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is not to be afraid of being afraid.
This was Shonyo's answer to a 10 year old Danish boy, who asked him if he had never been afraid.
Shonyo was talking about his time as Chief of the
Anti-terror unit in the Eastern frontier states of India. His car had hit a roadside bomb and
the person sitting just beside him died instantly.
Half of the 20 soldiers who escorted him, also died.
V.J. Negi as he was called at that time, also
worked many years in Paris for the Interpol.
When I first met him in 95, he was sitting with crossed legs in a state of serene peace guarded
by 6 bodyguards armed with machine guns. 
 In the outstanding Indian scripture Bhagavad-Gita Ghita spiritual teachings are offered by the Lord in midst
of a battle field. The world is by its very nature a dual place. It is and will always be a battlefield between opposites and all idealistic and religious dreams of utopia are dangerous. The trick is to
see the world as perfectly imperfect right here and now! And Shonyo surrounded by guns is for me
the perfect metaphor.

Kind regards from Gunnar Muhlmann


Shonyo Maharaj - A Saint that reached the top of society

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It is not wrong to say that Shonyo is a Master of both worlds.
Shoonyo Maharaj/V.J. Negi is a torch bearer for a
spiritual Indian tradition coming from the unique Mystic
Faqir Baba and stretching back the famous Mystic Kabir.

Most of his 70-year-old life he has lived in an intense and
serene state of consciousness which may be called illumination.

That you do not have to be impractical and unrealistic  in order
to realize your spiritual potential,  Shoonyo Maharaj has fully shown
in his own life. He was chief of the antiterror squad of the Eastern
frontier states of India and the General Secretary of Police

in the state of Haryana.
Before that he served as a
Professor in Philosophy in Punjab with ethics as his favorite Subject.
For his service to India he has got the highest Indian award possible 

by the Prime Minister at that time, Narasimha Rao.
ighting corruption within the police 
he has often put his own life at risk.

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Line of Tradition

Meditation is being in Nothingness - Talk by Shoonyo


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What do you want me to say?
You want me to say nothing?  ... Okay!
I will say something on Nothing.
Yes, my effort is to let everyone become 'Nothing'.

Nothingness is the goal of al creativity, goal of the highest achievements. Whatever you want to achieve in life, worldly or other worldly, you will find 'Nothingness' to be very useful. A person who can become 'Nothing' can become everything. A person who can be the servant of all can be the master of all. A person who can become nothing today, can become very powerful. His power will unlimited, provided he becomes zero. That is the secret. Zero itself has no value. It is the cipher. But look at the power of the cipher, it geometrically multiplies the numbers, once it is connected to a number. One zero makes so much of difference. So Nothing is very beautiful.

Today we were talking of meditation. Meditation is attaining 'Nothingness' In the moment 'you come at the point of 'Nothing , meditation. When ever there is something inside you or outside you or above you or below you or right or left, whenever something surrounds you inside or outside, you cannot be in meditation. When you are nothing from within and without, than alone you can be in meditation. and then you reach the highest point of creativity, the highest acme of existence. You become yourself al powerful, omniscient, omnipresent - you get into you all the qualities of the Lord, of God; you become God yourself, Godhood dawns upon you-when you are nothing.

I was not saying anything. I was only trying to reflect you. I told you I have nothing of my own and yet everything is mine. It is not a controversial saying. Don't think I am saying something which is not being understood.

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You were showing me the pictures of my face when I was in meditation. In meditation, you have to leave your body. Only, then you are in meditation. Your body is left far behind. The world, of course, is left far behind. Your body goes, our mind goes, your intellect goes and with it our ego, everything goes. And transcending your mind, you immediately plunge into that state of super -consciousness. But you don't disconnect yourself from the body. If you do , you will not be able to come back. It may be very, very difficult to come back at all, and you may not be able to come back at all, and your body may wither away and you may eventually die. So even if you are. in a super conscious state, you do have a very thin, subtle energy-line which connects you to your body. You have expanded yourself and you are limitless Your vastness and expanse has no limits, no boundaries, yet you are having your fulcrum within your own body. You are connected to it, you are anchored to your body. If you snap those ties also, if you cut that connection too, then you cannot come back.

