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What position should I choose
Before we proceed to the actual meditation practices, we need to clarify the different body positions in which meditation can happen most efficiently.
Lying down, sitting, or standing
One common way to meditate is to lie down on your back without a pillow. Alternatively, you can choose to sit in a traditional meditation position. Both positions have their advantages and disadvantages.
When sitting upright with crossed legs, energy is forced upwards in the body. The crossed legs block the energy from moving freely in the lower body, causing it to rise and become available for cultivating more intense states of consciousness.
When lying down, the quality of consciousness generally decreases, but you can access more interoceptive information in a state of relaxation. Lying down signals to the body that there is no fear, helping the body relax but also bringing it closer to a sleeping mode.
Therefore, when we lie down, energy circulates more freely, resulting in a trade-off between consciousness and awareness. In a lying position, we become more body-aware but less conscious.

When we sit up in a meditation position, the 'lux' of awareness goes up, but so goes the tension and energy needed to keep the back straight which again propels us into a state of control where we remove ourselves from the flow-zone. Surfing these opposites requires that we get familiar with our inner selves in every meditative situation. Let me give an example. You sit up with a straight spine where your awareness goes up but at the same time you brake the flow connection to your inner body. In such situation you might want to relax your spine a little bit and deviate from the ideal straight position. Due to this little adjustment you enter your body's meditative flow zone. Another situation could be that you get too day-dreamy when you lie down. You might then change your position to sitting. You might even experiment with a standing   meditation position with closed or staring eyes. In the standing position there energy flow in the body is at its max as compared to the two other positions.
What is vital here is that you get accustomed to listen and feel all the micro-sensative feed backs your body provides you with.
The Importance of Symmetry
Whatever position you chose in the moment, standing, lying or sitting, body symmetry is of vital importance. I guess everybody who have had psychedelic experiences will have come to know the tremendous importance of body symmetry in order to get the energies flowing along the pathways of what we poetically could term 'holy geometrics'.