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'The Mystery
of Awareness'

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For people who do
not believe in or experience what could be understood as 'god':
Replace the word 'god'
with 'consciousness' or
any other word that for you could describe a sense
of the mysterious.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed."

Albert Einstein

Meditative Pixellation - a Way of Living

"If you can Face it - God can Fix it
If you can Feel it - God can Heal it"

From the ancient Indian tantric and later Chinese taoist traditions, there is a saying that translates beautifully into English: "Where the attention goes, the prana flows."
The highest gift we can give to another human being is our undivided attention. The same is true for our own body. Simple awareness makes the body more alive and even heals it.
Resting in inner, sensational body-awareness, and always capturing feelings before they capture us, can ultimately lead to a process I term "meditative pixellation."
Now, what do I mean by 'pixellation'?
Pixels Beyond Name and Form
Here is a short summary of what I mean by the term: As you become more accustomed to observing the myriad of ever-morphing sensations within your body, you will be able to penetrate the wall of meaning through naming, behind which these sensations hide.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other”
doesn’t make any sense.

Just as images, whether good or bad, and other meanings and judgments you assign to them, are fundamentally composed of pixels, so too are your sensations. By sensing your inner body-self free from concepts, so closely and intimately that all you are aware of is the flow of pixels, you realize that these atomized sensations and feelings are neither good nor bad. Behind the wall of naming there is essentially no difference between pain and pleasure.

The 'Energy' State of Pixels
What you once called pain, before coming close enough, is now just an endless morphing stream of what we could metaphorically term 'energy'. Just as particles in quantum physics fundamentally consist of frozen energy or light, the building blocks in our inner world are revealed as made out of liquid energy when we come closer to be aware of them. Henceforward, I will refer to the pixellated state of sensations as 'energy'. However, remember this term is only a beautiful metaphor borrowed from a quantum world that I only know little about.

'Dark Energy'
To emphasize the fundamentally unknown and unnamed sensations we encounter here, I will metaphorically borrow a term from quantum physics. Scientists try to explain what they cannot really verify by using the term 'dark matter.' I will henceforward sometimes use the term 'dark energy' as a reminder of the integral 'unknownness' we must encounter on this path.
Feel Your Inner Body with Innocent 'Aha' Awareness
In the pixellated state of 'energy' observation, focus on the phenomenon of feeling itself without trying to change or remove these sensations with mental strategies. The key is to mentally ignore the age old instinctual urge to 'do' something about these sensations while giving them your full, non-cognitive attention. In this form of non-doing meditation, what matters is the direct encounter between your innocent 'aha'-awareness and the interoceptive feelings and sensations themselves.

Meditative Pixellation as a Lifestyle
This inner non-judgemental observation of 'energy' is, in my opinion, the most important form of meditation one can practice. Unlike other meditation techniques that create ritual oases—specific time zones dedicated solely to meditation—meditative pixellation is more of a lifestyle than a technique confined to a specific timeframe. It involves cultivating a permanent habit of body-directed awareness.

Make it a lifestyle to always feel yourself as an abstract flow of energy without reflecting on or analyzing your experience. In this ever-ongoing meditation, the goal is to keep on returning to an innocent 'aha' awareness of the feelings and sensations in your inner body, from head to toe. The goal is to live a life in what Gurdjieff termed 'constant self-remembrance,' which implies a constant, effortless return to a state of self-referential awareness.

This act of continuous returning is necessary as we are constantly distracted by our thoughts and outward-focused senses. This exteroceptive 'distraction' is a natural process created out of evolutionary necessity. However, now we must swim upstream our ancient river of survival by turning around and inward.

Every time we discover that externalities have taken hold of us, we simply and without any drama return to our roots of 'sensationing'. Do this while walking, talking, eating, or scrolling; in any situation where your brain gives you a sudden moment of self-awareness in which you can remember the task of aware sensing. In such situations, set your eyes free either by closing them or letting them stare. You might even be able to continue an outward task, like speaking to another person, while still being aware of the energy-flow inside of you.