You wanted to know my own experience. When I plunge into that Vastness, that Wholeness, that Entirety, that Totality of Existence, that Cosmic Universal Being, that Supreme Being, I once I plunge my self into that ocean of ecstasy and bliss and try to lose my identity, I immediately come out, and come down. It is a blissful state. If I stay there longer, I snap my connections from my body and I leave my body in this world, my body will die and I will merge with the Whole, I will merge with the Existence. But I don't want to merge at this moment A saint can, at will, live and at will die. I can always say, look, I am going into mahasamadhi'. 'Mahasamadhi' is when you don't return from that state of bliss. So I can chose to go into 'Mahasamadhi' and say, look, I am going to leave my body. Get ready, I will go into samadhi'. That is what Data Dayal did, that is what everybody does, that is possible any moment. day, if you want me, I can do that. I sit here, I leave my body.

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In any case, in order to merge with the Universal truth, the Universal Reality, with the Absolute Totality, in order to merge into that ocean, to dip into that ocean, I have leave my body and mind, and with mind, my intellect, my ego -everything will be left far behind. Otherwise, I cannot transcend and reach there. Earlier it used to take longer but flow it almost takes no time and soon I can reach there. But then I know that I have to stay connected to my body. Body is not going to perish now. It has to live it has to do some work still. So I have to still make use of this physical frame. This body has some more work to perform the mission which my Guru gave to me, to carry' the tasks assigned to me, which the Destiny has desired. After that mission is complete and I hand over that torch to someone else or I hand over the light to someone else, to perpetuate this light and to perpetuate this knowledge, this teaching; then I can gladly leave my body and can merge into that Absolute Reality. And I will be too happy to do that and need not come back. I still feel miserable many times. I am a human being---don't think that I am beyond misery I do feel miserable, me too, I feel the misery of the people around me, people weeping. They are misery. It affects me. I am very compassionate Compassion is a divine quality, love is a divine quality. No amount of explanations can make it clear what kind of bliss, and what extent of bliss you experience. when you are there. It is a Life beyond lives, which is a kind of floating in an endless void of pure ecstasy and bliss. While we talk of it, I am there without closing my eyes You cannot stay there for longer. If you are staying there for longer, anytime your connection with the body will be snapped and your body start wither away, after about 3-4 days it will dl and you would have gone from this earth. So a Yogi and a realised soul, an enlightened person, an enlightened saint, a real Master can die at will and can leave his body when he wants to. It is just like putting off your shoes. As and when you want, you can put off your shoes. Nobody else is to decide It for you. You can put off your clothes any time you want. So simple and so easy. The Final GoaI is the Merger with the Supreme Being:

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But you don't do it. No one should do It. Before you do it, realise that highest state, that highest level of super-consciousness. This is the goal of life; this the goal of all lives. If you do not do it this life, You will have to be reborn and reborn and reborn You will keep on coming and keep on passing through this mill and keep on suffering and keep n being ground and put into the furnace again and again. Thus this life of trials and tribulations, and this life of struggles and sufferings will continue. This life of action and reaction and pain and pleasure will continue. You will keep on tossing on tribulant currents of life. There will be no peace for you until and unless you find that eternal abode to which you originally belong and from where we all have come and descended. unless you return back home, there Is no peace, there cannot be peace. 50 unless you reach there, you realise that there can be no resting point. Don't take rest till then. This is the only goal of life. The earlier your reach there the better it is---in this life itself - no further. I don't agree with those who say you have to be reborn two hundred times to reach there, it is a long journey. No ! The journey is not long. In this life here and now you can touch that the door and the moment you touch that it will open ajar, it will open unto you. Jesus Christ said, 'knock and It shall be open unto thee, seek and ye shall find'. I say you need not even seek, you need not even knock. No, no, no need to knock. The door is already open. The destiny is you, yourself. It is within you, it is already there---you have Just to look to that, you have just to turn into yourself. Give your life a turn and you reach your destination. It is so blissful, so beautiful. Then there Is no suffering, there is no death, then there is no disease, there Is no parting there is no sorrow--- there is end to all these. Just in a minute It can happen--- just in a minute It can happen.

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I can see that you are flowing out. Flow out, flow out to Him, the sooner the better. You must melt. People have become hard stones. You are all competitors. The cut-throat competition of life has made us hard, have made us stones. Man has also become a piece of matter. He has lost his soul. Let's get up, let's arise, let us awake---let us reach our goal. Even this is wrong when I say ' reach our goal'. We have not to reach anywhere---where ever you are, sitting here wherever you are at any point of time, at any place you may be stationed; there itself enlightenment will take place, Enlightenment will happen. This word Enlightenment has been grossly misused. Enlightenment is not merely closing the eyes and seeing all light and all light. Some saints have tried to describe that as if thousand suns have shone together, and their light is limitless. Luminous white light is limitless and that is Enlightenment. No, that is the beginning of Enlightenment, that is the first stepping stone to Enlightenment. Even Enlightenment should not be used as it is being used these days. Okay, let the appearance of light and sound be the state of Enlightenment- then the final goal is not Enlightenment The final goal is merger - this merger of your self with the Supreme Being. The final goal is home-coming, returning to your eternal abode, becoming one with that absolute Existence of which you are originally a part and from there you have separated. You are with your father, but somehow in this melee in this crowd, in this great jungle, this world and all. this helter skelter existence, you have lost your father, you have forgotten him, your finger has slipped out of his hands.

