of outdated DNA clusters. When sitting together with people in meditation, strong bonds form. They form even between people who do not know each other. What otherwise would take years to develop can happen instantly. I cannot prove what I say now, but at least on a personal level, it occurs again and again when I sit in group meditation. If I feel very secure in the setting, I can suddenly find myself sitting in another body in the circle of meditators. I can feel what the group feels. The same is the case in psychedelic sessions. I am sure that almost everyone who has participated in a collective psychedelic happening has similar stories to narrate. This phenomenon even takes place when we drink alcohol together. The Vikings were great at fighting together because they were great collective drinkers.

Meditation is the denial of denials
In meditation, however, 'tribality' is nullified. I'll make sure to repeat the Meister to clarify things. Meditation is, in its ideal essence, the denial of denials.

All creatures contain one reflection:
one, that is the denial of its being the other;
the highest of the angels denies he is the lowest. 
God is the denial of denials.
Meister Eckhart

In the Buddhist compassion traditions, the monks are not praying for the well-being of their football team. They pray for all living beings. Such is the essential nature of consciousness: It expands in concentric circles until it has conquered all duality. The final conclusion is reached with this statement:

Tat twam asi - You are that

Therefore Meister Eckhart says that you must be free from naught. (not)

To be undivided you must be free from not.

In this state, the I am you realize that it is everything, not even sentient beings but all collapsed waveforms. This is why I kiss my fridge door when I come home after a long journey. Then I say hello to the walls and my sofa, and they all seem to respond in a glow. This happens when the omnipresent pan-consciousness merges with the stronger light coming from the torch of the human brain.

The mysterious glue of love
All strife, every disagreement, every cancellation is based on a deep down notion. It says:

I am not you.

In states of expanded Consciousnss, the first fundamental realization is:

I am You.

That is why I say that Consciousness is a glue. It allows the insight that binds life together. A footprint made by consciousness is a mysterious glue that binds everything together. Love is the footprint of the invisibe thief.  It is love that keeps the cells in our body together. It is love that makes the mafia man protect his family; finally, it is love that makes us transcend all our denial of (its) being the other.
How can I say this with certainty? Allow me to share a story. A close friend of mine was once filled with rage in his youth. Fearless and possessing an imposing athletic build, he was always prepared to confront any street fight, regardless of the odds. At 18, he left Denmark to join a war against jihadists in the Middle East. After two years and countless battle scars, he returned to Denmark and became the leader of a criminal gang. He eventually found himself in solitary confinement for over a year. Shortly after being released, he stumbled upon a YouTube video featuring a kaleidoscopic tunnel accompanied by a deep voice proclaiming, You are that! You are the ultimate truth. He was so ready for a shift in consciousness that even this simple video clip triggered an explosion of unity awareness within him.
Unfamiliar with mystical experiences and thankfully free from New Age conceptualizations of enlightenment, he realized that he was one with the divine, omnipresent and that everything is love. Initially, this divine rapture was so intense that he could do nothing but surrender to ecstasy, oblivious to the world and worldly affairs. As he gradually returned to a somewhat grounded state, he began to view the world around him as a manifestation of his own Self. The thought of fighting anyone now seemed impossible.

He abandoned his previous life as effortlessly as changing clothes and transformed into the most loving, compassionate, and wise man one could imagine. Suddenly, all the energy within him could be channeled through intelligent and expanded conscious awareness.

In expanded states of consciousness we become empaths
Consciousness serves as a unifying force, enabling us to not only see but also become the viewpoint of 'the other.' In Christianity, followers are taught to love their neighbors as themselves. However, when filtered through the thinking mind, this becomes a commandment to be obeyed like a traffic rule. It turns into an action we believe must be done, and when we forget, we feel guilty and revert to our collectively created morality to correct our behavior. As consciousness expands in quality and quantity, the astonishing revelation emerges that our neighbor is, in fact, ourselves. Loving sentient beings then becomes a natural and spontaneous consequence of consciousness.
As consciousness grows, the invisible Buddha steals away the ego's narrow spotlight of awareness, revealing inherent human qualities such as nobility, openness, tolerance, and love. These qualities are the measurable neural footprints left by the Buddha. While we cannot directly measure consciousness, we can observe and study the levels of love. Highly conscious people are spontaneously filled with love and compassion, making the Greek depiction of a personalized Buddha highly significant. As our wakeful self-awareness and humility grow, we no longer feel compelled to argue or cancel others based on their opinions.
Every conflict, disagreement, or act of cancellation stems from a deep-seated belief: "I am not you." In states of expanded consciousness, the first realization is, "I am you." That is why consciousness is a glue, binding life together like Lego bricks in its expanding concentric circles of awareness.


