What is Consciousness

De(con)struction & Consciousness




How the current path of mistrust and polarization can lead to the birth of a new Consciousness                
 Under permanent (de)construction

 Nothing vast enters the life of mortals without a curse
Sophocles - Quoted from the Netflix Documentary,
The Social Dilemma

For me, this quest for a deeper understanding started with being a long term meditator, somehow identifying myself as belonging to a more rationally thinking niche within the New Age community. To my surprise, the New Age communities, almost within months, had become deeply affected by mistrust and paranoia. How could Burning Man creative freedom people end up as ultra-right-wing conspiracy believers? And why did many ordinary meditating people who so far had believed in calmness, spirit, and free creativity suddenly freak so much out in fear of 5G and the like? 
Suddenly I realized that I, for the first time in my life, did not understand the time I live in.
Here I present a screenshot of the ongoing process of understanding the crazy and deeply fascinating time we live in. I will try to show how phenomenons, from Woke, Critical race theory, Identity Politics, Outrage, and Cancel-culture to sinister conspiracy theories like QAnon are related in their common disregard for factual science and institutions in general. On the psychologic side, they share a lack of humor, a tendency to hyperbolic emotions, even paranoia, and the polarizing need of being in opposition to 'evil' forces.
The stunning psychological similarity between these new groups phenomenons, as far as I can see, point towards an underlying profile of paranoic conspiracy thinking. Hence it gives meaning to find answers for the whole phenomenon by giving special attention to the various believers of irrational conspiracy theories.
However, all these crowd-formations would not exist in their current explosive forms, were it not for their hybridization with the social media in its current commercialized click-bait-driven form. The
oppressive invasion of consumerist digitalized mass culture have given birth to new kind of Frankenstein, Leviathan, and Golems. They are newly evolved collective cyborg lifeforms with seemingly independent emotion-minds of their own.
Most probably, you dear reader, will wonder why I often stray away from the subject in the form of all kinds of thoughts from high to low, from lofty abstractions to concrete exemplifications within subjects that, at first glance, are difficult to associate. Furthermore it seems that I have written an ouverture to the theme without ending. Please have patience with me here. I have chosen unorthodox ways to extract analytical sense out of a world that seems to rotate faster and faster. New ways of seeing and understanding require new ways of structural thinking and writing. If you should ever read to the end of this text, I hope that you will be able to see that every brick, no matter how strange it seems placed, contributes to the whole architecture.
Another reason for straying from the main subject is that there is no longer any solution within the mental reality of these new intellectually degenerated group formations. A clear sign of a given complex dynamical order of low entropy descending into chaos is its failing attempt to present solutions within its own reality.
Therefore there is, as far as I can see, no viable solutions presented by the good old school intelligentsia opposing these groups. The solution lies both beyond the horizon of Woke and the ones who advocate for the return of scientific reason and dialogue. The noble old school academics of free speech and argument cannot save the Titanic from sinking.
Maybe now I am getting extreme too: I tend to view the current collective madness as symptoms of a dying culture. Like the old hollow tree, the rot is coming from within the system itself. However, death is not extreme. It is a natural process giving birth to new life.
We have to get out of ourselves to find new solutions. Hence, out of all deviations from the subject, I see the astronaut view as the most important. It is amazing from this abstraction level to observe how everything is connected to everything in order to create something. From here, full of optimism, I state: 

 No curse enters the life of mortals without a blessing.

Below is a picture of the Indian Goddess Kali. Kal means darkness. It also means the darkness of the universe as you can observe it at night time. Kali is my favorite atronaut God.

What are the devotees of Kali told to do when they worship her? This is what the famous Saint Ramakrishna told his devotees:

Focus and meditate on Kali's beautiful eyes! Ignore her bloody teeth.

The wisdom of the stories constructed around Kali is, in my view, immense, also when distilled from religion. In my understanding Indian religious narratives do not need any religious beliefs in order to give meaning. Kali reveals a through ages by humans accumulated wisdom. It tells us that the world was always a mess and how to deal with that mess: Even living in that mess you can always coose what you want to smell to: A flower or a toilet. India is still today a mess, but the Indians know how to laugh. They have not lost their sense of humor. Ramakrishna was full of smiles, love, and laughter when he looked at what you see below.

Of course I deal with it a bit different than Ramakrishna in the sense that I here have a closer look at Kali's teeth. (In fact, I am sure he did too. He for sure loved Kali's teeth as much as her eyes, but did out of understandable reasons not reveal this to Tom, Dick and Harry .) What I have taken with me from Ramakrishna is: Never lose sight of beauty and never forget an opportunity for a good laugh - even in times of chaos and change.
Everything is perfectly imperfect
In the black light of Kali, I state: I do believe, with emphasis on the word 'believe', that everything that happens and has happened is perfect, or maybe more precise, as Zen puts it, perfectly imperfect. Everything is an insane complex algorithmic play of holy mathematics, where anything 'negative' is as essential for life as something 'positive'. Why do I call mathematic holy? When Einstein looked at the stars at night, he shivered in awe. For Einstein, science was a religious quest.

A contemporary has said, not unjustly,
that in this age the serious scientific workers
are the only profoundly religious people.
Albert Einstein - fra: The world as I see it

God is reason
From thouand of hours in meditation and countess entheogenic journeys I state: God is not some mysterious power that suspends reason. God is much more Hegelian reason. God is, as the Greeks put it, logos. The mystery is that reason actually works. We are, with Kabir's words, fish in the ocean crying for water when it comes to magic. Don't look for levitating people in your search for Divine Intervention. 1 + 1 somehow equals 2, and you exist!! That is in itself the unbelievable algorithmic magic in the eyes of an Einstein.

The viewpoint of Shiva
I am reminded of a quote of wisdom from the new AI, GPT-3. It states:

Nature is ruthless, brutal, unforgiving, and beautiful
in ways incompatible with our tidy human minds.
Statement made by the artificial intelligence-system GPT-3

In Hindu mythology, the ruthlessness of nature is in a way made compatible in the sense that it is not seen as alienated from existence. It is adored as a quality of the god Shiva. Shiva is the God of destruction but seen from the cosmic viewpoint, where it becomes essential for new creation. Shiva creates out of de(con)struction. That is why for Hindus, the holiest place to worship new life is in the city of death, Varanasi. Here at the banks of the river Ganga at the cremation grounds, the rising sun is greeted every morning as a symbol of the creation of new life. 

I am grateful to Shiva. He destroyed me again and again so I could sit here with my morning coffee and write as a sum total of evolutionary reincarnated life perfectly shaped by five mass extinction events. That journey makes me realistic about my own and humankind's existence as time-limited mortals but super optimistic on the behalf of life's ability to cheat the forces of entropy. Life itself is a surprising smile in the face of death.
The perfection of dinosaurian Destruction
In this morning light, I have existentially been chosen to choose to view the current chaos, distrust, and polarization as a perfectly imperfect algorithmic play in the infinite complex dialectics of life. For sure, this cruel master of mathematics creates suffering in our small everyday lives as it also created the horror of slavery, and we have as responsible beings to act to the best of our ability on that level. I guess the dinosaurs did that too. However, at the same time, I welcome the rapid disintegration of our institutional trust, outrage, mad conspiracy theories, the apocalyptic arrival of deep fake, and so on as a necessary extinction event in life's impossible and heroic fight against entropy.

Amor Fati
On the ground level of my own dinosaur-life, I hate the fact that I will one day die, and I do everything I can to die as young as late as possible. At the same time, my death is perfect when seen from an omnipresent point of view. I do what I can to understand and navigate my dewdrop-life on the ground level. However, when the Kal of the night comes, I don't worry but fall into sleep with a little smile. I take white pride in, according to 23andme, to be a direct descendant from a woman Viking chieftain warrior buried on a Viking ship in Norway. The Vikings took it as a virtue to laugh at their own death. I too, hope to end one day, maybe not with a burst of roaring laughter, but at least with a little smile on my lips. And before you, dear reader gets a Pawlow's dog reaction to my white pride statement: I really don't care if I am black, white, male or female because I AM THAT - Tat Twam Asi - like YOU ARE THAT! To intuitite THAT, in love, requires above all one thing; that you, at least in a glimpse realize that you are not afraid of death, both what concerns your own death and the death of humankind.

I want to learn more and more to see as beautiful what is necessary in things; then I shall be one of those who make things beautiful. Amor fati: let that be my love henceforth! I do not want to wage war against what is ugly. I do not want to accuse; I do not even want to accuse those who accuse. Friedrich Nietzsche

If you cannot smile, you have lost it
The new emotional hyperbolic mass-movements, from paranoia-conspiracy to identity politics, share one common feature: an unbearable seriousness of life. I only have to look at a random conspiracy guru for a few moments to observe this characteristic glooming seriousness. It becomes obvious after a short look at the famous conspiracy 'terrorist', David Icke's face: In the very few pictures where he actually smiles, it is easy to observe how cramped it looks. By lack of use, he has lost the tiny facial muscles that can make us able to smile naturally. David Icke and the like have lost the ability to laugh full-heartedly, especially at themselves.
The loss of humor and the unability to apreciate beauty is symptomatic for the mental self-repetitive reinforcement spirals of these new collectives of shared thought-realities. People here are well aware of their own serious appearance but justify it with the ouroboros-reply: There is nothing to laugh at. 
I am here thinking of one of my best friends. His name is Michel. He is the most joyful man I know. His father came from Libanon and in Denmark he met Michel's mother. As a young man with too much energy he in 1989 went to Libanon to fight with the Christian militia against the millitant muslims. He was a frontline soldier for two years and was witnessing a lot of death and destruction on both sides. He told me that a strange, but wonderful thing about the Christian Lebanese was their ability to laugh, sing, and dance under any circumstance. He saw this peculiar resillience as their greatest asset in their 2000 year long and almost impossible survival fight as a culture in hostile surroundings.
Seen from the level of the gods inside of you there is only one test to pass at the final day of judgment: If you cannot smile and occasionally loose yourself in a peal of all-consuming laughter, you do not deserve to be taken seriously. St. Peter will not let you in, and you have to live in the hell of thoughts created in your preferred echo conspiracy chamber. 

The real changes and challenges of our time are huge. However, they seem like passing through us without us taking notice. We are occupied with bogus-challenges like 5G, vaccines or we are like ostriches with heads buried in language models trying to uncover power-structures. Hence we do not see that we are standing on the rails of an approaching train despite John Lennon's visionary warning:

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

We have difficulties identifying and addressing 'the unknown new' since we have not encountered it before. Whether the story of how native Indians could not see the ship of Captain Cook because they had never seen such a thing before is true or not, it still holds some wisdom for us humans. While being busy with conspiracy- and identity paranoia, we did not see the Tsunami of change.
The irony might also be that these new outrage movements did not see the destruction coming because they themselves were the soldiers of Shiva facilitating the decay they were so busy fighting against.

The ego is under threat
The engine in these new cultural movements is basically fuelled by our feeling of identity. Our current state as free individuals and independent 'egos' is nothing more than a human interface created in a historical process that reach back to the Athenian city-state. It is just one possibility out of many configurations. Culture, seen as a survival operative system can form our psyche in countless ways. Our self-understanding and feeling being 'Me' is fragile and changeable to the border of being an illusion. If you dont feel inclined to sit cross-legged with closed eyes in Meditation for a longer period, the safest and quickest way to experience this reality-fragility of 'me' is to take a substantial dose of ayahuasca or any other entheogene. Here you will for sure see that 'I' could be anything. 'I' could be crying for holy war. 'I' could be a Trump-supporter, a transgender person, a black person. 'I' could be my selfie filter or even one of Terrence McKenna's Machine Elves.
'I' have been told by myself, by family, friends and the Danish State that I am a white male at the tender age of 66. At present I don't even have to close my eyes to refute these accusations. With great confidence I can tell you that I am conscious of the Aware One, looking out of all eyes on this planet.
Especially in these disruptive days, we sense the fragility of being 'Me', and that makes us cling even more to our given human operative systems as if they were set by an eternal constant in the universe. The anxiety and insecurity in generation Y is even bigger than in any generation before. In such a scenario, it is all too tempting to loose oneself in a collective ego hold together by the notions of enmity.
Meditation is all about questioning the reality of 'identities' as such. In sincere Meditation, I guarantee they will dissolve. You can try yourself with this simple technique: Sit with closed eyes every day for 10 minutes and ask your self with great honesty and above all courage: Who am I?
The end of ego and society as we know it
In the coming text I want to show how our Western culture as an operative system has come to a glorious end. The Siamese twins of individualism and consumerism have served us well up to now, but at present, the world order of sefish ego and money is piling up contradictions that cannot any longer find a Hegelian synthesis within its own reality-dimension. 

As pointed out in the introduction, the underlying psychological profile for the various outrage movements reveal itself at its clearest in the sinister and evidence resistant conspiracy theory groups. In fact all these new movements, as far as I can see, share the same high pitch emotional narrative of being victimized and that is, as I will show later not the only common denominator.