All effort of the Master is through meditation to take you back to your father. He is waiting all the time, every time, every minute, with open arms. He is waiting for a son to return to him. It is we who have turned our back towards Him. He is always waiting for us. It is we who are running away from Him. He Is always there. The moment you decide to go back home, he starts decorating your abode, he starts decorating your bedroom, your chamber that his son. is coming. The moment you have this seed of desire of meeting your father, the moment this ambition of reaching your home, the moment this urge of reaching of your home gets borne in you, the whole Universe starts making preparations for your reception from that day, from that moment. It is you who are delaying.

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The Universe is ready to receive you with open arms, any moment.

So let's be there, let's be there, here and now lets be there, lets reach there in body, this body. What a beauty! Is it not a beauty? While remaining in the body, you can be the whole Universe, you can expand our self limitlessly in all directions, even though rooted to our body in this: little frame. How beautiful it is! How grand! And the entire Universe is waiting for you. The moment you start thinking of going on this path, reaching on this path, backwards, back homewards, the moment you start journeying onwards your home, the whole nature bends and brows flowers on your path to make it comfortable, to make it soft, the clouds come in the sky and rain, start showering to give you cool breeze, the whole nature starts making merry, starts celebrating. What a pity! Man is rotting in dirt and rubbish and stink and stench, while there the whole are awaiting him with fragrance, with flowers and with the celebrations of a much higher life.



       Ashrams and Temples - Talk by Shoonyo


Why do you set up Ashrams ? Why do you build temples? What is the purpose behind it? Is It the collection of money or accumulation of funds or are they actually providing services to the society?

I have not built any Ashram. I have not built any temple. People keep asking me-'Where Is your Ashram?', I say, 'Everywhere is my Ashram, wherever I sit there Is my Ashram'. They say you must have an Ashram. You also told me to raise a new Ashram. Are there not sufficient number of Ashrams already in the world? I find Ashrams galore. In every city, in every town, in every little habitation, there Is an Ashram. If there is not an Ashram, there is a temple, the rising minarets into the sky everywhere. Where ever you go, look at the skyliné, you find temples in abundance. What are they, doing? What purpose are they serving? Are they really the beacons of light? Are they showing paths to the stumbling and groping humanity? Are they helpful in dispelling darkness around the world? Are they giving more happiness to mankind? Have they added laughter to life? Have they given more smiles? Have they banished disease from earth? What have they done? I think hospitals and places where the sick are being treated are better than the temples and the Ashrams of these days. I am also attached to one such Ashram which is not my Ashram where the My Guru, my Master, built it and raised this Ashram in Hoshiarpur. And you have seen it. Even the temple: and the Ashram to which I have been linked-I am not linking myself to the Ashram, but I have been linked-Is also trying to serve humanity and spread love, tolerance, humanism and impart practical knowledge of spiritual sciences. But is it really fulfilling its mission and serving the cause of humanity?
Those who manage the Ashram, want me to give discourses because people come to listen to me from far and wide. They offer money and it is for the sake of these offerings and donations that I am being dragged to s place, because if more people come, more money will be there. And thus an Ashram becomes a money- minting machine.
They are publishing books, they are running schools, they are publicing their literature, they are selling discourses, they are taking donations.

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I put only one question to my self-Are they of any real use or utility to the common man? And is he finding peace? Is he finding joy? Is he finding peace? Is he finding joy? Is he finding some sort of body relief or mental relief when he comes to this place? Does he become more blissful and happy? Does he gain anything worthwhile? If he does, yes, continue with the Ashram. But don't fleece him, don't charge him. God Is not sold, spirituality has no price. Books - I have said even this Manav Mandir magazine should not be sold. And even the school should be run without charging fees from the students. If the Ashram cannot be run without money, dose it. Why are you spinning money everywhere?

When somebody visits from outside and doles out money, the so-called priests feel very happy. You get better "Parshad" and better treatment when you give more money. You are not given that much attention in the temple, If you do not give money. Is this one the temple of God? Is this spirituality? Are we doing what we are preaching? Are our actions commensurate with our thoughts and with what we are saying? There is a lot of dichotomy in the whole system. If the Mandir or temple itself is not harmonious, how will it bring harmony in the society - in the city, in the country, in the world? The very foundation Is faulty. The very foundation is on a ground which Is slippery.

