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Ramesh Giri - The Saint that lives without food and water

Meditation is often described as living by divine light. For many, this is a poetic metaphor symbolizing a life immersed in love for the timeless Inner Essence. Yet, for some, it transcends metaphor.

They neither eat nor drink! I used to dismiss this as mere fantasy until the summer of 2005 when I met Ramesh Giri.

One morning, as I sat with Bharadwaj, enjoying bliss and tea, he mentioned that a friend practicing Kriya Yoga would soon visit. This friend, he said, had mastered techniques allowing him to sustain on pranic or cosmic energy instead of food and water. Hoshiarpur in June is blisteringly hot. I spent the entire day with Ramesh. He didn’t eat that day - not unusual in itself.

But he didn't drink either, despite the intense heat and dryness.

Ramesh Giri doesn’t boast about this extraordinary ability. He's a retired government official leading a quiet life in a small town near Hoshiarpur. He's been meditating since his youth in all his spare time, never serving as a Guru. This is what Bharadwaj shared, and Ramesh just smiled in response.

Ramesh Giri is the sole technique-focused Divine Inspirator on this site. The caution against meditation techniques is often stressed, but sometimes rules are made to be broken, especially in Ramesh Giri's case.
I can't validate the truth of Ramesh Giri or Bharadwaj’s claims. But that's not the purpose here.

This site isn't about scientific validation. I'm content if, like me, you find small cracks appearing in your logical reasoning.

Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote, "Die Welt ist tief, und tiefer als der Tag gedacht" – "The world is deep, and deeper than the day can comprehend."

Embracing Socratic wisdom, acknowledging our own ignorance, the world transforms into a mystery... a delightful enigma.

In this vein, Ramesh Giri represents one of these evident mysteries. An even greater miracle, to me, is the functioning assumption that 1 plus 1 equals 2.

Delving into this apparent miracle, Ramesh explained how, through specific meditation and breathing techniques, he opened a spot at the back of his head, now serving as a conduit for cosmic energy.

He calls this spot the brain's mouth. However, this breathing technique requires a perfectly straight spine.

Ramesh speaks softly, his skin radiating a cool, fresh aura – he doesn't appear thirsty at all. When the inevitable Indian power cut halts the cooling breeze of the fan, Ramesh alone seems unbothered, as if we were all enjoying a spring picnic in Denmark.