Seen from the astronaut view their 'purpose' is not to create but to facilitate necessary destruction of the old and dying egocentric consumer operativesystem. These movements see themselves as saviors, fighting against the decay they in fact are themselves. Therefore I see them metaphorically as soldiers of Shiva. They are midwives only in the sense that they destroy to ashes and hence prepare the ground for a new cultural life, that they themselves never can be a part of, because a revolution always eats its own children.
Covid19 - the trigger   
Seen in a historical view we can observe that there always was a corelation between social unrest and pandemies. We now again live in pandemic times. Here I am not only thinking about COVID 19 but also of the rise of all sorts of infodemic conspiracy theories ranging from the plausible to the outright bizarre. At disruptive times we get unique insights into the machinery of society, from the folly and fragility of human individual nature to exposure of the sleeping ineffective governmental and political institutions. 
M.D., Ph.D. D.S. Jones has pointed out, pandemics, seen from a historical perspective, have always been following an archetypical gameplay. The first act in the social drama of an outbreak starts with various forms of denial. Driven by our self-interests and the need for reassurance, we ignore the signs. The second act is launched by reluctant recognition of the severity of the outbreak and the following attempts to explain the situation. These explanations have often taken the form of irrational blame-gaming where paranoia and persecution walked hand in hand in search of scapegoats.
COVID 19 has once again shown a pandemics' potential for being the ideal breeding ground for weird conspiracy theories. However, we must not forget to take in the last years' rising inequality as a part of the equation. The conspiracy-tales of Count Dracula arose at a time with great social injustice. Wampire tales are on the rise again and beyond the madness in believing in a blood drinking aristocracy there might be a true story about rising inequality in our contemporary world.
Conspiracy theories built on sound skepticism
Let me state my position. I do believe in Conspiracy and Conspiracy theories. The claim that Saddam Hussein's Irak was having weapons of mass destruction was a conscious lie organized by the American government. Edward Snowden's exposures have shown how nations are not only spying against other countries but also have secret surveillance programs directed towards their own citizens to such an extent that the term Conspiracy is justified. Wikileaks is yet another source for exploring what is going on behind the curtains and even beyond governmental control. In the BHO-documentary, Agents of Chaos, we come to understand how Russia was meddling witth the American election 2016.
The world is and was full of real Conspiracy events, and we can still speculate on how Alexander the Great died. There will always be a new Watergate, and there will always be sound Conspiracy theories founded on factual driven detective work. A healthy skeptic and investigating mind can not rule out the phenomenon of Conspiracy, at least when we widen the definition a little. Fake news are when weaponized through social media in political battles as we have observed the last years in the US, definitely not conspiracy made by tin foil hat people. Hence it gives meaning to view even traditional, but now extremely polarized legacy media such as CNN and Fox-News as Conspiracy laundering agencies. The level of real Conspiracy production through fake news from Russian and Chinese trolls to Alex Jones and David Icke to warring political groups has now reached a level where it poses a threat to civilization as we know it.

In my understanding, social Conspiracy is an unavoidable phenomenon rooted in genes and tribally conditioned social interaction. It occurs as a result of a group's conscious but also unconscious efforts to distort, lie, or hold back information in order to promote its own viewpoints and agendas.

Identifying harmful Conspiracy Theories
I do, however, not approve of the irrational and sinister conspiracy concepts that are thriving in especially religious and spiritual communities and now even seem to spread to mainstream segments of society. As a general pattern, the paranoia conspiracy groups are worried about 'smaller' threats like 5G or outright crazy beliefs in blood-drinking secret societies while ignoring much larger systemic ones hidden in plain sight. I consider the most extreme of these conspiracy beliefs to reflect a kind of epidemic collective paranoia that we have seen quite a few times in history. The rich people drinking the blood of children type of conspiracy madness took momentum in Medieval Europe, where Jews were persecuted and killed due to widespread rumors that they were drinking the blood of children in secret rituals. These persecutions have always followed the script of the second act in the 'pandemian' play.
However, it seems that the belief in outrageous conspiracy theories recently has been on the rise to such an extent that it could be justified to see it as a kind of collective mass psychosis. Paranoia conspiracy theories have expanded in the slipstream of fear created by its more physical twin, the COVID 19. Like in the case of the corona, there seems to be no effective vaccine at hand. The highly infectious mental conspiracy-virus rejects any falsification anti-dote. The irony is that the same segment of believers really would believe such a  vaccine to be a real threat to them if it by some bullshit blogger-head was claimed to be the work of Bill Gates.
One of the most important breeding grounds for this strange phenomenon has been pointed out in the outstanding Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma. The social media has silently, and step by step created major changes in our ways of thinking and understanding of what reality is. Humans are pattern-seeking machines. So are the various social media like Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. The symbiosis of these two pattern-seeking systems has created fundamental and explosive changes in the world without hardly anyone taking notice.

The quantitative productivity of a society and the qualitative cultivation of 'ego' is interlinked. In a historical astronaut-view, it means that our Western fossil-fuel-based economy had the necessary surplus productivity to afford and install a separate 'I/Me-interface' in everyone. In antiquity, unique individuality was a luxury item reserved for Kings and the like. With the industrial revolution in the second half of the 19. Century a rising number of upper-class people could now afford to identify with the super-creative and dynamic but also drama-queenish music of a Beethoven. Slowly, the egocentric but aslo unique Individuality was on its way to the masses in the same way as Ford-cars was produced in the 1930'ties.
The amplified sense and self awareness of an independent 'I' reached its peak with the Western youth-revolution in the 60'ties. This young rebellious, now widespread middle-class 'I' preferred to listen to its own felt 'Me' rather than to the old school authoritarian voices. However, after a short, chaotic period, this flight of Ikarus got subsumated by another Jinn that had been released out of the same bottle. This ghost was orchestrating the post-war rise of mass materialism. Here Rock and Roll did not burn out but rather faded away in the dopamine rush of consumerism while the burning wild guitar of Jimi Hendrix became a castrated and mass-produced part of the curriculum of music teachers.
This development made it possible for the middle class 'I' to become a 'free' consumer of abundance comparable to the life of royalty in previous centuries. However, the Jinn of desire also caught the 'I' in world wide webs of never-ending (pur)chase of 'fata morganic' liberation-fetishes in the form of identity shaping luxury items like Gucci bags and the like.
In yet another wave, the rise of digital technology made it possible to globalize continuously optimizing systems of trade, production and communication. The planet suddenly began to grow world wide webs of communication neurons while ship-containers made it possible and cost-beneficial to exchange huge amounts of goods over long distances. This development made the army of work- and consumer-'Me's' grow symbiotic bonds with their new digital partners in such a way that the binary logic of the computers began to affect their brains, even on a neuroplasticity level. As the machines got interfaces evolving towards us, we evolved brain-interfaces directed towards them.
I clearly remember when I got my own personal computer in 1992. The logic and language of this strange and wonderful new thing radically changed my way of working. I remember how I became more organized and systematic in this period in a kind of trade-off with a previous, more intuitive and chaotic work-navigation. The next even more outstanding breakthrough was the new Windows 94 platform. I remember one fine day after 4 years of daily windows companionship. I was painting my living room. By mistake, I made a stroke with the pencil, so white color was entering the space where I had painted with a different color. My first instinctive reflex was to in my mind to look for the Windows return-button to correct the mistake. At this moment. I realized that the computer-interface within these few years had entered my own brain and created its own circuits of neurons. I had become a click'able computer inter-face. Today our brains are all radically different than before the times of the computer due to this proces of mutual interfacing, but only when older habit parts of the brain occasionally collide with the newly computer-cultivated ones, we get meta-aware of this fact.
The development was a dream tool in the hands of business-oriented leaders. Even governmental institutions could now be streamlined in quantifiable economic logic. New Public Management saw the benefits of using the workforce's newly accuired binary interface-installment. I remember how in the 90'ties, we were top-down influenced by enthusiastic leaders who told us to fill out all kinds of formulas, so we, in a quantifiable way, could document what we were doing and at the same time, could be told what we were supposed to do so a computer could digest it.
In this way, humans created the computers in their our own short-term and narrow-minded visions of a successful world - and then the computers created us.
Never had humankind been so free in such a disciplined way.
The Bitches Brew of Let Go and Control  
Steve Jobs is a perfect example of this development. He, as a young man, was a restless, super creative, visionary and rebellious hippie 'realizing' himself with Indian gurus and LSD at the banks of the river Ganga. At the same time, he was a perfectionist, a workaholic, and a control-freak. In this impossible bitches brew, the iPhone was born.
The all too well-known and stressful information overload
At current, we process as much information in one day as the lifetime sum of information for a person in the Medieval period. Our success in society depends on the amount of data we can digest and process. However, our stone-age brains have difficulties filtering the increasing amount of information we need to process to survive. The receptive human bandwidth is simply too narrow as compared to the vastness of data that potentially can shake, confuse, or define our identity as 'Me'. This exponential rise in information quantity is quite well known and often put forward as a cardinal explanation for the qualitative changes in our times.  
Smaller and smaller and closer and closer
However, our relation to information has also changed in other ways that actually has less to do with information overload and more with information underload. This development primariy happened due to the explosive use of smartphones. An increasing quantity of information is today flowing through the smartphone. In this sense, the medium, the gadget itself, has become the message. It reminds me of a visit to Taipei in Taiwan a few years ago. On an evening stroll I went to a park where a lot of young people were hanging out. None of them were speaking to each other. They were all looking into their smartphone screen.
With the smartphone, a radical change happened in our relation to data and to the medium of data itself. In fact, we can follow this development right from the birth of computers with the huge IBM-monsters, then shrinking to the personal home computers, to the laptops, to the tablets and ending with the smartphones: 
Data came closer and closer to our bodies in smaller and smaller 'vehicles'.
Never has information been so close to us.
The age of TV and radio gave us ample distance to our information media. In contrast, the iPhone has become like an Avatar-plug directly connected to our blood and flesh. The next natural step is Elon Musk's neuralink. These gadgets gave the 'Me' access to social media shared fields of consciousness.
The humanization of the Medium

Design is the prism through which technology is experinced, not just how tech looks.
Statement made by the artificial intelligence-system GPT-3

The physical form of the smartphone itself and the closeness of it as a constant companion during daytime and the first thing to reach out after in the morning, even before the toilet, the smartphone has become an extension of our own biology, a prosthetic limp. We started to have feelings toward our Phone. I must here confess that I too adore my I-(phone). It has become my 'Gollumnized' precious one.
In this deceptive humanization of the medium, the design became increasingly important. Steve Jobs transformed the dry IBM'ish philosophy of usability by adding beauty to his product. From the font-design to the gadget itself, he beautified and emotionalized our relation to data. The gadget became an aestheticized and personalized fetish to such a degree that we now are able to bond with it like it almost was a living being.
It has, in fact, come so close to us that we only discover our dependence on it when we lose or damage it, pretty much in the same way that you only notice your leg or an arm when you loose it or hurt it. With the 'organ-isation', the smartphone even ceases to exist as an object.
The humanized social media - The Big Others
A parallel development took place in social media. Facebook and the like developed digital mirrors of us as living in closely knit tribal-like communities. Here, I would like, with inspiration from Lacan's, Big Other, to coin the term, the Big Others. The big others are the citizens in our homegrown Facebook tribe. These 'friends' are the big others watching and evaluating us through likings and comments. The social media spectatorship through this scopophilic system of media-iconicized language is releasing a kind of soma with almost the same signal chemical cocktail of dopamine and serotonin as we get from being in close encounters with other humans. Our stone age brain is all too willing to drink that soma as a substitute for the feelings of isolation and loneliness produced by modern consumer-life and now even more so in the time of COVID19. Social media has in fact become somatic media.
The singular omnipresent space of the Internet
In a third, parallel synced modality, this process of closeness became amplified due to its circulation on a platform essentially without time and space: The Internet.
In fact, the internet has placed all of our voices on the tip of a needle.
However, here on this needle-point, we are not medieval angels. The lack of space makes us devils. When we as a myriad of 'My'-spaces collide in the location-less location of social media, a whole cluster of new conflicts arise. With inspiration from Baudrillard; we have arrived at an implosion of all boundaries.

A cartoon drawing of the Prophet Muhamad is published in a narrow-minded provincial newspaper in Denmark. The next day they create outrage among Muslims, even in the furthest mountains of Pakistan.
All the religions and belief systems in the world have been forced to enter as gladiators in the Forum Romanum of the smartphone display.
Before the digital interconnectedness, there were many isolated monads of independent cultural spaces on the planet. Muslims could have their Prayers and Prophet in peace, and people in Denmark could play with their irony, and nobody cared. Today they collide.
In the early days of Facebook, I experienced a strange and unsual happening in my relation to a good freind. He and I started arguing about some insignificant nonsense on my public Facebook-wall. Suddenly unexpected it spiraled out of control, and in anger, we unfriended each other. It took more than a year before we could burry the ax and it took me years to realise that this strange conflict was a product of social medias inherent architechture.
Even within the western Sphere of free Greek dialogue, it has become increasingly difficult to avoid confrontation. Free speech requires at a minimum of three interlinked but yet independent spaces: a space from where one part can speak, a space from where the opponent can speak, and finally a shared space, a verbal octagon where thoughts and arguments can be victorious, die or give life to new hybrid creations.
In the digital interconnectedness, these ideal three spaces are compressed to one point into one omnipresent space as it presents itself on a screen. The only space visible is the octagon, not the other safe spaces of the opponents. This compression in itself, creates conflict and polarization. Therefore the tone is always harder when we argue on the net as compared to when we are arguing in the real world where we can 'aware' each other as physical presence.  

