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Bassi Gulam Sant - Timeless Happiness





Meditation is as beautiful as an autumn leaf, and in its season, you too can embody this beauty. The revered Saint Lahiri Mahasaya once said,

"Seek God in the summer of life, so He will be with you in the winter."

Bassi Gulam, flourishing spiritually at 110, exemplifies that aging in meditation is indeed a graceful journey. In contrast, Western culture often idolizes youth, aspiring to remain eternally youthful, partying teenagers with wrinkle-free faces.

When I was a high school teacher I spoke with a student on her 20th birthday, who lamented, "My youth is over! I am no longer as beautiful as before." This highlights a profound truth: investing solely in physical beauty is not a sustainable strategy. However, the good news is that by tapping into the eternal source early, one can age with the grace of an autumn leaf—beautiful and serene.

The three Human Harvest Seasons
A human life can thus celebrate three harvest seasons: the blossoming of a perfect body, the flowering of emotional and intellectual intelligence, and finally, the entrance into the hidden spiritual garden of old age.
Die 2 Live
Just two weeks after the photographs were taken, Sant Avaduth Bassi Gulam consciously departed from his earthly body. While working in the fields, he stumbled and broke his leg. This giant spiritual oak decided it was time to let the leaves fall. For me, his passing was fertile ground, where cosmic seeds from this ancient star gave birth to new constellations. Seated on his couch in a yogic posture, accommodating his broken leg, he began to recite a mantra:

ram ram ram ram ram ram

His voice softened to a whisper, his consciousness turning inward, returning to the source. In a split second, everything halted—it felt as though nature itself had paused. In October 1999 Bassi Gulam left behind a breathless body .

Bassi Gulam Sant resting peacefully in icecubes
waiting for his fellow yogi travellers to come
down from the Himalayan mountains
to cremate him.

First visit to Bassi Gulam Sant with Bharadwaj




  Another video clip of Bassi Gulam Sant in the fields

And one more here.


Saying hello to a little flying Soul.

Serene & Majestic - a rare spiritual tiger far away from the spotlight of publicity.

In Spirituality life blossoms at the very end.

An old child has entered the gate of Heaven.

Bassi Gulam is telling about his life. He lived 40 years in a remote cave in the high regions of the Himalayas. Many of his friends still meditate in these caves.

From the left: Bharadwaj, Attila & Claudia (from Germany) - Bassi Gulam

In this moment Bassi Gulam was actually crying tears of joy.

These hands embody the essence of life: Gratitude!