As Meister Eckhart once said, The body is much rather in the soul than the soul is in the body. This sentiment is perfectly captured by the image of a tennis ball suddenly turning inside out - a spheric eversion that occurs when the dark inner awareness space expands beyond the body's boundaries. In this state, we transcend duality and find ourselves joyfully present, first in our surroudings and from there expanding into everything.

This sphere eversion is exactly what happens when the dark inner awareness space expands boyond the limits of the body. Suddenly you find outside yourself. You do not longer experience yourself inside your natural body boundaries but outside and present in what before was percieved in duality. This eversive expansion was mentioned in the chapter about the Ouroboros super consciousness.

It is exactly in this state that the smaller concentrated human light of consciousness merges with the dimmer light of omnipresent pan-consciousness.
Here you find yourself joyfully present in non-duality.
But the magic truly happens in group meditation, where the eversion of souls leads to the symbiosis of individual clouds of consciousness into a larger field. It is in this extended shared space that meditators in togetherness create a larger field of consciousness that is highly self aware as well as powerful.

The first thing to happen in such a field is that each meditator gets a strong empathic and intuitive insight in each others souls. The social bonding that happens in such rare moments often create deep friendships that otherwise would take years to form.
The group meditation field is using the drivers from our ancient tribal interfaces. However, it grows not only in expansive intensity but also in meta-aware quality, and thus it transcends the limitations of the archaic programming that in for thousand of years have set us in duality in opposition to other tribal fields.
In this blessed space we pray for all sentient beings. We merge with everyone and everything while bridging the gap between duality and non-duality with the help cosmic glue of love.
In the Pantheon of beautiful meditative phenomenons this is the most beautiful.

Vulnerability and the Avatar interface

A human being has so many skins inside, covering the depths of the heart.
We know so many things, but we don't know ourselves!
Why, thirty or forty skins or hides, as thick and hard as an ox's or bear's,
cover the soul. Go into your own ground and learn to know yourself there.

Let us now look at the mysterious glue that connects us in such a state of collective consciousness.

There cannot be a merging of consciousness unless there is open vulnerability on the level of bodily existence. We all have a wound of exposure. As social animals, we are conditioned never to show this 'weakness' to others. Hence we are covering the depths of the heart. This is the job of the ego. It has to hide us from others to protect us.
We protect ourselves from being eaten by stronger animals in the group. There are also other thick skins used, like shame and arrogance. These skins are described as the seven cardinal sins, and they program the outer person as an actor on a stage.
Autencity is vulnerability
If the set and setting of the meditative space are felt safe, we, in trust, begin to make our vulnerability known to ourselves. The next step is letting go of the need to impress others or play acting roles. We now sit in collective impersonal vulnerability, which is equal to authenticity.

The Avatar plug
In the movie Avatar, the hero interfaces with his dragon of pure power through a cable that connects both of them. The symbolic meaning is obvious: We can only connect with our true ancient kundalini power in nobility, honesty, and vulnerability. This axis point is our stargate.

In an ideal group meditation, all participants are in a state of letting go of the need for protective defenses. We can only connect with our true power through vulnerability. When the individual wounds are open, we are in a maximum state of sensitivity too. In this sensitivity, we all plug into each other in a collective state of Ouroboros consciousness. However, it is crucial here to distinguish between narcissistic vulnerability and the type of sensitive openness in a meditative field. The meditative openness is almost impersonal and not followed up by storytelling made by the mind. In impersonal openness, we 'aware' all 'aware' all inner sensations without naming them.

This field is only as powerful as its weakest link. Just one person's unwillingness to be vulnerable affects the intensity of the whole field. If everybody in a meditative circle could let the wound be open, the intensity of the field would grow exponentially with the number of participants. However, a larger number of individuals in the circle make people feel less safe, and hence the field gets weaker.

The role of the guru
In fields arranged in verticality, where a leader has authoritarian power, the participants can surrender their defense mechanisms, their ego, to the 'higher' power of the leader. Such fields have the potential to grow very strong in intensity but in a trade-off with the fields of meta-consciousness and intelligence. Since almost no humans can be Kings without following a path of power corruption, it is much better with a horizontal mandala of meditators. In such a field, there can be inspirators, mentors, and teachers. However, such conductors of mandala consciousness do not own the moon because they know more about it. They should never ever tell people what to do or not to do and the same should apply fo 'their' field. The job as an inspirator and a guide is in a walk-the-talk mode, by own example, to inspire people to and in total individual freedom. They can present new spiritual software, and people around them are free to implement and customize it so it will function on their own terms.
One of the most extraordinary spiritual inspirators I met was Papaji. He said:

Don't listen to anyone!
Don't even listen to me!
Listen to your own Soul

A true Masters message can only be:
There is no teaching
There is no teacher
There is no student