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CONSPIRACY & CONSCIOUSNESS - under permanent construction
How the current path of de(con)struction leads to the birth of a new Consciousness

 Nothing vast enters the life of mortals without a curse
Sophocles - Quoted from the Netflix Documentary,
The Social Dilemma

For me, this quest for a deeper understanding started with being a long term meditator, somehow identifying myself as belonging to a more rationally thinking niche within the New Age community. To my surprise, the New Age communities, almost within months, had become deeply affected by mistrust and paranoia. How could Burning Man creative freedom people end up as ultra-right-wing conspiracy believers? And why did many ordinary meditating people who so far had believed in calmness, spirit, and free creativity suddenly freak so much out in in fear of 5G and the like? 
Suddenly I realized that I, for the first time in my life, did not understand the time I live in.
Here I present a screenshot of the ongoing process of understanding the crazy and fascinating time we live in. I will try to show how phenomenons, from Woke, Identity politics, Outrage, and Cancel-culture to sinister conspiracy theories, are related and that the only solution to the current de(con)struction of the world as we know it lies within ourselves.
Most probably, you dear reader, will wonder why I often stray away from the subject in the form of all kinds of thoughts from high to low, from lofty abstractions to concrete exemplifications within subjects that, at first glance, are difficult to associate. Please have patience with me here. I have chosen unorthodox ways to extract analytical sense out of a world that seems to rotate faster and faster. New ways of seeing and understanding require new ways of structural thinking and writing. If you should ever read to the end of this text, I hope that you will be able to see that every brick, no matter how strange it seems placed, contributes to the whole architecture.
The 'ego-operative system', has, together with capitalistic liberalism, come to an end. These Siamese twins have served us well in the past, but at present, this world order of ego and money is piling up contradictions that cannot find a Hegelian synthesis within its own reality-dimension.
What is the biggest challenge here? It is us!
There are, at present, simply too many selfish and noisy egos on this planet.
At current, we process as much information in one day as the lifetime sum of information for a person in the Medieval period. Our success in society depends on the amount of data we can digest. However, our stone-age brains have difficulties filtering the increasing amount of information we need to process to survive. The receptive human bandwidth is simply too narrow as compared to the vastness of data that potentially can shake, confuse, or define our identity. This overload is a threat to the ego seen as an operating system, and it reacts protectively with a narcissistic hyper-sensibility where social exchange other humans are more and more in danger for being perceived as emotional violations.
The next challenge is that this information overload is presented on a platform without time and space.

The singular omnipresent space
The internet has, in this sense, placed all of our loud voices on the tip of a needle. Here on this needle-point, we are not Medieval Angels. The lack of space makes us devils, when the myriad of 'My'-spaces collide in the location-less location of social media.

A cartoon drawing of the prophet Muhamad is published in a narrow-minded provincial newspaper in Denmark. The next day they create outrage among Muslims, even in the furthest mountains of Pakistan. Free speech requires at a minimum of two spaces: a space from where one part can  speak and a space from where the opponent can speak. In the global village-like interconnectedness, there seems only to be one omnipresent space as it presents itself on a screen. That phenomenon in itself seems to create polarization. It is like the magic digital mirror only allows a reflection of one surviving truth. In the early days of Facebook, I discovered this strange phenomenon on my own body. A quite close friend and I started arguing about some insignificant nonsense on my public Facebook-wall and it suddenly spiraled out of control, and in anger, I unfriended him. It took more than a year before we could burry the ax. In a way we are getting mentally suffocated by the lack of space in the digital space. We are in our hyperconnectedness present like voices in each other's brains, and from that position as a claustrophobic caveman I roared to my friend: Get out of my cave!

The annihilation of historical time
One can imagine the huge confusion when simple, honest living people with archaic, 500 year old mindsets looks into the magic mirror of their newly acquired smartphones and computers.

Tribal woman from the Himalayan range with her mobilephone.
I took the picture 15 years back!

Social media places cultures hundred of years apart, with inconsistent values in the same room.

How could we ever expect simple, straight forward people from cultures who have not (yet) developed the modern, often also decadent ability to navigate in irony to understand  a danish newspapers satirical take on Islam?