Observing inner energies is also an essential part of traditional meditation practices. There are countless ways to do this, and over time, you will develop techniques that are uniquely tailored to you. Here, I will outline some pathways to help you get started on this glorious inner journey.

What our Amazing Hands can Tell us!
Let’s now initiate a concrete meditative pixellation experience starting with our hands. Hands are cardinal when it comes to the exploration of sensory energy. Unlike other areas in the body, such as a stomach full of butterflies or a heavy chest, hands generally serve as a 'safe space' for inner exploration. As a general rule, none of the energy phenomena in your hands can be described as painful. It is only in very rare cases that hands harbor unpleasant energies. It either feels neutral or pleasant to experience the energy in our hands.
Our hands are furthermore evolutionarily created as hot spots full of sensory 'energy'. In this sense, hands are highly aware parts of the body compared to areas like the shoulders and the back. Hence, I recommend that especially beginners use the exploration of the neutral but strong 'energy' in their hands as a starting point for inner space travel.
After reading the next lines, close your eyes. Fold your hands together in any way you like, as long as they are in contact with each other. Observe from the inside what is happening in the area of your hands holding hands. Let this process include both the awareness of the skin's outer energy sensations and the more abstract phenomenon of energy inside and between the hands. Let your inner awareness rest here for a few minutes or longer if you feel like, then come back.
With your eyes open again, read the next part:
Did you notice that as soon as you bring awareness to your hands with closed eyes, the energy in them begins to intensify? This phenomenon is what is encapsulated in the previously mentioned saying, "Where the attention goes, the prana flows." Intertwined hands are one of the easiest places to discover and explore an incredible ability we all possess: an energy-charging mechanism triggered by pure, simple aha-awareness. Initially, you might feel your hands becoming warmer, colder, heavier, lighter, itchy, or tingling. However, when observed with constant awareness, all these sensations seem to merge into each other, forming what could be described as an abstract ball of energy with its own morphing life. The deeper we get into a meditative pixellation of our various sense-registrations, the more they are able to merge into each other. On deeper levels of awareness they seem to exchange into a common currency, a united abstraction leading into a world with less and less names and forms. Hence the word energy as a lingua france becomes more and more relevant as we allow simple but intense awareness to penetrate our interoceptive realms.

Now is that not amazing how much we can 'learn' or rather unlearn from just a simple observation of hands holding hands?
In the next little session I invite you to observe the sensations coming from the surface of the skin in your hands. Now fold your hands and close your eyes once more for a while.

After coming back: Did you notice that the skin borders between your hands seem to disappear when the energy, as a ball of oneness, makes the hands merge into each other? Our external senses tend to divide everything, while the internal senses, at least as experienced on a subjective level, seem to unify everything. As perhaps the most close and intimate sense, the mechanism of skin sensationing seems to be able to do both. As you sit with closed eyes, observe how the exteroceptive skin sensations of sitting, the places where you are in contact with the pillow or chair, seem to blur into oneness. This oneness also includes the interoceptive sensations of the inner body in the same area. There seems to be an evolutionary link between outer skin sensations in a given body area and an enhanced ability to feel the deeper 'energies' emerging from the organic life beneath the skin.

Close your eyes again for a few minutes and verify for yourself how that plays out in your inner laboratory. Remember to base your meditation practice on what you yourself are able to verify, not on what I or others say to you. In meditation, we get inspired from outside, but we only follow the voice(s) from inside.
Let me, in this context, make a claim for you to test: Just by the very act of closing our eyes, we unify ourselves and, through that, the world. By holding your own hands, you make peace with yourself in the morphing, growing ball of abstract energy. Now, can you imagine what happens when you hold another person's hand? I leave it to you to explore the adventure of holding a friend’s or even a stranger’s hands in a state of meditative pixellation.

I now invite you for a life long journey into the secret life of your own body. It is now time to return to the observation of the pixelated dark energies inside of us. Now, aware of the stage in which this life-drama is set we are now able to spatially pinpoint our emotions and interoceptive sensations. Where in my body do joy, pain, anger, love, and fear reside? My fear might cluster in my stomach or perhaps tighten in my throat. When contemplating someone I love, a warmth emanates from my chest.