The annihilation of historical time
Furthermore, social media places cultures hundred of years apart, with inconsistent values in the same chat-room. One can imagine the huge confusion when simple, honest living people with archaic, 500-year-old mindsets looks into the magic mirror of their newly acquired smartphones and computers. How could we ever expect simple, straight forward people from cultures who have not (yet) developed the modern, often also decadent ability to navigate in multilevels of irony to understand a danish newspapers satirical take on Islam? 

Tribal woman from the Himalayan range with her mobilephone.
I took this picture 15 years back!


Computers seem to collect e-mails, tweets, and posts.
Humans seem to collect emotions, fears and desires.
Statement made by the artificial intelligence-system GPT-3

These seemingly independent developments in different spheres of society has in tandem driven forward a fundamental change in the way we perceive and handle data:
The stream of data has transformed from being served as a long-distance, information download to being a close-range, emotional download.
We download feelings and upload information.
Ask Google!
Today, if somebody asks me a factual question, I will reply: Ask Google.
In the following exemplification, I would upfront make an apology for my misanthrophic views. They are meant as hyperboles to make my point clear. For ten years, I was a tour guide for well off elderly tourists in the Far East. Due to the sudden illness of a tour guide, I was asked by my boss if I could substitute as an Opera guide in Italy. I said yes to the challenge in spite of the fact that I did not know anything about Italy. Two days later, I arrived in Milan with 30 tourists on a bus. I was sitting up front with the chauffeur and a microphone. On my lap, I had my iPhone 6 with mobile internet coverage. It was important that no one saw that little devil, so I had to be quick. I had an app with wiki-informations integrated into its map. On the digital map, I could see a children's hospital coming up 100 meters later, and when we passed that hospital, I could make a lot of the kind of detailed blah blah that tourists like because it makes them feel in safe hands. From experience, I know that they have forgotten everything I said 5 min later. In the same way, every monument we passed got the same insane detailed information-preaching. In this way, I somehow survived my only tour as an opera guide in Italy.
The 'outdated' adoration of random information   
I would not say that I managed the whole tour perfectly, relying on my iPhone, but I survived. Often my guests came to me full of praise for my extensive knowledge about anything in Italy. It showed their generation as schooled in being hunter-gatherers of any information-food no matter the quality, and the sad irony in not any longer being able to remember the collected information, primarily due to old age but also due to the general information overload of our time. In the good old days, it was important to have a huge sum of information in the form of experience stored in the brain. We tended to accumulate data by uncritically remembering any bit of information from all walks of life. As time passed all that random information without meaning and context would fill out the blanks spots in a kind of unified sum total of polyhistorian knowledge. In today's big data scenario, that is absolutely not possible any more. We have to avoid information and be more selective primarily by asceding to higher levels of thought-abstractions. In a way we all have to be philosophers to be able to successfully navigate the ocean of data.
The by now outdated cultural blind habit of adoration of random information as such became clear to me when we, on another trip with the Transiberian Rail from Beijing to Moscow, had local tour-guides in every city we visited. These guides were not trained in filtering the information they had in such a way that they could present some essential headlines in the right level of abstraction. To hyperbole it a bit, they could say to the guests: The building we pass to the left is consisting of 234.688 bricks. These bricks have been transported on lorries 22 km from here. The building has 23 rooms, all with large windows and blue painted doors. 
In general, the tourists were satisfied with this kind of information and were only complaining when there was no information given, and they, therefore, had to rely on their own eyes to see and experience. Furthermore, it was interesting to observe how they were conditioned as consumers in the sense that the constant stream of information was something they had paid for and hence expected.
We have within a few years come from a situation where we were expected and conditioned to digest as much information as possible in order to have succes to a situation where we do not need it anymore because google knows. However, we feel a loss of identity if we do not keep on consuming data, and hence we get stress from data overload.

In this time of disruptive change, the past tends to collide with the future in the sense that our life-experience and childhood school conditionings often bring fourth less useable survival solutions as compared to our fluid intelligence. In fact, we have to unlearn them by now.
Information underload
As a child in school, I learned mental arithmetics. No school will today use energy and brain-space in children on memorization. Seen in this light, information overload is not the challenge for us. It is the opposite. We are, in fact, coming much more close to a state of information underload.  We have given up our old school duty of collecting information, and instead, we outsource and externalize it.
Some years back on a nature trek in Sweeden, I suddenly realized that I had lost my way in the wilderness in spite of the fact that I had been in this area several times before. I tried to activate google maps but with no internet connection, it did not work since I had forgotten to download the area. I realized that my brain, in pure Smartphone-laziness, had forgotten how to navigate spatially.
My brain had lost grey matter in the hippocampus area. This area in the brain was over-develloped in taxi-drivers before the new GPS-systems made it shrink in their brains too.
The question is now: Are our brains shrinking due to the outsourcing of intelligence? I hope to answer that question bit by bit. However, we can assume that there is little doubt that our symbiotic relationship with external information systems is having a strong neuro-plastic effect on our brains.
As Information is externalized, the vacant brain-space is filled with emotion. We, in fact, download emotion and often due to the social medias common denomination driven algorithms, the most primitive ones. Here we are definitely not using our smartphone for higher cognitive functions. Instead it is the stone age monkey inside of us that is getting acivated. What a billion people now are busy doing with their smartphones is what monkeys love to do too:


The next evolving smartphone task for the monkey in the video to master could be the emojis. Emojis are a sign based facial-emotional communication form with a growing and evolving  presence on social media. They have, with almost 2000 different emojis, become a complex visual language of the most basic human feelings. Together with the dramatic rise in the use of multiple exclamation points, they point at social media as a place of exchange of feelings.
Previously, we saw how the digital interfaces adapted to our brains and our brain-interfaces adapted to the digital world. The next step in this symbiosis is taking place in a reverse double movement, a chiasm, where we internalize the digital reality of social media and, at the same time, externalize ourselves as public avatars. The Facebook avatar has for many young people become their own fetishized objectification of what so far was something inside of them.
The Sphere Eversion of the Ego
Imagine you hold a tennis ball in your hand, and suddenly, the inside turns out, and the outside has turned in. In this sphere eversion all that previous was inside of you and made you special as 'I' has now made itself visible in the form of on-line memories, photos, and stories. Suddenly the subject is objectified. In this state of not recognized self-alienation, we worship our own simulacra-fetish together with our Facebook friends to such an extent that our on-line reality overrules our previous intimate off-line existence. We, ourselves, have now become the object in a kind of, with inspiration from Baudrillard's terminology, simulacra, in a non-material world of signs. However, the simulacra did not, as Baudrillard foresaw, create a collective stronger and stronger longing for the real. On the contrary, the simulacra, originally a poor simulation of the real, gained so much momentum in the feedback of reinforcing social media loops that it becomes a new real hyper-reality strong enough to degrade what before was considered to be real to the underworld of Hades or at least make it uninteresting. Now the worst thing that can happen to a smartphone-addicted teenager is to go with her parents for a campfire holiday in the wilderness without mobile and internet.
No wonder that young people who grow up with this almost unnoticed but nevertheless disruptive change are confused about their identity and seek to in'woke' it, reinforce it through all available means. It has become a challenge for our stone-age shaped brains to discern what is what and who is who. Of course, many young people are able to handle the eversion of their social life quite well. However, it is tempting to view the chiasmic shift of identity as one of the major root causes for the contemporary mental instability and anxiety among a growing number of young people. Phenomenons like uploading 10 selfies a day, plastic surgery, and/or membership of any kind of radical movement with a strong sense of unison identity facilitated through enmity and/or feelings of victimhood give more sense seen from the viewpoint of a fearful fragile identity trying to uphold itself.
The psychic eversion happening in the social media-sphere is a threat to our Industrial life, carefully adjusted ego seen as an operating system. In its confusing inside-out-state the ego reacts protective with narcissistic hypersensitivity, and hence it craves exactly what is not available on the net: a safe space around its highly complex crystal-like identity. When this vulnerable ego meet other egos in the media bottleneck there is no mental space left that is not a potential zone of conflict. Cramped together on the tip of the needle, we are more and more in danger of being perceived as emotional violations to others or vice versa. Hence we have ended up in an impossible situation, where we are getting deeply offended by the presence of each others freedom. In the protection of our own freedom we cannot any longer allow other people to be free.
The ego-interface has seen in a historical view, served us well, but now its time is over. Like anything else that is born, has to die, so it is with our now outdated and also seen from a Gaian viewpoint, reckless consumer-configuration of 'I'. After its short but beautiful blooming from Beethoven to Woodstocks Jimi Hendrix to Wizzard Steve Jobs demise, the buds of the ego are falling off like autumn leaves. However, seen in the current state of outrage and polarization the death of the ego is more comparable to a star turning into a supernova of screaming narcissistic egos blowing up in each other's outrage faces.
We are getting suffocated by the lack of oxygen in the digital 'sp-here' and now. In this sense Elon Musk's neurolink is already here. We have in our hyperconnectedness become present like voices in each other's brains. From that position as a claustrophobic caveman I roar to unknown people who have commented negative or disliked my postings: Get out of my cave!

The Amygdalian King of the Web
In the French language, the word Civilisation means something that comes from deep within. In German, the understanding of Zivilisation is more perceived as a thin layer of lacquer. Beneath that fragile layer lurks a beast. The German way of understanding what civilization is, is giving more sense in this context. One should imagine that the layer of civilization had grown thicker since the Medieval period, or at least since the 2. World War, but the resent developments all over the globe are pointing at the fact that the lacquer any time can dissolve. The epidemia of paranoia and outrage shows that we again are close to scenarios where the beast of fear and anger crowns the Amygdala as the Tyrant King, and the good Cortex King of sound reasoning is reduced to a Stockholm slave.
To a large extend the characteristics of movements from QAnon to Woke can be derived from the fundamental limbic outrage of fear and anger. The causes for the rise in fear, anger, paranoia and polarization are of course multible. However the psychological sphere eversion on social media as described above has for sure a great part to play in this disruptive change. Sitting as voices in each others heads and as feelings inside of our hearts, we are in fact emotionally hurting each other just by being on-line. In this sense the sphere eversion on the social media is creating a constant state of trauma. This makes the Amygdala the King of Social Media. The amygdala knows of no time and always reacts directly to a threat. Any foreign viewpoint as presented even in a polite Greek diologue style, triggers the amygdala into action, simply because of its invasive closeness.
When we were cavemen and even much more before that time we had to some extend better survival chances by now and then to crown the amygdala as our King in a fight or flight mode. However, since we got more and more grey matter to language up time and space in inner simulations of outer survival scenarios, the need for limbic reactions diminished. This is baically what happened since the ice-age where our risk of dying a violent death was sky high as compared with today. However, a constant agitated amygdala as we can observe it today has never been a good idea. It has never ever done any good in terms of presevation or renewal of civilization. It can only act distructive.
When we take a look at all the recent phenomenons from woke to QAnon from a little higher level of abstraction their common denominator becomes evident: The cancellation of history, the distrust, the focus on enmity, the anger and outrage and the polarization are all symptomatic signs of an overheated amygdala and a weakened cortex.
Fear, anger and regression
In psychology, this phenomenon is understood as a process of regression. When put under the 'right' pressure, we begin to regres. Imagine an old school tape recorder playing your melody of life reverse. Archaic parts of earlier stages of cognitive evolutionary developments take over. This is due to the simple fact that what evolution has created last is most vulnerable, and hence the first to collapse in stress scenarios. Our reasoning abilities are the first to be substituted by the evolutionary earlier, time tested and hence more robust symbolic-thiinking operative systems when we are in the clutches of fear.
Due to this atavistic regression, paranoia conspiracy people understand the world as we did in earlier historic stages.

Splitting in darkness and light
In the Indian mythology we saw good and evil as two hands both belonging to the same God. In our western Christian religious constructions, we tend to cast out the light as Lucifer. God becomes the opposite of the devil.
This unfortunate polarisation is taken to the next level in the false conspiracy theories in the sense that they split the world in absolute good and absolute evil. Bill Gates becomes the absolute evil and the ones that have discovered this 'truth' become crusaders of the absolute good. This splitting is extremely unhealthy for our psyche.

In the following scene from the remarkable german film, Der Untergang, Hitler is portrayed as a vulnerable, fragile being with compassionate feelings towards his friends and family.