It is because of this that I am against such Ashrams and temples. But I am not against all Ashrams and temples. If it is an ideal Ashram, if It is a real temple and a temple which is named as 'Manavta Mandir' i.e. the temple of humanity, it should not and would not distinguish between a man and man, and would be above caste, color, creed, country, community and sex and would open its gates to everyone. Let everyone come, whosoever he or she is-a criminal or a saint, the doors should be kept open. Nobody should be prevented from entering the temple. Even if an assassin comes and seeks entry and declares his designs and intentions-"I have come to murder so and so", he should be welcomed -"Come, Come into the temple and do your job".

We should not prevent anybody from coming into a temple 'devote to the cause of serving humanity, if he or she wants to come to seek peace, to do meditation, to sit there and listen to discourses or even if he or she wants to do some bad act. Such is the temple of God. None is bad or good and all are walking monuments of the Almighty, of the Absolute Truth, of the Supreme Being. All are the sons and daughters of God. They are themselves the walking symbols of God. God has extended Himself into them. Everyone of them Is a living extension of God.
None should be prevented from entering the temple". Whatsoever comes in, embrace him or her, call him or her inside and give your love. Your duty Is to bless, your duty Is to give peace, to show kindness, to shower grace. This is what you should do.

A temple comes into being to give peace to the peaceless, to give health to those who are diseased-physically or mentally. The people who are tioundering and stumbling and who are astray on the path, to hold their hand and to lead them to their destination, to show the path to them who are not on the right path. That is the duty of the temple. The temple is needed more for the culprits, more for those who are errants, for those who in the eyes of the society are a bad lot, persons whom even the society has rejected and thrown out. Temple should embrace them and take them into its fold, because it has come into existence primarily for the diseased. A temple is functional -
for whom? Not for the good, righteous and the virtuous, for they are already on the right path, they are already happy. The temple has little function to perform for them. The first preference for entry and stay in the temple should be given to those who are wrongdoers. Those who are outcastes, those who are thrown out by the society as criminals - as errants should be welcomed and given a place in the temple for their reformation.

They should be the first ones to come into the temple. The people who are doing the right things or are already on the right path, should have a second place. They should be considered subsequently.

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I am not particularly against raising Ashrams and certainly not against those doing good service. But, I said, this is also a projection of a desire of the mind. A saint raises an Ashram, a temple. That is what Param Dayal Ji Maharaj, my Master, did long back. And a large complex has come up at that place now. That is what Baba Sawan Singh Ji did in Beas. It was just by the side of a river, and a forest all around. He started living there and n6w there is a very large sprawling temple, the temple of Radhaswami at Beas in Punjab, where people come from all over the world to listen to the satsangs. He is no more but there are his nominees and disciples, sitting in that temple, on that seat and imparting the teachings of the Radhasoami sect. Now, I am put this question straight to all such great and enlightened personalities - Why all this? The desire never dies and if the desire never dies, you cannot be one with the existence. A temple comes into being because the saint had a desire. He has only given a higher direction to his desire, a new direction.

Thus, there Is no difference between a common man and a saint-a realized saint, a Buddha. The Buddha also builds a Vihara, he builds a temple to live in, where people come. It is a commercialized house, a shop going on. And a common man has a small establishment of his own. He Is sitting in a market place. He Is earning his livelihood there. The only difference Is that the Buddha is sitting outside, the enlightened one is sitting away from the market place away from the city where he has built a temple. Both are desiring. 'In common man, who Is also full of desires running alter money, wealth, power and position. There Is a competition in life. And what Is the saint doing? What Is the Master doing? What Is the enlightened one doing? He Is also having the same kind of desires -- to do something, to act; the feeling of doership has not been abandoned. The mind is still active, as active in the saint as when he was a common man. The enlightened one has only given a new direction to his desires and instead of building a palace, has built a temple.

In order to be in Samadhi, in order to melt into the whole existence, in order to attain to Godhood, You have to transcend the mind, you have to transcend all desires. Mind is nothing but a bundle of desires. It is ever desiring, hoping, dreaming-a state of existence that we call mind.
It is only in a state of no-mind that you reach the apex, the zenith of the existence and there you do not have desires. Even if you have a desire to attain liberation, "Moksha", even if the slightest desire remains in you, even the desire to meet or see God, the desire to attain liberation from birth and death for ever, to attain Nirvana, to be ,a Buddha-you will not be able to achieve your g
oal because of the very presence of desire. You achieve the goal, you reach the ultimate, you do lose yourself into the Absolute, the Supreme Being, you rise to the state of pure superconsciousness, only when there is no desire, when all desires are left far behind, when your mind is not there.

