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Conspiracy, Spirituality & Outrage - under construction

2020 was indeed a pandemic year, not only for COVID 19 but also for all sorts of mental viruses. To my surprise, the New Age communities were deeply affected. How could people who believed in calmness and spirit suddenly freak so much out?
Conspiracy theories built on reason
Let me state my position up front. I do believe in conspiracy theories. The claim that Saddam Hussein's Irak was having weapons of mass destruction was a conscious lie organized by the American government. Edward Snowden's exposures have shown how nations are not only spying against other countries but also have secret surveillance programs directed towards their own citizens to such an extent that the term conspiracy is justified. Wikileaks is yet another great source for exploring what is going on behind the curtains. The world is and was full of conspiracy events, and we can still speculate on how Alexander the Great died.
Paranoia driven conspiracy theories
I do however not approve of the kind of conspiracy concepts that are thriving in especially religious and spiritual communities but now even seems to spread to mainstream segments of society. I consider the most extreme of these conspiracy beliefs to reflect a kind of collective psychic disorder. This highly infectious mental virus found an epidemic breeding ground in the slipstream of fear created by COVID 19 and before that, the global warming scenario. However, more basic than that, is, as we shall see later, the way the digital social media silently and step by step has created major changes in our ways of thinking.
If you cannot smile, you have lost it
I have at close hand observed what falling down this wrong paranoia rabbit hole does to people. They get depressed. They cannot sleep properly at night. Various degrees of paranoia is sometimes the end station. With the paranoia conspiracy comes the unbearable seriousness of life.

I only have to look at a random conspiracy guru for a few moments to observe this characteristic glooming seriousnes. It becomes obvious after a short look at David Icke's face: In the very few pictures where he actually smiles, it is easy to observe how cramped it looks. By lack of use, he has lost the tiny facial muscles that can make us able to smile naturally. Most conspiracy people are however well aware of their own serious appearance, but justify it with the reply: There is nothing to laugh at.
However, a person that cannot smile and occasionally loose himself in an all consuming laughter does not deserve to be taken seriously. David Icke and the like has lost the ability to smile and laugh full heartedly, especially at themselves. And as laughter is infectious, so is the opposite.

Life was always a mess
Below is a picture of the Indian Goddess Kali. Kal means darkness. Indian mythology is full of wisdom. What are the devotees of Kali told to do when they worship her? This is what the famous Saint Ramakrishna told his devotees:
Focus and meditate on her beautiful eyes! Ignore her bloody teeth.
The wisdom of the stories constructed around Kali is immense. It reveals that the world was always a mess and how to deal with that mess. Ramakrishna was full of smiles, love and laughter when he looked at what you see below.


Of course I deal with it a bit different than Ramakrishna in the sense that I here have a closer look at her teeth. However what I have taken with me from that story is: Never lose sight of beauty and never forget an opportunity for a good laugh!

Everything is perfectly imperfect
In the dark light of Kali I state: I do believe, with emphasis on the word 'believe', that everything that happens and has happened is perfect, or maybe more precise, as Zen puts it, perfectly imperfect. Everything is an insane complex algorithmic play of holy mathematics, where anything 'negative' is as essential for life as something 'positive'. Why do I call mathematic holy? When Einstein looked at the stars at night, he shivered in awe. For Einstein science was a religious quest.

A contempory has said, not unjustly,
that in this age the serious scientific workers
are the only profoundly religious people.
Albert Einstein - fra: The world as I see it

God is reason
God is not some mysterious power that suspends reason. God is much more Hegelian reason. God is, as the Greeks put it, logos. The mystery is that reason actually works. We are, with Kabir's words. fish in the ocean crying for water when it comes to magic. Don't look for levitating people in your search for Divine Intervention. 1 + 1 somehow equals 2 and you exist!! That is in itself unbelievable algorithmic magic.
In this light, I view conspiracy as perfectly imperfect algorithmic forces serving in the infinite complex dialectics of life. For sure, conspiracies create destruction on the ground level of existence. However, at the same time, they are essential dynamics in creation seen from an astronaut perspective.
In Hindu mythology, destruction is not alienated, but a force at the hands of Lord Shiva and seen as a necessary condition for new creation. That is why for Hindus, the holiest place to worship new creation is in the city of death, Varanasi. Here at the banks of river Ganga at the cremation grounds, the rising sun is greeted every morning as a symbol of the creation of new life.