The medialized presence of archaic identity-interfaces with little or no capacity for understanding the modern flatscreen-presented world presents for sure a huge challenge.
The biggest challenge, however, is not the confusion made in and by Medieval minds suddenly beamed into a casino in Las Vegas.
The biggest challenge is the narcissistic consumer-ego of the West.
This new, vulnerable drama-ego crave huge safe spaces around its particular and highly complex crystal-like identity. When this ego at the same time unite with kindred souls in the media bottleneck as gender, race, Trump, and conspiracy-movements, there is no mental space left that is not a potential zone of conflict.
Hence we have ended up in an impossible situation, where we are getting deeply offended by the presence of each other.

we are so to speak sitting as voices in each others heads - paranoia

that also explains the need for unisone echochamber voices - it is less unbeable with a choir of unisone voices in he head -

when we all , here and now are intimate precenses in the same my-space we tend to percieve the world through the amygdala - the amygdala knows of no time and always reacts when the threat is intimate close sense - we tend not to be able to store memory on a time line in the hippocampus

What can we now do?
A new common ground
We need to go deeper in ourselves to find new common ground.
This is what Meditation is all about:
We need to upgrade from ego-consciousness to a unity-consciousness where we all are color, gender & identity-blind. In the current meltdown of the hysteric ego-interface, I see a new world order rising.
Here I see the words of my favorite Mystic come true. You do not need to be religious to realize the depth of his statement:

All creatures contain one reflection:
one, that is the denial of its being the other;
the highest of the angels denies he is the lowest. 

God is the denial of denials.
Doctor Ecstaticus
Meister Eckhart


For many, it might be difficult to grasp Meister Eckharts double negation play. However, Prince EA essentially says the same:


COVID19 - The trigger
We live indeed in pandemic times. Here I am not only thinking about COVID 19 but also of the rise of all sorts of infodemic conspiracy theories ranging from the plausible to the outright bizarre. 
M.D., Ph.D. D.S. Jones has pointed out, pandemics, seen from a historical perspective, have always been following an archetypical gameplay. The first act in the social drama of an outbreak starts with various forms of denial. Driven by our self-interests and the need for reassurance, we ignore the signs. The second act is launched by reluctant recognition of the severity of the outbreak and the following attempts to explain the situation. These explanations have often taken the form of irrational blame-gaming where paranoia and persecution walked hand in hand in search of scapegoats. Often the fake conspiracy theories are centered in the outbreak of disease itself. Hence COVID19 has in the believer's minds, become a deliberate biochemical weapon directed towards the common man. In other scenarios, COVID19 does not even exist but is by hidden power people planted as a collective fear in order to control the population.
COVID 19 has once again shown a pandemics' potential for being the ideal breeding ground for weird conspiracy theories. However, we must not forget to take in the last years' rising inequality as a part of the equation. The conspiracy-tales of Count Dracula arose at a time with great social injustice. Wampire tales are on the rise again and beyond the madness in believing in a blood drinking aristocracy there might be a true story about rising inequality in our contemporary world.
Conspiracy theories built on sound skepticism
Let me state my position. I do believe in Conspiracy and Conspiracy theories. The claim that Saddam Hussein's Irak was having weapons of mass destruction was a conscious lie organized by the American government. Edward Snowden's exposures have shown how nations are not only spying against other countries but also have secret surveillance programs directed towards their own citizens to such an extent that the term Conspiracy is justified. Wikileaks is yet another great source for exploring what is going on behind the curtains and even beyond governmental control.
The world is and was full of real Conspiracy events, and we can still speculate on how Alexander the Great died. There will always be a new Watergate, and there will always be sound Conspiracy theories founded on factual driven detective work. A healthy skeptic and investigating mind can not rule out the phenomenon of Conspiracy, at least when we widen the definition a little. Fake news are when weaponized through social media in political battles as we have observed the last years in the US, definitely not conspiracy made by tin foil hat people. Hence it gives meaning to view even traditional, but now extremely polarized legacy media such as CNN and Fox-News as Conspiracy laundering agencies. The level of real Conspiracy production through fake news from Russian and Chinese trolls to Alex Jones and David Icke to warring political groups has now reached a level where it poses a threat to civilization as we know it.

In my understanding, social Conspiracy is an unavoidable phenomenon rooted in genes and tribally conditioned social interaction. It occurs as a result of a group's conscious but also unconscious efforts to distort, lie, or hold back information in order to promote its own viewpoints and agendas.
Not to confuse what I define as sound Conspiracy theories based on detective work and evidence with false paranoic conspiracy ideas, I, in the text to come, will spell the natural social Conspiracy and the factual detective work to uncover these Conspiracies with a capital 'C' and the unsound conspiracy theories with a small 'c'.
To sum it up:
There is and was always social Conspiracy events.
There are basically two kinds of conspiracy theories
* Conspiracy theories based on sound reason, facts, and detective work
* False, even paranoic conspiracy theories without factual evidence

