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Mataji Nirmala Pandit - An Enlightened housewife
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Meditation holds practical significance, as I discovered during a visit to Mataji Nirmala Pandit in Bombay circa 1995. Mataji, a revered figure within the lineage of Faqir Baba, commands a following of several thousand devotees across Bombay and other regions of India.
Her followers range from impoverished rickshaw drivers and destitute individuals to affluent patrons. Residing in her Juhu Scheme home in Mumbai, she receives a continuous influx of visitors. Despite her prominence, she embodies the role of a typical Indian grandmother and housewife, managing her household, caring for her grandchildren, and cooking for her extensive family. This family includes her husband, his saintly brother, her youngest son—a renowned Bombay TV-film director—and her elder son, a Bollywood actor.

The manner in which she navigates these complex roles, alongside her own struggles with struma, remains an enigma to me. Her husband, though not spiritually inclined, gracefully accepts the constant flow of visitors seeking Mataji's blessings and maternal divinity.
The backdrop to Mataji's life adds a layer of profound resilience: she and her family were Hindu Pandits forced to flee Kashmir under threat in the 80ties. Driven from their homeland by militant zealots due to their religious identity, they endured the tragic loss of family members. Their escape was precipitated by a fortuitous phone call from Manav Dayal, a guru in the Faqir Baba lineage, who had foreseen the imminent danger in a vision in meditation. Heeding this unexpected warning, they narrowly escaped with their lives.
Life, as reflected in Mataji's experiences, is indeed filled with miracles.


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Trance-formation into the Goddess

India truly is a land of enchantment. In this video clip from a satsang for housewife devotees in Juhu Scheme, everyone chants "Jay Mataji," which translates to "Glory to the Mother Goddess." The chanting crescendos until, at approximately 2:30, Mataji enters a state of divine rapture. At that exact moment, my video camera's aperture seems to malfunction, recording the room as though it were engulfed in light. Concurrently, I experienced a subjective sensation of being enveloped in white light.

The all loving Mother


Mataji frequently entered various states of trance and ecstasy, during which she became exceptionally loving and affectionate. As demonstrated in the video mentioned, these episodes of universal motherhood profoundly affected those around her.

This image captures the essence of empathy as embodied by Mataji. Her expression and demeanor reflect deep compassion and understanding, resonating with the profound connection she shares with those around her.