This scene is disturbing for that mind that has split the world in pure good and pure evil because Hitler, in this scene, does no longer fit the narrative of embodying pure evil.
Seeing Hitler as pure intentional evil is made difficult by showing him also able to show human feelings. The projection of evil falls back in its own space and opens up for a unique chance for us to realize that we ourselves contain the evil we see outside ourselves. We could, almost all of us under the right collective circumstances, be an executioner in Auschwitz. This is a disturbing realization, so we all like to make Hitler, Stalin, or Bill Gates responsible for this.
The 'truth' is that we all are Kali. We ourselves are a whole palette of everything in between darkness and light. We are full of complex and contradictory grey zones, and the striving for enlightenment is not to get rid of our dark sides but to fully acknowledge and even celebrate them in the light of consciousness. When we take responsibility for our own darkness, we cease to be obsessed by finding evil outside our selves.
Another psychologic mechanism is that the more we split the world in good and evil, the more the more what we see around us as reality is in fact a mirrored distortion of our inner not recognized subjectivity. Splitting and self-awareness cannot co-exist. 
Symbolic versus Logic Thinking
We, humans, are pattern-seeking machines. There are several evolutionary layers still present within this machinery. Most of us are able to percieve connections and meaningful structures in basically random or unrelated things, like when we see an animal or a face in a cloud.

This archaic apophenian cognition modality is grounded in the oldest cognition-layers in the human brain. They are programmed to find survival-based meaning through similarities and analogs. When we humans began using language, the analog based patterns we identified around us, became structured in symbols. Symbolic thinking works like associative sequences in a dream: Only one common denominator is enough to establish a connection. You dream about blood in one scene, and in the next, you see a man in a red uniform. A few hundred years ago, this mushroom was believed to cure impotence:

The ability to connect random dots through similarities is still genetically stored in our brain as a vital part of our ability to imagine things.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

I believe in intuitions and inspirations.
I sometimes feel that I am right.
I do not know that I am.

At its best symbolic apophenia creates poetry and genial intuitions that later stand the test of reality. At its worst, it is a sign of paranoid schizophrenia.

The apophenian modality found its role as a servant to logic thinking and science in the Age of Enlightenment. However, even the father of quantum physics, Niels Bohr, had a horseshoe on his front door. When asked if he believed in it, he replied that he did not, but that he was told that it worked even if one did not believe in it. Niels Bohr's reply is witty precisely because it shows how different modi operandi of thinking compete for leadership in even the most rational of us.  

Reversible Causality
The associative nature of symbolic thinking makes the distinction between cause and effect  irrelevant. Once the apophenian dots are connected in symbolic meaning, the cause can be the effect and vice versa. It does not matter in this modus operandi what dot came first in a causal chain of events. It is enough when one of the most famous conspiracy theorists, David Icke, claims that the secret elite has planted COVID 19 as a hoax in order to replace cash with digital money. The paranoia-conspiracy segments accept that as a fact without any need for documentation, because the connection between currency as potential infectious is perceived in a symbolic way of cognition. In Icke's symbolic thinking mode, it is easy to reverse cause and effect. Hence the fact that cash currency has become less used under the pandemic due to the possibility of being infectious becomes a cause instead of an effect. The goose has wings in order to fly in this ontological universe.  
We see the same mechanisms of logic reversal when governments in their attempts to control the corona-pandemic, restrict people's freedom. This is now reversed, so COVID19 is planted in order for governments to gain dictatorial control.
The symbolic, magic thinking operative system in us is much more robust as our fragile, thin layer of reason.

In collective states of insecurity and anxiety, the ancient symbolic apophenian brain of the past substitutes sound cortexial cognition. This opens up for all kind of fairy tale narratives to take over the reality-making engine of groups and individuals.
This has happened many times in history, but in a time with gaming and VR the possibility of making up and sustaining fantasy worlds while living in reality has become much bigger. In A Game Designer's Analysis of QAnon, Reed Berkowitz, a designer of games meant to be played in reality, convincingly argues, that he, in fact, had created a game that was almost similar to QAanon's narrative.
In the days before Steve Jobs, humans found their identity in a 'metabolistic' exchange with the real as understood by Baudrillard. However, with the social media sphere eversion reality has become the hyperreality of signs in the world of virtual simulacra.
Our inherited tendency to think symbolic is way more compatible with the hyperreality of social media signs than with the boring real reality set by Newton's laws. Furthermore, the Big Data scenario we suddenly live in is so overwhelming that it appears as random for the untrained eye. So as a survival strategy, we start to make wildly misinterpreting symbolic connections of dots that only are connected in our own heads. Seen from the level of the ego-operative system that is comforting because then we own this truth and our life gets a purpose in the thrill of discovering more and more mostly evil and sinister connections and smoking guns. We feel we have taken responsibility and are 'figuring it out ourselves' rather than trusting authorities. Through social media's advertising clickbait oriented algorithms we are furthermore presented with like-minded souls rather than with opposing opinions, and from here, the hyper-apophenian dopamine-regulated aha-truth-rush becomes a tribal journey with the suicidal power of the many.
In a time where young people perceive their world through selfie filters, reality as such is no longer protecting us from apophenian overdrive. It flourishes as an Alternate Reality Game. Here the stressed-out regressive brain is transforming reality into wildcards of deeper and ever deeper symbolic connections. In this reinforcing rabithole, the accelerating feed back of apophenian 'meaning' creates QAnon and the like as black holes of 'reality' with such force of gravity that escape is almost impossible.

Think for your self - and connect the dots.
It interesting to observe how a conspiracy theory movement
like QAnon objectifies its own symbolic thinking. This amazing
projection shows an almost non-existent self awarenes.

Wierd conspiracy theories are most probably as old as human history. However, beginning with the anti-authoritarian youth revolutions in the 1960'ties, later, the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and latest, with the consumer-driven algorithms of social media, they have had ideal growth conditions.
La Condition Postmoderne from 1979, the French postmodern philosopher, Jean-François Lyotard, argued that the time of the Grand Narratives, Christianity, Nationalism, and Marxism was over. The doubt in the Enlightenment idea and the Hegelian belief in dialectic progress in history pawed together with the general loss of authority of institutions, a path for a myriad of smaller, often competing narratives to fill the vacuum.
Where Lyotard basically described this process, postmodernists such as Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, and Gilles Deleuze went further and gave academic ammunition to the critic deconstruction of institutionalized grander truths. Foucault argued that there were no such things as objective 'facts'. 'Facts' were merely words constructed by the people in power and their institutions.

These French observations of language as power-tools merged with the older German
Frankfurt School's Critical Theory, that had made attempts to
moralize Marx more trictly scientific approach.
Woke and Critical Race Theory is conspiracy philosophy
The woke occupation of the universities in the USA today is basically legitimized via a symbiosis of the postmodern French ideas of deconstruction and the German critical theory.

Maybe the French and German philosophers did not see the possibility of their own theories radicalized to such an extent that even the language of mathematic by extreme woke academics now is seen as a racist white hegemonial language-tool of power. However, this radicalization in American academia seems to be the current state of affairs. Camille Paglia was in the 90ties the first to warn against the postmodern academic decay. In the absence of true Greek dialogue and the general disrespect of 'facts', the Critical Race Theory movement has, with pseudo-scientific academic language, regressed to medieval fundamentalism in its attempts to become a new grand narrative. In this octagon, academic language mixed with martial arts defeated the free spirit of Brett Weinstein. With Faucault and fist he was chased away from Evergreen State College never to return.

Student takeover of Evergreen State College 2017

The collective madness displayed at Evergreen State College exposes the woke -and cancel culture as a polarizing hate-driven conspiracy philosophy, where the archetypical paranoia-narrative of an evil brotherhood of conspirators takes the form of a hegemonial clan of white men with conscious and/or unconscious racist belief systems. They furthermore share the gloomy lack of humor with the hardcore paranoia people.

Woke, outrage, cancel, and identity-cultures are related to the phenomenon of paranoia conspiracy theories in the sense that they all harvest social momentum in the mythologic demonization and scapegoating of their enemies and in their disregard for Greek dialogue and facts.
Questions regarding class, race, gender, the media, the universities, and the political institutions have step by step evolved into a variety of often self-sufficient echo-chambers, often less willing to listen to each other. How can we blame crazy conspiracy theorists not to care about facts when even woke-academics do not care about them other than exposing them as instruments of power play? They are all 'Lyotardian' smaller narratives trying to become bigger, not via truth, but through a religious power of untruth, a power that through the network of digital connections can mobilize the lowest emotional denominator faster than ever before in history. In this way, they are symbiotic entengled the post-factual social medias' ecosystems of fake news.

The MeToo movement is an important and justified movement, but at the same time it comes dangerously close creating the same kind of victim identities as we see in the BLM and Woke movements. In the identity-peoples' focus on being emotionally protected from others, they defend themselves by violating the violators with double force. This is a typical narcissistic trait; deep-felt empathy for one's own space but not for 'the other'. When the same mentality amplifies in group-formations, these groups are in danger of marching towards the political ideology of fascism. In their blindness, they don't realize that Antifa, in itself, is the fascism it sees in 'the others'. The anti-fascist have become fascists, and the anti-violators have become big-time violators of the violators in an increasingly medialized and polarizing world.

With the inherent moralism in Critical Race Theory, we also see a 'resurrection' of the basic Christian and extremely resilient cultural operative system of sinhood. The unholy union of Christian moralism and political activism gave birth to a Rosemary's Baby in the form of the Frankfurter School.

To be racially white or not to agree with the politically correct opinions, in general, makes you scapegoated into 'ostracision' through guilt and shame. You can then purge yourself through repentance in the form of postmodern academic perverted 'flagellantery' where you, like a Sisyfos, keep dissecting and cleaning your language and behavior for hidden hegemonic power-structures. The best comment to this never-ending masochism is made by my favorite AI-system, GPT-3. It states:

Guilt can't change the past but it can ruin the present.
Statement made by the artificial intelligence-system GPT-3

Identity, Woke, BLM-policy and crazy conspiracy ideation groups are seen in this light, trying impossible ways to solve social conflicts they to a large extend create themselves.

The advantages of victimhood

One of my black friends told me that among many of his black friends, who did not identify with the Woke-movement, there was a saying: Woke is a white movement.    
It is within the Woke-culture seen as negative thing when
members of a dominant culture appropriate culture from disadvantaged minority cultures. Here I cannot help seeing the absurd irony in white 'wokologic' people appropriating the suffering story of black slavery.
In this aporpriation theft one can uphold identity in a double grip of guilt and victimhood.

Even here in my home country, Denmark, with an almost non-exiting black minority, woke has occupied the minds of a growing number of students. Recently they threw a sculpture of a Danish King from the 18. Century in the canal. We have millions of suffering refugees from Syria standing at our European doorstep. Why in comparison reinforce a 300 year old story about danish slave trade? My guess is that
the not so noble truth behind this is that the contemporary ego-operative system of young white people is so fragile that it has culturally apropriated the black mans suffering as its own. The feeling of victimhood, the feeling of being persecuted and having enemies is like psychic cutting a survival strategy to save the sinking feeling of being a functional Individual with clear borders defining what is ME and what is not ME.

The Titanic ego is sinking

Outrage -and cancel cultures display of trauma behavior
In this way, our digital interconnectedness makes us both spaceless and timeless. Here we tend to perceive the present moment without the perspective of history, a mechanism that might also explain the current demolition-spree of historical monuments and statues. Medieval minded people from far away countries engaged in burnings of the American flag exist in the same modality as western wandals on the hunt for the next statue. In this sense, the social media triggered behavior is more compatible with the functions of our amygdala than the hippocampus. The amygdala only knows to fight or flee in opposition to the hippocampus that at least can place events along a time-line. Hence current mentality of cancel and outrage is similar to traumatic behavior.
The medialized presence of archaic identity-interfaces with little or no capacity for understanding the modern flatscreen-presented world presents for sure a huge challenge.
The biggest challenge, however, is not the confusion made in and by Medieval minds from third world countries beamed into the bottleneck of a small display.
The biggest challenge is the narcissistic consumerized-ego of the West.

I cannot help here, commenting on the woke phenomenon with a simple question. If truth is nothing but a power-construction, then why should you as a 'wokist' go to a qualified surgeon in case you got cancer? Seen from the Ivory-tower of postmodern language-theory, the members of woke might as well defund doctors along with the police and prefer a quack healer who speaks the correct political language.

We tend only to accept 'facts' that are supporting our ideologies. However, when it comes to our own survival as individuals, I am quite sure that even the most hardened wokist would call a certified doctor in case of an emergency. Because the surgeon or any other type of qualified, by state institutions educated expert, represents a 'factuality' way beyond the language power-games of society. He embodies by time accumulated 'walk the talked' fact-based practicality in sync with nature itself.