Then how come these Enlightened ones start building these Ashrams, temples and start collecting money and start raising buildings here, there and everywhere? They are also as much engaged in activity as' the common man. The only thing is that the quality and the nature of work has changed-but the work remains-the feeling of doership is still there. It is a non-doing state.

A Buddha, a real Buddha is a non-doing entity-a non-thinking entity. Because he is the Existence, he is the Whole; he is Oneness and just God because he too does not think. God has not to think. God is existence itself and existence is God. Similarly a saint, a real saint, an enlightened one has to be above all desires.


   Fifteen Pointers - by Shoonyo Maharj



All life in and around this Universe is utterly divine.
Each human is the most perfect epitome of the entire cosmos.
He himself is potentially the most sacred abode of the Supreme being.
Therefore, approach yourself and every other creature
with utmost reverential obeisance and devotion.

Embrace life as it comes, in toto.
Accept it with gratitude, patience, humility and total detachment.
Love it as the greatest blessing this Highest wisdom
has bestowed upon you.

Perform righteously all your duties and obligations,
consecrating all your deeds and actions to the Lord,
as an offering to Him.

Don´t run away from your responsibilities and challenges.
Plunge into them whole-heartedly and yet detachedly as a supreme
service to God without the slightest desire for results or fruits thereof.

Life comes to you only as a fleeting moment.
Long or short, live it lovingly, happily, spontaneously
and in all its simplicity and fullness, here and now, from moment
to moment. Act in the living present, without the thought of doership.

Eat as less as possible and take only vegetarian, simple food.
Keep a weekly fast. Do daily cleaning, both external and internal, of your
body and mind. Do moderate physical and mental exercise regularly every day. Practice some selected Yogic postures that suit you. Sit in "pranayam" (Breath-Control) and meditation every morning and evening, at least twice a day at fixed times.

Observe absolute purity, sincerity, honesty
and integrity in thought, speech and action.

Think good, hear good, speak good, do good
- irrespective of time, space and causation.

Selfless service to all pleases the Lord most
and is the highest religion, the highest Yoga,
the highest prayer and the highest worship.
Be a messiah and serve those in distress or
in need and do your every bit to relieve their
sufferings and shortcomings. Work for the
welfare of others in thought, emotion, word
and deed. Share and divide your happiness
and your wealth and whatever belongings
every day with them, especially those in need.

Ask not. Desire not.
Seek not. Stop, see and surrender.
All is Beautiful, Bountiful and Blissful.

All existence is God.
All Existence is fun and play and love and laughter.
Rejoice, celebrate, play, sing dance in all your innocence,
in all your nakedness.

Keep shedding yourself-your ego, your fear, your greed,
your anger, your hatred, your sorrow, your shame, your passions,
your worries, your desires, your masks and all your negativities each
moment, so that you grow anew each moment into godhood.

Remain ever wakeful, alert and let your breath flow
in and out, deep and calm, in full awareness.

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Swim not.
Just float in the stream of
super-conscious awareness
and drift with the flow.

Become hollow, empty and void. Turn inward:
Transcend beyond body and mind and dig daily,
transfixed within your own self to reach the Lord´s
door that opens into pure bliss enlightenment inside you.
Dissolve into that Ultimate Reality to become the Ultimate Reality.



      Untold Tale A small event in the company of  Shonyo Maharaj

We were driving in a small car in the Himalayan mountains,
Shoonyo Maharaj, some passengers and me. It was becoming darker.
So one could no longer see the step gorges, 200 m or more
following us all the time on the left side of the small road.

Shoonyo and I were sitting in the back seat.
He was becoming more and more introvert.

Suddenly he shouted: Stop the car!
 and we all went out on the small road.

Look at the mountains
lighted by the moon and the stars
and the small villages!
Look! Do you really see?
Can you see their beauty?
Can you see your beauty?

He began to dance in the dark with his hands in the air
He embraced me - a divine drunkard grabbing for equlibrium.

Now give me the keys!
I want to drive the car!

And with divine-dancing-driving on the line
of control we all reached to the plains in no time.

I guess this kind of surrender
is not mentioned in the holy books.


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Line of Tradition

Please note that the correct name of Faqir is Faqir Chand
and not Faqir Dayal, as written on this poster.