Identifying harmful conspiracy theories
I do, however, not approve of the irrational and sinister conspiracy concepts that are thriving in especially religious and spiritual communities and now even seem to spread to mainstream segments of society. As a general pattern, the paranoia conspiracy groups are worried about 'smaller' threats like 5G or outright crazy beliefs in blood-drinking secret societies while ignoring much larger systemic ones hidden in plain sight. I consider the most extreme of these conspiracy beliefs to reflect a kind of epidemic collective paranoia that we have seen quite a few times in history. The rich people drinking the blood of children type of conspiracy madness took momentum in Medieval Europe, where Jews were persecuted and killed due to widespread rumors that they were drinking the blood of children in secret rituals. These persecutions have always followed the script of the second act in the 'pandemian' play.
However, it seems that the belief in outrageous conspiracy theories recently has been on the rise to such an extent that it could be justified to see it as a kind of collective mass psychosis. Paranoia conspiracy theories have expanded in the slipstream of fear created by its more physical twin, the COVID 19. Like in the case of the corona, there seems to be no effective vaccine at hand. The highly infectious mental conspiracy-virus rejects any falsification anti-dote. The irony is that the same segment of believers really would believe such a  vaccine to be a real threat to them if it by some bullshit blogger-head was claimed to be the work of Bill Gates.
One of the most important breeding grounds for this strange phenomenon has been pointed out in the outstanding Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma. The social media has silently, and step by step created major changes in our ways of thinking and understanding of what reality is. Humans are pattern-seeking machines. So are the various social media like Google, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. The symbiosis of these two pattern-seeking systems has created fundamental and explosive changes in the world without hardly anyone taking notice. As we shall see later, all kinds of ghost-like collective Frankenstein cyborgs with their own conspiratorial paranoia agendas have been born as almost conscious living net-entities. These from their bottles freed new life-forms are driven by social media's algorithms common denominator, which always seems to point downwards towards the most primitive. Suddenly the good old notion of a computer virus has got entirely new implications in the sense that social media has been able to infect us with all sorts of infodemic paranoia and mistrust.
The blind spot of anti-conspiracy 'believers'
As Soeren Kierkegaard has pointed out, the anti-fanatic and the fanatic are identical as far as they are each other's opposite. There is a large segment of people opposed to conspiracy theories that denies all kind of conspiracy theories. For these people all phenomenons of conspiracy are beliefs made inside a tin foil hat. This is, in my perspective, of course not as harmful as the wacky conspiracy making, but even though an absurd position to take in a time where fake news through social media now have become the most powerful conflict-making tool on the planet. In fact, this position is quite similar to Trump's when he ridicules the traditional media as being fake news. This position of ridiculing all Conspiracy theories is all too easy to misuse by the people who are actually using fake news as a political or economic weapon. They can disrupt any critic position and discussion by referring to the tinfoil hat.
Inside the Black Hole of fake news
However, there is no doubt that the rise in insane and undocumentable conspiracy theories poses the greatest threat. I have at close hand observed what falling down these wrong rabbit hole does to people. It is quite worrisome. The social media-driven ghost can, with its algorithmic-based persuasion, and collectively created echo-chamber momentum, easily swallow a fragile human soul as a black hole does to a star. In this black hole, negative feelings of anxiety and depression are amplified in a constant unison news feed, all with the same headlines. It is obvious that when you here get bombarded with the algorithmic prioritized more extreme conspiracy theories like a Bill Gates on a grand scale genocide mission and the Dalai Lama drinking blood from small children together with the Pope, it becomes more difficult to sleep. Various degrees of paranoia is sometimes the end station.
The mental consequences of haboring sinister conspiracy theories are grim. However, most probably the darknes was there all along - in the person who felt attracted to open exactly that door.

Therefore before we have to go on a little prolonged philosophical journey to India before continuing with the subject. I call it the atronaut view. Here you do not need to be religious to 'inner-harvest' lessons from the Gods. 

To be continued...



The thoughts presented are, of course, based on my subjective reflections, and I do not claim to be in possession of any absolute truth. I might even be wrong. I only write to present fragile viewpoints that might inspire you to find your own, hopefully, fleeting truth about the matter.

Unfortunately, big internet cooperations like Facebook Twitter and Youtube have censored their information feed. They try to eliminate the availability of conspiracy voices on the net.

To block free speech in this way is nothing less than a disaster and will do nothing else than make the paranoia conspiracy theorists stronger in their beliefs.

It also makes it more difficult for me to substantiate with links when I quote from conspiracy theorists.

However, my aim is not here to refute each and every paranoic conspiracy argument, but the present a larger frame in which to observe the phenomenon.

In this information overload we get vulnerable when we try to sort out what is fake and what are facts.