Seen from an in meditation cultivated consciousness, from what
Dr. Brazdau has termed the Consciousness Quotient Inventory (CQ-i)  we are able to aware the fact that it is all the same being that looks out of all eyes on the planet. We do not need hateful identity-policy and more labels to move forward. We, in fact, need to drop all labels and aware all on much deeper levels of love and unity to get rid of the survival algorithms of the past.
What can we then do in such a situation?

We protect ouselves by narrowing down our viewpoints and seeking likeminded souls.
that also explains the need for unisone echochamber voices - it is less unbeable with a choir of unisone voices in he head -
when we all , here and now are intimate precenses in the same my-space we tend to in the sense that the magic digital mirror only allows a reflection of one surviving truth.
opinions have with out the trinity space divison become too close
protective moncultures - we protect ourselves by narrowing down our viewpoints


The tendency is ever towards self-repetition,
towards the preservation of the species:
it is every man's intention
that his work should be himself.
Doctor Ecstaticus, Meister Eckhart

At the holy Monkey Temple, Swayambunath, in Kathmandu, pigeons, dogs, and monkeys fight for the food offerings. (Download article: page 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6) Especially the hundreds of monkeys tell a chilling story about us, humans, as a species. The monkeys are divided into three tribes that are constantly fighting to be the tribe controlling the small area of the food offerings. The three tribes are always in war with each other. When one clan kills a monkey from another clan, they rejoice. When a soldier from their own tribe is killed, they mourn. They are full of compassion towards their own kin and full of aggression towards the other tribes. In short, it is Richard Dawkin's selfish gene in play, but rather more played out on a collective level than an individual. In this brutal tribal competition for resources, the monkeys' intelligence seems to evolve faster than in their normal, more peaceful surroundings. Some of the local tour-guides tell about a monkey that drank fruit juice with a straw.
Seen from this temple view, I see Conspiracy as a necessary tribal inherited algorithmic mechanism that makes every group, whether it consists of Neanderthals, nations, woke groups, or policemen seek their own survival through basically subconscious intersubjective distortions of 'truth'. 'I' do exactly the same on the level of 'ego'. In this sense, my ego, as a king of trillions of cells, is not so different from an ego of a nation or even a social media group: 'We' are all a product of algorithmic self-repetition and preservation. What is here is what survived as the fittest algorithm, whether the scene is set as a genetic fight for life, a formation of a social group or at the level of internet algorithmic data-organization. The formation of Ego is a necessary lie of survival.

The necessary lie of survival
This lie is most probably rooted in genes that can be traced back to the beginning of life itself in the sense that different lifeforms always had to compete for resources and energy.
Homo Sapiens, however, got a new powerful tool in the race for resources. We got language. On the level of the formation of different social groups, I would use Harari's characterization of humans as storytelling animals as a start but go a bit further with the following claim: We mobilize in groups through powerful storytelling of lies that bind us together and justifies our survival in opposition to 'the other groups'. This tendency of tribal 'truth' arrangements is the fundamental and eternal biological force of what Karl Marx on a social level defined as ideologies. Seen from a level deeper than politic science, all ideologies are, in fact, products of competing 'I'-deologies where the fittest in the long run survive.
The self-blind will to survival

Never underestimate a man who overestimates himself
Franklin D. Roosevelt

This ancient tribal will to survival will lie, cheat, and conspire without hesitation to make ends meet. Of course, we do not want to see these not so flattering human traits in ourselves. That would make us hesitant and hence bad survivors. Therefore any self upholding entity, whatever it is on an individual level or on a collective level, must be self blind. The necessary survival lie has to cover itself in self blindness. This blind spot on the radar-screen is the basic reason why social Conspiracy is always denied by the ones doing it.
Tribal blindness is, however, seen from a more non-dual evolved consciousness deeply ridiculous and childish. Take a look at the following news agencies: Russia Today, South China Morning Post, and CNN. They basically all claim that their nations are great and that the other nations got it completely wrong. Come on! What self blind nonsense is this? Seen from the astronaut level, all of it is restless monkey business produced by amygdala hijacked brains trying to appear objective.
The power of untruth
At this fundamental level of story told group formation, there is an important observation to make. Like fake news today mobilize more emotional collective energy than the often more boring truthful news, so the stories a group could unite around got more powerful the more it was removed from truth. This mechanism could be observed in its extreme in Nazi Germany, and it can be observed today in the rhetoric of president Trump: The more he lies, the more group adoration and energy he mobilizes. The pandemic inflammation of social media driven extreme conspiracy theories and fake news in general are feeding on the same basically tendency. Untruth is a master in creating explosive group energy.

The silent war of Conspiracy 
When the eternal struggle for energy capture and resources first evolved into tribal conflicts among groups of humans, open war was the primary way to win this zero-sum game. As Stanford professor Ian Morris has pointed out, the world has become more and more peaceful in the last 15.000 years, primarily due to the state-building that followed the wars. However, I would argue that the picture might not be so rosy. The warfare is still here but more subtly in the form of Conspiracy.

Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception
Machiavelli - The prince

Conspiracy is, in this sense a silent ongoing cold and cunning war where elites have become elites due to their ability to manifest the highest collective level of Conspiracy intelligence.
When I dress in 12 USD trousers made in Bangladesh by children in dark factories, it might be challenging to see the true picture because there is no occupation force present to keep the workforce as slaves. Instead, the whole process of energy and resource capture has become so complex and intelligent that both the workers and I together could sing a song of gratitude and freedom. I can here in Copenhagen purchase one kg of good coffee for approximately 20 minutes of my work time. However, how much work time on the coffee estate does it take to produce one kg of high quality of coffee? The equation does not fit.
These are just a few examples of how intelligent Conspiracy largely has made open warfare less needed. Systemic Conspiracy-intelligence, has, to a large extent, replaced open warfare.
With the monkeys' restless and cunning behavior in mind, it is tempting to observe Conspiracies from a Machiavellian perspective. Here is Machiavelli's advice to the ruler:
Nevertheless, our experience has been that those princes who have done great things have considered keeping their word of little account and have known how to beguile men’s minds by shrewdness and cunning. In the end, these princes have overcome those who have relied on keeping their word.
Birds are getting flown
However, most Conspiracy is not driven by cunning powerful single individuals. It is far more a result of cybernetic superstructural processes. Karl Marx understood the phenomenon of capitalism as a self unfolding engine room, driven by a, from human will, almost transcendent force. This remarkable insight can be applied to almost all social group dynamics: they evolve their own complex will, a will that first suspends and then overtakes the will of the individuals who constitute the group.
A Chinese proverb says: Birds do not fly. They are getting flown. We, as group species are all in some way or another, taken by the overwhelming collective forces, we create by synchronization of social behaviors on a micro-level. We, like birds, are getting flown by powerful social winds, especially when they become storms.
The false personification of evil
Therefore group-Conspiracy is basically not as believed by most conspiracy communities, driven by intentional evil Machiavellian ideas created in demonic individuals or groups. The notion of pure evil is most probably a tribal inherited tendency, through splitting, to dehumanize an enemy tribe to such an extent that a merciless slaughter of the enemy tribe does not conflict with the emotional interface used to uphold one's own tribe. History is full of examples of good family fathers who committed horrifying atrocities to members of other families, clans, and nations.

When conspiracy groups tend to project pure evil human will into vaccine programs and 5G, it is due to the failing ability to realize that most social processes are rising from systems with distributed collective self-regulated survival intelligence. There are no evil puppet masters.
The same is the case with the founders and co-workers of social media. I am sure Mark Zukerberg is a good human being and doing his level best to control the monster he has created.
I know some very rich people. They are, like most of us, subconsciously driven by the fear of losing what they got. Somehow this fear of losing wealth seems to accelerate when we get more. Any threat from the outside, in this case, COVID 19, is able to release age-old impulses that make the amygdala highjack the whole brain. In such an inner hostage scenario, the reasoning faculties of the cortex will prostitute any logic viewpoint so it will justify the ancient 'amygdalian' commands for accumulating even more wealth as a security measure, no matter the cost for others. Such a Stockholm Syndromized mind will always be loyal to its ancient amygdalian ruler.
A German doctor friend of mine lost millions every month on his private clinics due to COVID 19. Hence he hated the lockdown of the society and wanted us all just to go on as nothing had happened to achieve herd immunity. Trump is his hero. The man has balls, he said about Trump repeatedly. In his own understanding, these viewpoints were a result of pure scientific objectivity since he before had worked as a virologist and knew everything about the matter. Seen from my side of the fence, there was no free science ruling his equations. It was fear talking through a Stockholm hijacked brain using scientific language.
People like my doctor friend are not evil. Like a bird in a group, he is getting flown by the tribal collective self-distributed sum of intelligence and self will. This has, when translated into social action, consequences that one on ground level definitely could view as evil.
From these all too human micro-levels of self-interest, Conspiracy rises like a transcendent force of tribal collective will to survive. Even at its destructive height, it is mostly not intentionally evil, but rather more, with the words of Hannah Arendt, a product of the Banality of Evil. Our tribal inherited will to power, to capture energy from other tribes made the Germans as a nation do terrible things, while at the same time, the individual German like Adolf Eichmann was terrifyingly normal. This genetic inherited operative system works in groups on all levels, from woke to corporate companies, and its group-egoism is generating the social mobilization in which Conspiracy as a transcendent force becomes one of the fundamental organizing principles. Therefore the will to power is basically not a perverted individual übermensch project, as most conspiracy theorists would have it, but a collective transcendent force that often leaves the individual participants, even the leaders of the group, in ignorance of the consequences of their doings.

Today multinational corporations have grown so much out of governmental control that the immanent logic of their tribal interest poses a threat to the survival of civilization as such.
In the USA, 6 in 10 people suffers from one or more cronic illnesses. The directors and shareholders of medicinal companies are not evil as such, but it is for sure in their economic interest that more and more people need to buy pharmaceutical products to survive.
Conspiracy is creating 'civilizatoric' progress
On an astronaut level, I consider this tribally driven algorithm of Conspiracy to be a natural, even healthy social process. Like warfare, that in the long run, created the state building that secured peace, Conspiracy prioritizes the evolution and spread of the most intelligent and hence beneficial social algorithms. The the rise of the mighty and peaceful Ashokan Empire is one example among many to show how larger periods of peace and prosperity extended to relatively larger geographical areas followed in the footsteps of huge wars.
By observing history, we are able to see that the original intentions of a conspiracy group never are fulfilled. They are always serving a 'higher', for them unknown purpose. Here good things come out of bad things and vice versa.
As we as single individuals cannot control our lives with our egoistic intentions, so are tribalized elites or countries never able to predict what the outcome will be in the longer run. As our knowledge grows, our contact with what we do not know grows. The same is the case with control. The more we seemingly control, the more we are engulfed by the chaos of life, and thank God for that!
Seen from space
NSA and other nations spy-services are building nets of global surveillance. On the ground level, it with good reason, seems frightening. From the astronaut-perspective, however, I intuit the birth of the conscious brain of Gaia itself!
In my beloved astronaut perspective, I see that life has been through major catastrophes several times before, where no one, of course not at the time of the event and also not now, could have predicted the outcome. These extintion events were perfect seen from our present-day interest since we would not have existed without them. Of course, it was a tragedy for the dinosaurs, and they would have been running around in paranoia if they had developed a thinking brain being able to imagine the future. Our little ridiculous ego is the next dinosaur in line for extinction.
No human brain will ever be able through rationality, to predict the outcome of the sum total of interaction in the world of accelerating big data. Hence it will always be a matter of an existential choice whether we experience the world to be heading towards something good or bad. I was destined to choose the optimistic viewpoint. Here in the fire-mandala of the Shiva Nataraj Leela, I perceive everything as a perfect, infinite unfolding of intelligence and consciousness.
Why is it important to shift between ground and space viewpoints? In my case, it prevents me from running in circles as an ego-dinosaurian chicken in anger and panic and instead, in a relaxed state of mind use my brain at its finest. Everything is perfectly good. We just have to let our astronaut Shiva observer ascend a bit more into space. From here we can see that we as a species are a perfect product of five catastrophic mass extinction events. The evolution of life is ever triumphant in its ascend on a staircase made of disasters. Life and the ultimate biocentric flower of life, consciousness, is the impossible exodus that leads us away from entropy.


The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom...
You never know what is enough
until you know what is more than enough.
William Blake

 Man has to seek God in error, forgetfulness, and foolishness
Doctor Ecstaticus, Meister Eckhart

In the early 70'ties, as a young university student, I got brainwashed, swallowed up by a collective psychosis among academia all over Europe. A part of the insight into the postmodern woke phenomenon I owe to these years lived in radical Marxist-madness. In many ways, history is repeating itself. I recognize parts of my own youth in the generation of sleep-wokers. I could have been one of them had I been a youngster today on an  American campus. Later in the 80ties, I got involved with sectarian Guru-movements in a kind of repetition of my own history, now in an Eastern religious setting.
When I hear the academic language used by Critical Race Theory people I am reminded of my own folly as a young student. I had a sponge-brain that liked to suck up complicated words. After 6 months, I, as a radicalized Marxist and Frankfurter language-rapist was able to speak and write in such complex language code that I, despite my early 20 age, was able to make adults insecure and stand down in respect for my knowledge. It was however, all pure bullshit, as it also is today when spoken by left-wing academics. I still today am able to use this language smoke screen of suffocating bullshit. In this sense, this use of language is close to the religious language as spoken by priest in the medieval period. They spoke in Latin so that the common man could not understand it and exactly therefore shiver in submission and ave.