Energy Exploration in Other Parts of the Body
Now it is time to explore other parts of the essentially unknown landscapes of the inner body. Each body part has its own energy signature, a signature that grows and morphs when given the water of awareness. As we delve closer to more and more subtle levels on the journey towards energetic experienced oneness in pixellation, these body parts also change their configurations. Only a very quiet mind can, in awareness, follow these waves of sensation down to the primordial ground of sensory micro-life.

The Various Energies within the inner Landscapes of the Body
For this exploration, lie on your back on a relatively hard surface. Use a mat if needed. The inner flow of attention is closely connected to the body’s position, so it's important to lie completely symmetrically. Even your hands/fingers and feet should adopt symmetrical positions. Do not use a pillow under your head, as it will bend your neck and block the energy flow between head and body. Any asymmetrical body position will 'lock' the inner flow of energy

Close your eyes for a moment and explore the nameless dark energies from your feet to the top of your head and then from the tailbone to your throat.

Notice that the character of sensations changes with every centimeter. The dark energy in the tailbone feels very different from the energy in the stomach area.
The 'axis mundi' of dark energy runs from the anus to the throat. Some areas of the body are hotspots for energies that can be difficult to contain in neutral awareness.
You sometimes will need the bravery of a warrior to successfully hunt the nameless dark energies within the body’s kingdom.

Biochemical Sensing instead of known feelings
The next step into the anatomical landscape of emotions comes in the discovery of another unfathomably simple truth. Behind concepts like anger, joy, jealousy, love, and offense lie abstract biochemical sensations.

All our seemingly familiar emotions are, in reality, spatially expanded electrochemical sensory phenomena. These phenomena have distinct qualities depending on where in the inner body-space they are percieved. I will just give few small examples here: The 'energy' we
can super-aware in our hands is almost never unpleasant. The sensations of tingling, warmth or heavyness or what comes up vary from neutral to directly pleasant. In the stomach region we are much more likely to feel, for example the feeling of butterflies as unpleasant. (unless we are in love)
Sensory Patterns
Peer inward now and uncover a wondrous realm: The internal, abstractly spatialized electrochemical sensory shapes consist of bundles in myriad forms and variations. These bundles, unique to each individual, are intricately constricted and/or expanded and continuously evolve in response to the sensed environment. They could be described as fluctuating sensory patterns with specific locations, shapes, and dimensions. Such a pattern might extend its tendrils into the arms, legs, and head, but its true core generally resides somewhere within the inner torso. The "Rome" of our inner body lies in the torso, but countless other "sensory pattern-civilizations" traverse the pathways from the sphincter muscle up to top of the head. These patterns often manifest as independent, abstract entities with a central core and tentacle-like projections. As we become more acquainted with these inner sea creatures, we discover that different zoological sensory patterns belong to different regions of the body's internal ocean.

By personal observation, notice that these sensory patterns are not static. They may begin to move in slow, sweeping motions, evoking the movements of seaweed in the sea. The transformation of these patterns from static to dynamic is influenced by the quality and intensity of the super-awarenes with which you observe them. Typically, they grow more dynamic and start to morph when nourished by the warm sensory sunlight of heightened awareness. It is the sheer presence of vigilence, in its most fundamental and wordless state, that places these patterns into a condition of flux. Figuratively speaking, I imagine our cells transported back to life in the Cambrian primordial ocean, where the first cellular symbioses reveled in the warming morning light of the sun.

It's utterly fascinating that we carry within us such a varied sensory aquarium without being aware of it. It's astonishing how knowledgeable we are about the world and yet how ignorant we are about ourselves.