The tendency is ever towards self-repetition,
towards the preservation of the species:
it is every man' s intention
that his work should be himself.
Doctor Ecstaticus, Meister Eckhart

So, at least for a moment, please accept this viewpoint of perfection in imperfection when we, in the following, look at the phenomenon of conspiracy from a more, down to earth, Darwinian outlook: Seen from here, conspiracy is a nescesary tribal inherited algorithmic mechanism that makes every group, whether it consists of Neanderthals, woke groups, or policemen seek their own survival through basically subconscious intersubjective distortions of 'truth'.
The silent war of conspiracy
The mechanisms behind these tribal 'truth' arrangements, or what Karl Marx would call ideologies, are most probably rooted in genes that can be traced back to the beginning of life itself in the sense that different lifeforms always had to compete for resources and energy. When this eternal struggle for energy capture first evolved into tribal conflicts among groups of humans, open war was the primary way to win this zero-sum game. As Stanford professor Ian Morris has pointed out, the world has become more and more peaceful in the last 15.000 years, primarily due to the state-building that followed the wars. However, I would argue that the picture might not be so rosy. The warfare is still here but more subtly in the form of conspiracy.
Conspiracy is, in this sense a silent ongoing cold and cunning war where elites have become elites due to their ability to manifest the highest collective level of conspiracy intelligence.
When I dress in 12 USD trousers made in Bangladesh by children in dark factories, it might be challenging to see the true picture because there is no occupation force present to keep the workforce as slaves. Instead, the whole process of energy and resource capture has become so complex and intelligent that both the workers and me could sing a song of gratitude and freedom. This is just one example of how intelligent conspiracy works to a large extent, has made open warfare less needed.
The monkey tribes at Swayambunath
At the holy Monkey Temple, Swayambunath, in Kathmandu, pigeons, dogs, and monkeys fight for the food offerings. (Download article: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6) Especially the hundreds of monkeys tell a chilling story about us, humans, as a species. The monkeys are divided into three tribes that are constantly fighting to be the tribe controlling the small area of the food offerings. The three tribes are always in war with each other. When one clan kills a monkey from another clan, they rejoice. When a soldier from their own tribe is killed, they mourn. They are full of compassion towards their own kin and full of aggression towards the other tribes. In short, it is Richard Dawkin's selfish gene in play, but rather more on a collective level than an individual.
With the monkeys' restless and cunning behavior in mind it is tempting to observe conspiracies from a Machiavellian perspective. Here is Machiavelli's advice to the ruler:
Nevertheless, our experience has been that those princes who have done great things have considered keeping their word of little account and have known how to beguile men’s minds by shrewdness and cunning. In the end, these princes have overcome those who have relied on keeping their word.
Monkeys are not evil
However, most conspiracy is far more a result of cybernetic superstructural processes. It is basically not as believed by most conspiracy communities, driven by intentional evil Machiavellian ideas created in demonic individuals or groups. When conspiracy groups tend to project pure evil human will into vaccine programs and 5G, it is due to the failing ability to realize that most social processes are rising from systems with distributed collective self-regulated survival intelligence. Karl Marx understood the phenomenon of capitalism as a self unfolding engine room, driven by a, from human will, almost transcendent force. This remarkable insight can be applied to almost all social  group dynamics: they evolve their own complex will, a will that suspends the will of the individuals who constitute the group.
They are self-blind
This ancient tribal will to group survival will lie, cheat, and conspire without hesitation to make ends meet. Of course, we don't want to see these not so flattering human traits in our selves. That would make us hesitant and bad survivors. Therefore any self upholding entity, whatever it is on an individual level or on a collective level, must be self blind. That is one of the reasons why social conspiracy is always denied by the ones doing it.
Tribal blindness is, however seen from a more non-dual evolved consciousness deeply ridiculous and childish. Take a look at the following news agencies: Russia Today, South China Morning Post, and CNN. They basically all claim that their nations are great and that the other nations got it completely wrong. Come on! What self blind nonsense is this? Seen from the astronaut level, all of it is restles monkey business produced by amygdala hijacked brains trying to appear objective.
Birds are getting flown
A Chinese tao proverb says: Birds do not fly. They are getting flown. We, as group species are all in some way or another, are taken by the overwhelming collective forces we create by synchronization of social behaviors on a micro-level. We, like birds, are getting flown by powerful social winds, especially when they become storms.
I know some very rich people. They are, like most of us, subconsciously driven by the fear of losing what they got. Somehow this fear of losing wealth seems to accelerate when we get more. Any threat from the outside, in this case, COVID 19, is able to release age-old impulses that make the amygdala highjack the whole brain. In such an inner hostage scenario, the reasoning faculties of the cortex will prostitute any logic viewpoint so it will justify the ancient 'amygdalian' commands for accumulating even more wealth as a security measure, no matter the cost for others. Such a Stockholm Syndromized mind will always be loyal to its ancient amygdalian ruler.