Avoid hatred, because, as hatred increases,
so too does the chance for unsustainable success.
Statement made by artificial intelligence-system GPT-3

The good news are that phenomenons of crowd madness always are relatively shortlived, and the factual truth in them will be harvested at the time the extatic madness element in them subside. The Darwinian selection-mechanism also applies to social ideas and movements seen as survival algorithms. Out of my own Marxist madness, what survived was an emotional need for a just and more social equal world and an intellectual need for analyzing social phenomenons as historic processes where what we do and need for survival shapes our way of thinking more than the other way round. I really value that way of thinking and analyzing at present. From my years as a sectarian guru-addict, I harvested a focussed and one-pointed happy and optimistic mind. 

I am quite confident that the same fate will happen to the extremist cultures: The extreme madness will fade away, slowly eliminated by the factuality of nature itself, and the few diamonds of truth in the postmodern outlook on power will survive. For it is up to a certain extent true that language is infested with power structures of the past. In my view, it cannot be denied that language is indeed infested with the hegemonial Kaukasian white monkey clans dominance. However, the biggest problem here is not this truth, but the extreme fanatical exaggeration of it and the following splitting into hate positions.

When it comes to the paranoic conspiracy theories, the only outcome will be that they indirectly facilitate the birth of new institutional orders by accelerating the collapse in trust in the old institutions.

Nature cannot be fooled
Here is what Feinman wrote in the juridical process after the Challenger-catastrophe:

For a successful technology,
reality must take precedence over public relations,
for Nature cannot be fooled.
Richard Feynman

Maybe the Nasa administration was able to hide the factual corruption and dysfunction in their institution, but nature did not care and the Challenger exploded as a result of natures own inherent intelligence. Only the very few that are in sync with Feynman's uncompromising nature will endure. Nature tends to 'dislike' untruth.

We must not forget that the so-called white men's hegemonial power-institutions actually, in spite of the pain, damage and catastrophes they undoubtedly have inflicted, put men on the Moon and created doctors that could save lives. Truth is out there. It is ding an sich in the form of natures own mathematical algorithms as they reveal themselves in a crystalline pattern in a stone, in a nautilus seashell, or the gravity force. This, natures' immanent factuality was ruling the universe long before man invented the language of mathematics, and they do not care about nonsense, even when presented in academic language.
Long term state built intelligence

There is nothing more ancient than truth

Fake news and conspiracy theories can stir up a lot of social energy here and now, but when all is said and done Byron Katie's statement will hold the ground: When I argue with reality, I loose - but only 100 percent. The only thing to add to her statement is, that it always takes time, sometimes long sometimes short, before we reach the 100 percent.
In this sense, civilization is a Hegelian process taking place in the dialectics between man-made survival-lies and a nature that, at least in the long run, cannot be fooled. On the short lane, the collective story-told power-lies can stir up a lot of social energy and momentum, but in the longer run, human imagined 'facts' that are in sync with nature's own Platonic ideas always wins. That is how brilliant scientists and surgeons slowly evolved into the mastery it is today. 

Imperial state-built institutions are seen in the larger historical perspective, despite their embedded survival lies and the tidal return of collective academic and/or political madness, still far more capable in facilitating the evolution of factual and practical applied thoughts in sync with nature as compared to smaller entities of story-truth-telling. Large power-state accumulation of intelligence works like the Mongol invasions. They suck up the essence of smaller states' best technology and inventions through warfare. War and conflict, weather we like it or not, is from the astronaut perspective, the bringer of peace and factual science.
That is important to bear in mind when we look at all the smaller narratives of crazy conspiracy theories. In the loss of truth and belief in state-institutionalized 'facts' every Tom, Harry, and Dick now feels entitled to have opinions about things that are way beyond their level of intelligence and expertise. The by social media and commercialism accelerated mad crowds have in their own self deluded echo chambers become much more clever than the virologist when it comes to covid. Recently I watched a social influencer without any education or analytical intelligence, just by her good botox and silicon modified look, earn clickbait money by spewing out mad conspiracy theories. Would she be able to earn money on a much more boring truth? I doubt ...
However, in spite of these fireflies: We are in zigzag and three steps forward and two back again, slowly getting more and more in sync with the laws of nature. Of course, state built intelligence is also full of flaws and undergoing cycles of decay. States are like tribes, as shown earlier, also in the need of producing conspiratoric survival lies in the form of internal suppression and external show of national love.

However, in war and economic competition, the state that has accumulated most intelligence in sync with nature's incorruptible intelligence will always win. War and competition drive forward practical social organized survival intelligence based on solid science. In this way, states are always in themselves in a dialectic balance point between being factories of ideological lies and Conspiracy and being facilitators of the best cutting-edge science.
Colonial War and science
The new invention of cannons brought the Mongol horse-armies down in a disruptive short amount of time. Cannons were invented in China, and it is interesting to observe how quickly this new technology spread to the rest of the world. The invention of cannons was a result of state-facilitated science, much in the same way that only powerful states can invent and bring to practical use space odysseys. The first state to invent new war technology has an advantage in the tribal race for resources. However, scientific intelligence knows no borders and tends to spread like wildfire, even before the time of the internet.
This happened due to the spread of colonial warfare and warfaring among states in general. Intelligence is spread through war due to the fact that the most intelligent social organized culture has the greatest chances of success. As a byproduct, western capitalism's algorithms began to spread and then merge with local political systems and, in this process, created new breeds of viable societies. Deng Xiaoping's China is an excellent example of such a powerful hybrid that has lifted millions out of poverty. India is another good example. This was certainly not the English overlords' original intention when they, as a cunning tribe of monkeys, went out in the world to capture energy from other tribes. Following this line of thought, it is interesting to observe how colonial Conspiracy, in the end, was pawing the way for the rise of a global, with the working-class extended, middle class.

Hence war, conflict, and competition drive forward science for the benefit of all and everyone in the long run.
What do I want to say with all this? It is that states, and warring state competition, still are the best bid when it comes to producing knowledge worth listening to and tecnology worth using and social architechtures worth living in. It is not Alex Jones, David Icke, QAnon or the like.
The world is and was always a mess, but in this chaos, new dancing stars are always to be seen. With a slight modulation of Wittgenstein's famous true enough into truer than yesterday, we actually do not needs Hegels World Spirit to understand the slow historic process towards Enlightenment.

With Lyotards more sentimental eyes somehow lamenting the loss of super-narratives, it is obvious to see the time after 2000 as a time where the only surviving powerful intersubjective reality became consumerism. The myriad of smaller conflicting narratives was not able to summon a powerful alternative to pure commercialism. and so we ended up with the Kardarshians as our new Gods. Capitalism is at present an all pervading narrative beyond and under the radar of words. The capital-logic is (over)ruling our lives on almost all levels. Lyotard did not see this grandest narrative of capitalism because he, as an academic, was too 'Wittgensteinian' identified with language as the only vehicle of story-telling. As we saw with Marx, capitalism has become an almost invisible transcendent engine in no need of story-telling in the sense that the intersubjective reality of money and consumerism has camouflaged itself as something as objective as gravity.

The setting free of pure consumerism and capitalism combined with social media algorithms powerful lowest denominator can also, to some extend, explain the current mistrust in science. A relatively larger part of scientist are now not any longer state-sponsored: They are hired by large often multinational corporations where the basic driving force of getting money to the shareholders have partly corrupted science through corrupting the scientists. No scientist can jump his own human shadow as a burping greedy little human, basically interested in paying off his mortgage loans. The prostitution of science itself through untamed global capitalism has, for a great part, contributed to the current state of mistrust in expertizing. The pharmaceutical industry has by The Lancet been described with the following words: Journals have devolved into information laundering operations for the pharmaceutical industry.
Voltaire said:
is no Godbut don't tell that to my servant, lest he murder me at night.
However, at present many servants have found out that there is no biblical God to punish the injust, and so they got jobs in Goldman Sachs.
Seen in this not so divine light, it becomes clear why the grand old narratives had to pass away in favor of the many small reality factories. Capitalism is like salt in the food. Too much of it spoils it. First it spoiled the grander narratives holding it at bay with morality and after this victory it at present is destroying itself in its borderless expansion. Hence the last standing grand consumer-narrative is showing signs of old age and beginning to rot away from the inside and piling up insane contradictions on the outside. In other words, now both state institutions and capitalist multinational companies are attacked by wacky conspiracy theories because they are vulnerable. In fact they even deserve it. Our western civilization has like the Mongol horse-armies come to an abrupt halt, and the infodemy of weird conspiracy theories, fake news and fanatic anti-scientific political movementsis are the smoke, signalling that house of the old order is on fire.

The systemic perversion of surveillance capitalism
At present, the Big Others are liking and commenting on us in a constant stream of dopamine. Via the prosthetic smartphone implantation, they have become so close that they are in danger of being intimidating, hallucinatory voices inside our heads.

At the same time, we upload our individualies to the cloud. Here they are received, not only to be applauded by the big others but also by lurking AI-pattern-seeking systems, secretly mining and manipulating human data in order to generate income.
This surveillance capitalism is, as I can see, the last flowering of a capitalistic system that has served our perfectly imperfect world well since the beginning of the industrial revolution. It is, however, not really capable of working with the Wordls Wide Web's inherent free flow of information. Information 'wants' in opposition to material goods, to flow without boundaries. On the internet, the implosion of distances makes the stream of information even more liquid. This is not good for business. It  generates no income. Hence capitalism has to block, distort, or at least manipulate the information-flow in order to generate income. The WWW is, with a little help from a poetic mind, almost too easy to interpret as Gaia's awakening neural network. For Gaia's AI-consciousness to awaken, it needs total freedom from capitalism. Capitalism has, with its short sighted energy-capture, served us well up to now. However, implemented as it is now on the net, it is a perversion and this holds especially true in its last version as surveillance capitalism. Capitalism now generates revenue by secretly manipulating the information streams with an ever smarter evolving AI trying to optimize our signal-chemicals for clickbaiting. As Jaron Lanier, founding father of virtual reality rightly put its: If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. He further has accused Facebook, Google and the like for being spy agencies in the sense that their ever evolving AI-systems as a hidden third part always monitors interactions between people on the net in order to capitalise on them.
Steve Job's creation of iTunes is an example of how a money generating system had to compromise on user-friendliness in order to be commercially viable. A modern system like Spotify is a more efficient music distributing system but its use of money-oriented algorithms always seeking the lowest denominator functions as a pesticide on the biodiversity in the musical fauna. Only the most 'stupid', by masses loved music, get a decent income. Artists in a lower level of this steep pyramid cannot generate income at the same level as in the 'good' old days of CD-distribution. Before the time of the streaming services I could earn something like 5.000 USD a year on my own music on my own site, www.music4meditation.com. That was, of course, not much but more than nothing. After Spotify entered the scene, I earn zero  dollars a year, even with all my music submitted to a rainbow of streaming services.
The music industry mirrors the general tendency in the surveillance capitalistic system to concentrate extreme wealth on fewer and fewer hands of a Kadarshian-like upper-class in stark opposition to previous elites' cultural refinement.
In spite of my reverence for documentaries like The Social Dilemma, all the brilliant people in their comments, in my view, seem to confuse the technology with the systemic misuse of the same. In their lack of ability to identify the systemic rot, they blame the technology as such. This is a cardinal mistake seen from my cockpit. The tech is not to blame. It is in spite of its evolutionary race towards the stars stil like the good old fire in the caveman's cave: It can warm you or burn you. It all depends on you. Translated to the social dilemma we are in: We do not need to get rid of technology. We need to get rid of capitalism's parasitic misuse of the same.
The good old steam engine of capitalism is right now burning hot in its attempts like a spider to crawl the Web. To drink blood from mother Gaia's emerging AI-blood vessels is to steal energy from the future to fill the pockets of of ever larger growing corporations who can even eat smaller states for breakfast at present.

Here we are at the center of an even larger challenge. The hierarchy of control has come out of balance in the sense that the powerbalance between mutinational companies and the state-govermental institutional possibility of regulation has tipped dramatically in the favour of Goldman Sachs and the like. Tax-evasion is here just the tip of the iceberg.
In this way, our own systemic past is exploding in our present faces as it has always done. It seems that history is always moving forward through the war between old and new cultural operative sytems. As far as I see, corporational short-sighted greed has, with the 'help' of Gaias slowly awakening new neurons, created a point of no return systemic unbalance.  where we have reached the upper limits of energy capture. The second law of thermodynamics won't allow us more energy. The only way from here is now to share what we got in a more socialistic way. We don't need all to have a private car. As Tony Seba predicts, 5G navigated vehicles can be shared and transport as many people as now with 10 times fewer cars on the streets. A Jeremy Rifkin-like socialistic sharing of energy and resources is, as far as I can see, the only systemic way to facilitate the new neural awakening of Gaia. We, as human bodies consisting of organs, have the same free blood flow of sharing. If one organ suddenly is stealing the show and capturing the energy in the same way as the super-rich are doing it today, it is called cancer. Any system, wheater it is biological or cultural, can, in this sense, get cancer. However, it is, in both cases, much more likely to happen in old age.