Inner Jellyfish, Fire Coral, and Sea Nettles
Continuing with the zoological imagery, it makes perfect sense to describe these slowly dancing three-dimensional energy patterns as inner jellyfish. A sensory pattern, with its sensory tendrils, takes on a form that closely resembles internal jellyfish or fire coral, depending on the level of perceived threat.
These jellyfish, along with countless other life forms within us, live their own lives as they swim around in the body's dark primordial ocean. Anyone who introspectively explores themselves can go on a hunt for these Cambrian creatures lurking namelessly in the body's inner darkness.

In this space, a hyper-aware consciousness needs no words. However, to engage a more average, drowsy, and word-contaminated beginner's awareness, it might be useful to name this something as energy. The a-ha registration of energy becomes the lingua franka we use in communicting with all these ancient but surving lifeforms within us. 

Here, seemingly nondescript terms like sensory patterns, emotional patterns, or energy patterns can act as magical keys. As long as we still operate under the ego operating system, we can only truly "see" the troll after it has been named. Later, as we become more awakened, we will be able to consciously perceive this inner world wordlessly, in a form of "aha" recognition that can't be described, only experienced.

From a vulgar Darwinian standpoint, we are not coded to look inward, as it has likely conferred no evolutionary survival advantage up to this stage. All our energy has been reserved for procuring our daily bread. However, it seems at this writing that the same massive internal ignorance is rapidly making our species endangered. Richard Dawkins' soulless human archetype will doom us unless it gains some insight into its own conduct.

The Sensitive Stomach - Inner Seaweed, Jellyfish, and Fire Coral
Sensory explorations in the stomach area often require a bit more courage.
Hence they will need a helping hand.
Now fold your hands into each other in any way while placing them around the navel area. First aware the energy in hands. Let your aha-awareness rest in the hands for a few minutes.

Next step is to explore the energy in hands as they rest on your stomach area. Feel and aware how they merge into oneness with you stomach.
You might here feel something akin to the famous 'butterflies' in your stomach, described as tickling, crawling, burning, nervous, or electric energy. These sensations often resemble pain. Let these sensations blend with the more neutral energy ball in your hands.
After experimenting with and customizing the instructions I made here it is time for a little test. Go back into meditation with closed eyes on your back after reading this next suggestion: Now after first 'awaring' the energy in your hands in their interaction with your stomach, be open for at the same time to feel the sensation from head to toe made by the skin's encounter with the surface you lie on.
Are you a multi or single-tasker?
After again returning to this text I have a question for you: were you able to simultaneous aware both the abstract skin sensation created by lying down and the energy ball in your hands interacting with your stomach? In general there are two categories of interoceptive awareness-types here. Some are able to effortlessly multitask without problems others prefer to allow absorbance only into one area of the body at the time. No type is superior here. It is just a question of knowing what type you are in this moment and cooperate with that in your meditation.

The Crystallization Point - Point of No Return
If constant attention, like water, flows into the inner drought landscapes, the inner energy will reach a qualitatively new state—a point of no return where a decisive shift in the dance of energies occurs. This can be likened to water starting to boil when the heat is constant.

Harmonization Point
The harmonization or crystallization point usually comes suddenly. At this point of no return, the nervous-electric energy begins to harmonize, organizing into orderly energy patterns. The inner energy shifts from being unpleasant to increasingly pleasant, perhaps even ecstatic.

This transition from chaos to new, unpredictable order can be compared to an orchestra that, from playing without a score, begins to play in unison guided by a common score and a common beat. Here, attention itself is the conductor.

Birth of the Inner Dark Space
The most important new quality in the experience of the inner energies is their context—the space in which they unfold. This space becomes much larger, expanding towards infinity. You will experience a large, peaceful inner space within your body!

Focus is no longer solely on the energies themselves. They are now inseparable from their context—the infinity of the newly born inner warm space. As William Blake said, "If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite."

Awareness and Consciousness Strength and Quality
As we have seen, the inner energetic life of the body is highly influenced by our attention. The more attention we can direct towards the inner body, the more the energies will respond by moving and intensifying in clarity. This feedback phenomenon means that a strong, pure consciousness can spontaneously arrange itself meaningfully.


With warm regards,
Gunnar Mühlmann