A German doctor friend of mine lost millions every month on his private clinics due to COVID 19. Hence he hated the lockdown of the society and wanted us all just to go on as nothing had happened to achieve flock immunity. Trump is his hero. The man has balls, he said about Trump repeatedly. In his own understanding, these his viewpoints were a result of pure scientific objectivity since he before had worked as a virologist and knew everything about the matter. Seen from my side of the fence, there was no free science ruling his equations. It was fear talking through a Stockholm hijacked brain using scientific language.
People like my doctor friend are not evil. However, their tribal collective self distributed sum of intelligence, when translated into social action, has consequences that one could view as evil.
The collective power and rise of evil
From the all too human micro-level of self-interest, conspiracy rises like a transcendent force of tribal self-interest. Even at its destructive height, it is mostly not intentionally evil, but rather more, with the words of Hannah Arendt, a product of the Banality of Evil. Our tribal inherited will to power, to capture energy from other tribes made the Germans as a nation do terrible things, while at the same time, the individual German like Adolf Eichmann was terrifyingly normal. This genetic inherited operative system works in groups on all levels, from woke to corporate companies, and its group-egoism is generating the social mobilization in which conspiracy as a transcendent force becomes one of the fundamental organizing principles. Therefore the will to power is basically not a perverted individual übermensch project, as most conspiracy theorists would have it, but a collective transcendent force that often leaves the individual participants, even the leaders of the group, in ignorance of the consequences of their doings.
Conspiracy within limits is ok
Within boundaries, I consider tribally driven conspiracy to be a natural, even healthy social process. Like warfare, that in the long run, created the state building that secured peace, conspiracy within certain limits, prioritizes the evolution and spread of the most intelligent and hence beneficial social algorithms. As Hans Rosling has pointed out with cold scientific facts, the inequality in the world has been decreasing since the 80ties. This happened due to the spread of colonial warfare. As a byproduct, western capitalism's algorithms began to merge with local political systems and created new breeds of viable societies. Deng
Xiaoping's China is an excellent example of such a powerful hybrid that has lifted millions out of poverty. India is another good example. This was certainly not the English overlords' original intention when they, as a cunning tribe of monkeys, went out in the world to capture energy from other tribes. Following this line of thought, it is interesting to observe how colonial conspiracy, in the end was pawing the way for the rise of a global, with the working-class extended, middle class.
Hence we, by observing history, are able to see that the original intentions of a conspiracy group never are fulfilled. As we as single individuals cannot control our lives with our egoistic intentions, so are tribalized elites or countries never able to predict what the outcome will be on the longer run. As our knowledge grows, our contact with what we do not know grows. The same is the case with control. The more we seemingly control, the more we are engulfed by the chaos of life, and thank God for that! When we observe in the astronaut-perspective, good things come out of bad things and vice versa.
The elite has crossed the Rubicon
However, when we return to Hans Rosling's optimistic observations, the question is if the ideal 'sweet Goldilocks spot' concerning the delicate power balances that define the boundaries between rich and poor have reached an unhealthy imbalance within the last years. At least this is the viewpoint of Stanford professor Ian Morris.
(go to 15.00 min in the link) The super-rich have in recent years, become so absurdly wealthy that it might no longer be for the benefit of our civilization as such. Maybe the middle classes have not yet lost too much territory. Still, they have not been invited to participate in the gigantic explosion of wealth created by the rise of globalization and intelligent mechanization. The extra wealth generated has instead exclusively made the elite of the elites absurdly super-rich. The accelerated inequality now threatens to lead to global economic decline. Here in this crossing of the Rubicon, the global elite overextends the use of conspiracy to protect and enhance their own energy- and resource capture.
This social process is highly complex and is difficult to understand in a world that is getting more and more driven by big data. The ones not invited for this party, however, do have an intuitive feeling of this massive 'robbery' of wealth. They start with good reasons to mistrust governments, elites, and multinational companies, which on the other hand, fuels the elite's motivation for even greater conspiracy in order to protect their wealth. 
The party for the world's middle classes is now over and they somehow intuitively feel the decline coming. In the US the decline is already obvious. However, instead of complex reasoning as a weapon against this elitarian superstructural 'betrayal', another, more mythologic and symbolic way of understanding takes over. Seen in the light of relativity, the world of big data has, due to its exponentially growing complexity, become as un-understandable as the world we lived in ancient times. Hence paranoic story telling has substituted for reaon in filling the vacuum created by the relative loss of meaning and control for other all other than super rich people. The ever faster changing, global warmer, and big data exploding world has created a breeding ground for feelings of insecurity and anxiety.
Seen in this light, the basic driver in what I would term the paranoia conspiracy paradigm, is