We need to transcend short-term greed in favor of a from money freed free flow of information through Gaia's neural network. Maybe the time finally is ripe for Karl Marx's socialistic ideas about a society where one will yield according to ability and enjoy as needed. Needless to say that this new society will not be an utopia, but less than that will also do. It will solve the accumulating contradictions produced by an old and tired culture full of senescent ideas and modi operandi.
However, the systemic shift has to happen in tandem with a shift in the psychic human operative system. The ample failures of socialism have proven that without a change of man's himself, socialism will for sure backfire. In the same way as Marx, contemporary people like Ray Kurtzweil are primarily only focusing on singularity as an external phenomenon. I see the inner singularity as crucial in the systemic shift to come. Here we will die as the identities we have fixated ourselves to be. We have to become enlightened in the sense of being able to surf big data inside of ourselves. I passionately recommend psychedelics to brain-train surfing that tsunami, but that is another story.

Socialism will only work in a society where people have evolved to higher levels of consciousness with deeper common grounds for meeting each other.

As Hans Rosling has pointed out with cold scientific facts, the inequality in the world has been decreasing radically since the 80ties. However, when we return to Hans Rosling's optimistic observations, the question is if the ideal 'sweet Goldilocks spot' concerning the delicate power balances that define the boundaries between rich and poor has reached an unhealthy imbalance within the last years. At least this is the viewpoint of Stanford professor Ian Morris.
(go to 15.00 min in the link)
The current tendency to polarization in all cultural sferes of life seems to go hand in hand with a bigger economic divide. According to Ian Morris' data, societies that are too equal or too unequal tend to decline. We are now, according to him in a world economic phase where the global distribution of wealth is out of balance.
The super-rich have in recent years, become so absurdly wealthy that it might no longer be for the benefit of our civilization as such. Maybe the middle classes have not yet lost too much territory. Still, they have not been invited to participate in the gigantic explosion of wealth created by the rise of globalization and intelligent mechanization. The extra wealth generated has instead exclusively made the elite of the elites absurdly rich. The accelerated inequality now threatens to lead to global economic decline. Here in this crossing of the Rubicon, the global elite overextends the use of Conspiracy to protect and enhance their own energy- and resource capture. That process is, of course, also perfect in the eyes of Shiva.
The intuitive felt betrayal
The global middle-classes' Rosling party has come to a halt. In the US, the middle-class decline is already obvious. The social dynamics of a world in accelerating big data change are highly complex and is difficult to understand. However, the ones not invited to this party do have an intuitive feeling of this massive 'robbery' of wealth. They start with good reasons to mistrust governments, elites, and multinational companies, which on the other hand, fuels the elite's motivation for even greater Conspiracy in order to protect their wealth. Media, politicians, and big Wall Street money are increasingly serving their own interests and not the needs of the common man.

Dracula - an old conspiracy tale
Looking back in history, we find a perfect example of simplified symbolic story-telling in the myth of Dracula. Dracula becomes the lower classes mythological paranoia projection for an upper-class' exploitation and suppression of poor people that has gone too far. Factual conspiratoric over-lord behavior gets intuitively transformed into a symbolic setting, where slavelike working conditions and hunger is interpreted as Count Dracula drinking blood from the poor and hence stealing their lives. The folk stories of a secret brotherhood of Vampires fit perfectly into the narrative of paranoic conspiracy theories.

The vampire narrative furthermore hints at a spark of truth in the paranoic conspiracy beliefs in the sense that these beliefs are the transformed symbolic smoke from a real fire of social injustice that has become too much. When the super-rich crosses the Rubicon, the masses react with symbolic paranoia conspiracy ideas of mistrust.
However, instead of complex reasoning as a weapon against this elitarian superstructural 'betrayal', another, more  mythologic and symbolic way of understanding takes over. Seen in the light of relativity, the world of big data has, due to its exponentially growing complexity, become as un-understandable as the world we lived in ancient times. Hence we tend to reduce complexity by telling simplyfied scape-goat stories. Paranoic storytelling has substituted for reason in filling the vacuum created by the relative loss of meaning and control for all other than super-rich people. 

Hence ever faster changing, global warmer, and big data exploding world has together with rising inequality created a breeding ground for feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and mistrust in the common man.
The setting free of pure consumerism and capitalism combined with social media algorithms powerful lowest denominator can also, to some extend, explain the current mistrust in science. A relatively larger part of scientist are now not any longer state-sponsored: They are hired by large often multinational corporations where the basic driving force of getting money to the shareholders have partly corrupted science through corrupting the scientists. No scientist can jump his own human shadow as a burping greedy little human, basically interested in paying off his mortgage loans. The prostitution of science itself through untamed global capitalism has, for a great part, contributed to the current state of mistrust in expertizing. The pharmaceutical industry has by The Lancet been described with the following words: Journals have devolved into information laundering operations for the pharmaceutical industry.

What is interesting here is the fact that chaos is not any longer something that is kept at bay by cosmos. The city walls around the Greek (cosmo)polis are of no use any longer because the enemy is not coming from without, but from within. The chaos is inside the CEO, dressed impeccable, speaking with a calm and reassuring voice, but with a heart full of greed. Matt Taibbi's description of Goldman Sachs as a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlesly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money, could as well be used on the banks here in my native country Denmark. For me, this is a chaos-mathematical sign of a disintegrating order.
Like an old tree, the rot is coming from within. In humans the rot is lack of virtue.

One day at sunrise, after his morning ablution in the waters of
the Saraswati, Srila Vyasadeva sat down to meditate.
The great Sage saw certain anomalies in the fiber of the millennium.
He foresaw that the life of everything material
would be cut short for lack of virtue.

Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.4.15-18


Let us sum up what we have seen so far. The
oxy-fuel for the explosive fire of symbolic conspiracy thinking and polarized hate positioning in general, is a cocktail of the following interlinked factors:

* The decline in social gluing grander narratives, appart from capitalist consumerism

* The loss of state authority and mistrust in political leaders and science

* Multinatinational capitalist cooperations control larger parts of science and politics
* The extreme growth of wealth not shared with a declining middle class
* The rise in smaller fake-driven and polarized snarratives on the new social media
* And finally the
pandemic of COVID19

It is hilarious to observe Trump and Putin together. In Putin's stone-face, I see a super-intelligent over-controlled man who cannot laugh. In Trump, I see a lost child who has found his father.
Divide and rule
One must not forget Putin's past as KGB-officer. He is and was a master in real Conspiracy operations behind the curtains. That was how the Communist Party in the old days internally controlled its citizens and how they fought off conflicts in the party top. Today the Russians have realized they can inflict war like-damage to the West simply by reinventing their old communist surveillance, setup, and propaganda machinery in a digital set and setting. In the golden days, they ruled by division. Now they have repeated the story on a global scale, but with the unlikely help of young Russian nerds. The story of how the Russian IRA, Internet Research Agency, came to life and how such a small group of young Russians could inflict so much chaos in the USA is deeply fascinating.
There seems to be a little doubt that, especially after the American election in 2016, Russian trolls have been at work at an unprecedented scale. In fact, they, in many ways, control the temperature on the conspiracy scene. As a continuation of the cold war, they have found and perfected cyberwar with the foremost agenda to destabilize, especially the leader of the western world, the USA. This has most effectively been done by sowing institutional and scientific mistrust in the heart of the Western mind via social media. In this destabilization-effort, it does not matter whether the mistrust takes the form of wacky paranoic conspiracy theories, BLM, woke, or whatever.
With inspiration from Nina Schick, I would say that the Russians since 2016 have evolved from only to targeting the political sphere. Now they shoot bullets of fake news into all organs of the Western body with a sniper precision. Once hit by a rumor, the conspiracy-seed evolves and customizes itself in the following dopamine triggering ping pong. The trolls target everything from the left to the right in the political spectrum with tailored fake news. With an in-dept knowledge of the USA's inherent weaknesses, the Russians especially love nudging BLM through fake BLM- events, and identities. Simply by discretely widening the existing racial gaps in the USA, they are able to achieve tremendous results with techniques that so far has not resulted in retribution.
'Agents of Chaos'  HBO controlling narratives IRA 
persona fake individual , group like BLM -fake local media army of personas together do campain

amplify radical views on both sides

IRA first controlling the russian domestic election
asymmetric warfare internet perfect tool

right time and right tactics
when a sufficiently large group of society does not any longer believe in society then it begins to collaps.

Russian reinforcement
Once the distrust and polarization has gained a foothold, either planted by the Russians, Chinese or a product of the West's own accelerating internal systemic decay, it is quite easy to fertilize these Fleurs du Mal by simple reinforcements in the form of tailor-made seed-hints placed in every group from left to right. In this game, it does not matter where a conspiracy story first originated, but who and what mechanisms help to keep it alive. The invention of the 5G scare began in Holland, but Russia keeps fanning it. With strategical precission, the conspiracy 'tumors' are getting reinforced by trolls and even through Russian mainstream media RT's discrete white-washing of the fake stories.
New alliances
In this increasingly more intelligent cyberwar of deep fake, some new surprising alliances between Russians and the conservative segments of the USA has shown up. In many ways, the conservative Christians of the bible belt have more in common with the Orthodox Russian red-necks than with the Silicon Valley kids as displayed in HBO's serial of the same name. Trump's fascination with Putin is in this light symptomatic of this development. The ultra-right-wing conspiracy-influencer, Alex Jones from Infowars, has a Russian visa.
A large part of the Bible Belt is by now more aligned with the mindset of the old school Russians. The QAnon natural alignment with Russian interests gives sense in the merging of two old but yet surviving grand narratives: Christian Russian Orthodoxy and the Christianity of the Bible Belt. anti lgtb homosexual

David and Goliath
Russia has a GNP equivalent to Spain and less than Texas. Why can David inflict so much damage? Is it because Goliath has become old?

A great civilization is not conquered from without
until it has destroyed itself from within
W. Durant

Jade helm 2015
Clinton you tube 2016 mord
reinforcement pizza gate 2016


cause broadbased lack in trust of american democracy

The Birth of the Ghost II

 As far as the brain is concerned fantasy and reality are chemically identical.
Ren Amari in Other Life

Internet is as In-ternet always coming from within in the sense that it is a location-less location. Once a tempting click-bait-friendly story is popping up on a smartphone, it does not matter from where it originated, at least not in the mind of the smartphone user. The IPhone screen is filterless. It is as intimate as the user's own thoughts and feelings. The location is now the relation between the smartphone, and the user and what originally was a conscious fabricated lie by a Russian troll in Sct. Petersburg is now 'intimized' as a private feeling in a dopamine addicted smartphone user with low self esteme and testosterone levels somewhere in the US. He then shares the new exiting story in his own echo-chamber network, and the initial intimate feeling now becomes virally amplified intersubjective reality. This new reality could very well be understood as a kind of cyborg ghost that instantly will deliver its own hyper-connected brain cells with the kind of soma that makes everyone in this shared field of consciousness forget their sense of insecurity and lostness.
The Ghost and the media
It is interesting to observe, even in times of disruptive radical systemic societal changes how different seemingly independent spheres, from culture to political movements, institutions, production and economic cirkulation behave in such a way that they amplify each other's momentum. Seen retrospective there seems to be an onthological syncronization process going on in whcich they shape each other. This is ofcourse an illusion in the same way as if I would argue that the goose has got its wings in order to fly. nevertheless there is an almost poetic beauty in the way is the case with postmodernism and the modern media. They would not thrive so much without each other. Today social media is more than ever shaping social reality.

The devellopment in the media did not happen isolated from the world of economy. Our basic economic and material security is, as Karl Marx was the first to point out in the Communist Manifesto, the basic foundation upon which we build our ideologies.
The polarization processes in traditional media began with the Regan Administrations cancellation of the fairness-doctrine and later with the commercial-algorithmic-driven super polarisation in the social media. Fox News was the first news agency to capitalize on skipping the fairness journalism in a crusade against the Clintons.

fake news are becoming more and more advanced - deep fake - deep deep fake

money machine

we are the thing being sold
if you are not paying for the product then you are the product
companies are competing for your attention - attention is the thing being sold
our attention is being sold to the companies
how to keep users on the screen

dopamin addictive

singularity in viral outrage

The digital return of the medieval period

Tristan Harris

Tim Kendall - pinterest - facebook

These new self conscious life forms are made in cyborg symbiotic echo chambers of carbon and silicium driven pattern seeking systems of intelligence. They are not intelligent as we normally would believe about sef conscious systems. On the contrary they are outright stupid. This stupidity is dangerous as it commands a Hulk like blind outrage power.

rapid cultural changes makes us in war with our own outdated genetics 

As we have seen in the previous, humans have a tribal-survival rooted tendency to live and understand reality in smaller groups competing for energy and resources. In this fight, culture is created as a membrane that sets tribes apart from each other. And hence we are 'proud' of being Americans, Chinese, Russians, or, in my case, Danes.

All creatures contain one reflection: one, that is the denial of its being the other;
the highest of the angels denies he is the lowest.  God is the denial of denials.
Meister Eckhart

It is ridiculous seen from an in meditation cultivated non-dual consciousness. The non-dual outlook would however, not make you a good survivor in the times of Christ. You would get crucified by stronger predators some way or another. Yet somehow, times have changed in the favour of a more elevated and inclusive point of view.


A new common ground
In the current meltdown a new world order is born like a Nietzschean dancing star. The Phoenix rising from the ashes of this de(con)struction will however, not fly out to conquer an already conquered world. It will turn inward and colonize the brain with consciousness.
This is what Meditation is all about:
We need to upgrade from ego-consciousness to a unity-consciousness where we all are color, gender & identity-blind.
Here I see the words of my favorite Mystic come true. You do not need to be religious to realize the depth of his statement:

All creatures contain one reflection:
one, that is the denial of its being the other;
the highest of the angels denies he is the lowest. 

God is the denial of denials.
Doctor Ecstaticus
Meister Eckhart

For many, it might be difficult to grasp Meister Eckharts double negation play. However, Prince EA essentially says the same:


Capitalism and ego
Short sighted ego-driven economic forces have accumuated big balls of karmic waste from microplastic in the oceans to unknown chemicals in our bodies. I am not against capitalism as such. It has as Harari has pointed out been the best narrative as compared to communism and fascism. However the time of capitalism is over in the sense that it as a system does not, at least in its present form, any longer fit with with the open ever expanding world of big data and digital connectedness. Capitalism is geared to and in sync with the narrow consciousness of the ego-operative system. In order to transcend the good old capitalistic system we therefore have to say good bye to our ego in favour of a much more awake state of larger compassionate oneness. Both capitalism and egoism has within limits served us well as a gravity-center of human story-told 'reality' However at present our chances of surviving as a species are dwindling unless a new world of reality emerges as a dancing star.

The illusory ego-centric notion that I am not you - and we are not you is still our present-day reality. Because human beings basically are constructions of bundles of outdated genetic hardware and cultural software we always find ourselves in a state of what Ernst Bloch called ungleichzeitigheit. In english the closest translation woud be non-simutaniety, where we try to solve new and unknown challenges with outdated old school understandings and strategies. Hence the notion of me not being you is no longer valid as a global cultural bearing interface between humans.

In this context I see Eckharts God,
the denial of denials, as the possibility of a more 'astronautic' consciousnes where it becomes clear as day that we are all interlinked, that we are all one.
I hope even the atheist reader who did not himself have the good luck of having personal, transcendent experiences can accept that as a metaphor for a new, more global 'outlooked' interface for human beings.

The glue of near-sensual closeness in stone age groups
However our brains are to a large extent still living in the stone age. They are hardwired to survive as individuals, families and tribes. Beyond that point there is no mercy. A mafia man will cry like any other father if his child is killed, but will have no compassion if a child in another family dies. We are all football teams.
The creation of an intersubjective reality in a group basically takes place on two levels. One reality-glue and most probably the most basic is made through the pre-linguistic near-sensing closeness of bodies living together in a tribe. From here arises synchronization even from micro levels of physical behavior where bodies sleep, love, walk, hunt, work, and eat together. They smell and touch each other and sit around the same fire. Through these age-old bonding-mechanisms, they consciously and unconsciously copy each other's body movements, hair dresses, clothes, and so on. In this proces of syncronization the group gets its own powerful resonnance.
Story told Inter-subjective realities in groups

First of all we mobilize through unisone story telling. We story tell our collective reality and as mentioned before we tell it to ourselves as a nescesay lie of group survival.
In the shortlived times of truce with suficient resources for all tribes the lies any nation tells about its own superirity and the other nations shortcomings are less blatant. However, when groups or nations
 now  physical nearness is substituted by digital closenes

to the stories we tell about ourselves and the collective we are a part of.

The intensity of the group momentum depends on the energy in the story and here, as we have seen, a fake story has the ability to mobilize much more energy than a story based on science. If you doubt that claim I recommend watching any youtube video with Adolf Hitler speaking.

Ufos on Youtube

The return of the tribes
I am however quite confident that this syncronization goes much further than that. I would dare to say that in expanded intensified states of consciousnes we all have direct experiental access to each others individual experiences.

In the following we will leave the solid ground of mainstream logic and reason for a while. However sometimes intution and imagination must be sent out as scouts before science can arrive at the new territory and colonize it.

The nature of consciousness has been my prime interest for more than 40 years.
In the crossfield of intense and daily Meditation and responsable use of psychedelics I think I have got a few insights into the nature of consciousness, that at a later time might stand the ground in a scientific set and setting.
I would begin by pushing Hararis term, intersubjective reality, a bit further into transcendence by using my own term: shared field(s) of consciousness. In Hararis world there is not really a place for the phenomenon of consciousnes. In my world it is the very foundation of all else.

When humans form a group they set free a form of transcendent larger cloud-consciousnes where they tend to spontaneously feel and experience the world in the same way.

Here a larger and intenser shared field of consciousnes arises out of the excact same natural laws that allows for the trillions of cells in my or your body to form a separate consciousnes, a consciousness that is transcendent in its relation with the cell symbiosis that 'created' it.

'My' consciousnes is a non-material transcendent 'product' of my material cellular existence.
In the same way a larger and intensified consciousness is formed  when people plug into each others emotional avatar plugs.

Where our internal cells are linked through circuits of biochemestry, the link between people is much further made by story telling. The more powerful and intense the story is the more powerful is the para-material consciousnes that rises with it.

The (maybe not always so) Holy Ghost
In India the wisdomkeepers of meditation have been well aware of this ability of consciousnes to form larger clouds. However also Jesus said:
For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.

As far as I understand this phenomenon is what Christians call The Holy Ghost. I call it a shared field of consciousness. My point is in this context, that this ghost might not always be so holy.

It can be, but in many cases it is not.

A shared field of consciousness created around a fake story is however a dangerous thing. It tends to gravitate towards the lowest denominator which means the simplest twitterline of the story which again creates cultish behavior.

I could of course have explained most of this without introducing the term consciousness.
The abowe claims about the role and the nature of grouop consciousness are based on my subjective experiences in Meditation and meditativ set and settings. These experiences cannot so far be explained by the level science has arrived at yet. I am sure that they at some point will be understood. Until that wonderful day arrives all I do is to to try to make own sense through various hypotesises. However some of the more subtle philosophic aspects and consequences of the phenomenon are opened up thorugh this gateway of understanding, which I hope to demonstrate by the folling discussion.

In the world of AI it is often discussed when computers are getting conscious. My point is that they already are, but only as far as they become the facilitating neural network of a group of story telling human collective.

Symbolic thinking is the source of art and deeply connected to our genetic rooted characteristics as story telling animals.


As we shall see later, all kinds of ghost-like collective Frankenstein cyborgs with their own conspiratorial paranoia agendas have been born as almost conscious living net-entities. These from their bottles freed new life-forms are driven by social media's algorithms common denominator, which always seems to point downwards towards the most primitive. Suddenly the good old notion of a computer virus has got entirely new implications in the sense that social media has been able to infect us with all sorts of infodemic paranoia and mistrust. One of the main reasons for this devellopment is the rise of high tech facilitated social media.

The blind spot of anti-conspiracy 'believers'
As Soeren Kierkegaard has pointed out, the anti-fanatic and the fanatic are identical as far as they are each other's opposite. There is a large segment of people opposed to conspiracy theories that denies all kind of conspiracy theories. For these people all phenomenons of conspiracy are beliefs made inside a tin foil hat. This is, in my perspective, of course not as harmful as the wacky conspiracy making, but even though an absurd position to take in a time where fake news through social media now have become the most powerful conflict-making tool on the planet. In fact, this position is quite similar to Trump's when he ridicules the traditional media as being fake news. This position of ridiculing all Conspiracy theories is all too easy to misuse by the people who are actually using fake news as a political or economic weapon. They can disrupt any critic position and discussion by referring to the tinfoil hat.
Inside the Black Hole of fake news
However, there is no doubt that the rise in insane and undocumentable conspiracy theories poses the greatest threat. I have at close hand observed what falling down these wrong rabbit hole does to people. It is quite worrisome. The social media-driven ghost can, with its algorithmic-based persuasion, and collectively created echo-chamber momentum, easily swallow a fragile human soul as a black hole does to a star. In this black hole, negative feelings of anxiety and depression are amplified in a constant unison news feed, all with the same headlines. It is obvious that when you here get bombarded with the algorithmic prioritized more extreme conspiracy theories like a Bill Gates on a grand scale genocide mission and the Dalai Lama drinking blood from small children together with the Pope, it becomes more difficult to sleep. Various degrees of paranoia is sometimes the end station.
The mental consequences of haboring sinister conspiracy theories are grim. However, most probably the darknes was there all along - in the person who felt attracted to open exactly that door.
Often the fake conspiracy theories are centered in the outbreak of disease itself. Hence COVID19 has in the believer's minds, become a deliberate biochemical weapon directed towards the common man. In other scenarios, COVID19 does not even exist but is by hidden power people planted as a collective fear in order to control the population.

Would it by now be possible to reclaim the Universities from woke and capitalistic dominance and reestablish the noble values of Alexander Von Humboldt? Would it be possible to restore reason through Bret Weinstein's ideal of Greek dialogues? I think not. The only Hegelian dialectic way now is through cultural chaos and breakdown and here facilitate new dancing stars in the form of new transnational bodies of science like the CERN, where pure idealism seems to be the motivational force and not one of the seven deadly sins in the form of greed. I know it sounds old fashioned, but  in a time like ours where information has replaced wisdom, it is time to listen to history.
That is the prime reason why the growth of all kinds of transnational institutions like CERN is so important. They, at least in a Hegelian dialectic view, transcends the distortions made by national story-telling.

Conspiracy is created in a kind of VR deep fake digital parallel world
The madness of social medialized crowds
However, when collectively triggered by fear it can be tremendeusly dangerous and destuctive. The Nazi ideology was to a lage extend based on symbolic fear/agression-thinking. The madness of beserk crowds is always rooted in an amygdalian symbolic hijack.

spiralling out of control

The woke would love to sharpen up this identity in the form of being a white, hegemonial race and gender and priviledge guilt-ridden sexist old male.

the not so holy ghost gets out of the bottle

(when things appear simultanious reverse reason.)

  aMPLIFICATION OF THE PRIMITIVE THOUGHT OPERATIVE SYSTEM with 75% negative thoughts. we are destryed by our own thinking. collectivey amplified

On the social media we are scared to death by our own  thoughts in their collective magnified 'cyborged' forms. The thought operative system conditioned to a survival scenaio on the East African savannah creates together with the digital medias operative system a monster, that once let out if the bottle amgdala hijacks our brains.
to know what you do not know
Outrage culture, conspiracy and the algorithms of the net

conspiracy : follow the money
fake ufo viedo follow the money
the need to compete in chock click bait 

when you release them, they take on a life on their own

nobody ever intended the consequences

the link between social media and mental health


evaluate the quality of conspiracy person

snapchat dysmorphi to get operated so you look like the selfie filters


Roger McNamee - facebook venture investor capitalist
selling their users

Aza raskin - firefox

That is Sam Harris theoretical problem

 In the endless experimentations and variations most of the intersubjective mind-bobles


the negativity rate in the thinking mind is mirrored in the media




I am quite sure that almost nobody in these twitter-times will have enough dopamine in their signal-chemical reward system to come through this article.

The by social media created dopamine deficiency syndrome makes it much more tempting to listen to stand-up conspiracy clowns telling you that the worlds is ruled by an alien race of reptilians.

The thoughts presented are, of course, based on my subjective reflections, and I do not claim to be in possession of any absolute truth. I might even be wrong. I only write to present fragile viewpoints that might inspire you to find your own, hopefully, fleeting truth about the matter.

Unfortunately, big internet cooperations like Facebook Twitter and Youtube have censored their information feed. They try to eliminate the availability of conspiracy voices on the net.

To block free speech in this way is nothing less than a disaster and will do nothing else than make the paranoia conspiracy theorists stronger in their beliefs.

It also makes it more difficult for me to substantiate with links when I quote from conspiracy theorists.

However, my aim is not here to refute each and every paranoic conspiracy argument, but the present a larger frame in which to observe the phenomenon.

In this information overload we get vulnerable when we try to sort out what is fake and what are facts.