False conspiracy theories are subconsciously driven by fear. To a large extend, all the characteristics of the false paranioa theories can be derived from that fundamental instinct.
In the French language, the word civilisation means something that comes from deep within. In German, the understanding of Zivilisation is more perceived as a thin layer of lacquer. Beneath that fragile layer lurks a beast.The German way of understanding what civilization is gives more sense in this context. One should imagine that the layer of civilization had grown thicker since the Medieval period, or at least since the 2. World War, but the resent devellopments all over the globe are pointng at the fact that the lacquer any time can dissolve. The epidemia of paranoia and outrage shows that we again are close to scenarios where the beast of fear and anger crowns the Amygdala as the Tyrant King, and the good Cortex King of sound reasoning is reduced to a Stockholm slave.
In psychology, this phenomenon is understood as a process of regression. When put under the 'right' pressure, we begin to regres. Imagine an old school tape recorder playing your melody of life reverse. Archaic parts of earlier stages of cognitive evolutionary developments take over. This is due to the simple fact that what evolution has created last is most vulnerable, and hence the first to collapse in stress scenarios. Our reasoning abilities are the first to be substituted by the evolutionary earlier, time tested and hence more robust symbolic-thiinking operative systems when we are in the clutches of fear.
Due to regression, paranoia conspiracy people understand the world as we did in earlier historic stages.
Symbolic thinking and reverse suspension of cause and effect
When we go back in time, there are plenty of examples of, not even suspension of the at that time thinner layer of reason, but in the absence of the same, the dominance of other forms of cognition.  Before the Age of Enlightenment (
not meant in the New Age understanding of the word) symbolic thinking was prevalent. Symbolic thinking works like associative sequences in a dream: Only one common denominator is enough to establish a connection. You dream about blood in one scene, and in the next, you see a man in a red uniform. In Denmark, a few hundred years ago, this mushroom was believed to cure impotence:

The associative nature of symbolic thinking makes the distinction between cause and effect unclear. The cause can be the effect and vice versa. That is one of the reasons why paranoic conspiracy people do not ask for documentation or sound reasoning. It is enough when one oof the most famous conspiracy theorists, David Icke, claims that the secret elite has planted COVID 19 as a hoax in order to replace cash with digital money. The paranoia-conspiracy segments accept that as a fact without any need for documentation, because the connection between currency as potential infectious is perceived in a symbolic way of cognition. In Icke's symbolic thinking mode it is easy to reverse cause and effect. Hence the fact that cash currency has become less used under the pandemic due to the possibility of being infectious becomes a cause insted of an effect. The goose has wings in order to fly in this onthological universe.
Magical, symbolic thinking has been prevalent in most of humankind's history. The symbolic, magic thinking operative system in us is most probably hundreds of thousands of years old and, therefore, much more robust as our fragile, thin layer of reason. Even the father of quantum physics, Niels Bohr, had a horseshoe on his front door. When asked if he believed in it, he replied that he did not, but that he was told that it worked even if one did not believe in it. Niels Bohr's reply is witty precisely because it shows how different modi operandi of thinking compete for leadership in even the most rational of us.

Splitting in darkness and light
In the previous mentioned Kali, we saw good and evil as two hands both belonging to the same God. In our western Christian religious constructions, we tend to cast out the light as Lucifer. God becomes the opposite of the devil.

This unfortunate polarisation is taken to the next level in the false conspiracy theories in the sense that they extremize split the world in absolute good and absolute evil. Bill gates become the absolute evil and the ones that have discovered this 'truth' become crusaders of the absolute good. This splitting is extremely unhealthy for our psyche.
The 'truth', seen through my eyes, is, that we all are Kali. We ourselves are a whole palette of everything in between darkness and light. We are full of complex and contradictory grey zones, and the striving for enlightenment is not to get rid of our dark sides but to fully acknowledge and celebrate them in the light of consciousness. The paradox is that the very concept of Enlightenment stands in the way of the freedom we seek.

In the following scene from the remarkable german film, Der Untergang, Hitler is portrayed as a vulnerable, fragile being with compassionate feelings towards his friends and family.


This scene is most disturbing for that mind that has split the world in pure good and pure evil because Hitler, in this scene, does no longer fit the narrative of embodying pure evil.
Seeing Hitler as pure intentional evil is made difficult by showing him also able to show human feelings. The projection of evil falls back in its own space and opens up for a unique chance for us to realize that we ourselves contain the evil we see outside ourselves. We could, almost all of us under the right collective circumstances, be an executioner in Auschwitz. This is a disturbing realization, so we all like to make Hitler, Stalin, or Bill Gates responsible for this.
When we take responsibility for our own darkness, we cease to be obsessed by finding pure evil outside our selves.

Take it for granted. The more you split the world, the more absolute evil you see outside yourself, the less you know yourself. Maybe you call your self spiritual, but in my world, we are not spiritual before we let the light of consciousness embrace our inner Kal, our inner darkness.

The madness of digitalized crowds
Symbolic thinking is the source of art and deeply connected to our genetic rooted characteristics as story telling animals.

However, when collectively triggered by fear it can be tremendeusly dangerous and destuctive. The Nazi ideology was to a lage extend based on symbolic fear/agression-thinking. The madness of beserk crowds is always rooted in an amygdalian symbolic hijack.


(when things appear simultanious reverse reason.)

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  The thoughts presented are, of course, based on my subjective reflections, and I do not claim to be in possession of any absolute truth. I might even be wrong. I only write to present fragile viewpoints that might inspire you to find your own, hopefully, fleeting truth about the matter.

Unfortunately, big internet cooperations like Facebook Twitter and Youtube have censored their information feed. They try to eliminate the availability of conspiracy voices on the net.

To block free speech in this way is nothing less than a disaster and will do nothing else than make the paranoia conspiracy theorists stronger in their beliefs.

It also makes it more difficult for me to substantiate with links when I quote from conspiracy theorists.

However, my aim is not here to refute each and every paranoic conspiracy argument, but the present a larger frame in which to observe the phenomenon.